Oxelo is a developing brand specializing in the production of rollers, skateboards, skates, scooters. Of all the vehicles listed, the scooter is the easiest to master for both children and adults. Presumably, it was invented in the XIX century and only improved over time, but the basic structure did not undergo any significant changes. The wide range of scooters is offered by the manufacturer “Oxelo”, who managed to get high ratings from customers.

Oxelo scooter: stunt, walking, children

Main characteristics

The body is made of aluminum and steel, only children's Play series scooters can be made of high-strength plastic. The deck has up to 5 layers, which makes it resistant to high power loads. The steering is made in two versions: a classic steering wheel and a joystick - a stationary steering wheel that reacts to the slope of the body. Depending on the model, the steering wheel has several levels of height.

The wheels are made of polyurethane, rubber or rubber, some have metal discs and high-speed bearings. Wheels of individual models are equipped with a vibration absorber. All scooters, starting with teenagers, have a foot or handbrake and mud flaps. Shock load on the scooters "Oxelo" softens the presence of suspension and shock absorbers. Their distinctive feature is also quick and safe folding.

Almost all products have a carrying strap, and new models are enhanced by the Trolley transportation system. Reliability, durability, versatility attract every Oxelo scooter. The price of each model corresponds to its characteristics and quality. The manufacturer produces products that are affordable for any consumer.

Scooter Oxelo children

The manufacturer took care of children of all ages by developing models of the Play series. For the smallest riders, kickboards are available - scooters with dual front wheels for stability. Schoolchildren, teenagers, students are offered several models of the Mid series. Of particular interest is the scooter for riding in the style of drift. It has a wide and elongated platform, stable wide wheels of medium diameter. The rear wheel is swiveling and has 3 levels of adjustment depending on the skills of the young rider. Another interesting model for teenagers is the four-wheeled Stunstreet for carving riding. Despite the external sluggishness, the scooter is very fast, maneuverable and stable, it will not leave indifferent those who like to make sharp turns. Very pleasant and the prices for children's scooters "Okselo", for the smallest riders, they cost from 1900 rubles. The average cost of teenage scooters - 3000-4000 rubles.

Pleasure option

This Oxelo scooter is specially designed for long walks. Due to its compactness, you will not interfere on crowded streets. Another nice moment of this model is a belt and a bag for carrying, which is important during exploring the city. All scooters of this series are equipped with large polyurethane wheels (their diameter is from 170 to 200 mm), shock absorbers, some models have a suspension. The walking variants of this brand are represented by the largest number of samples and the price range from 6000 r. up to 13,000 p.

Stunt Scooter Oxelo

A special place is occupied by products for fans of freestyle and freeride. Trick models are much lighter than others due to the absence of a folding mechanism and a small number of fasteners. The height of the steering wheel of these scooters is usually fixed, and the steering column itself rotates around its axis. The wheels are small, aluminum, made of rubber or rubber, which provides excellent grip on any surface. For a good set of speed wheels are equipped with high-quality bearings. High quality trick models determine their pricing policy. Professional scooters cost at least 8,000 rubles, and freestyle beginners can purchase a model for as low as 4000 rubles.

The main differences of stunt scooters:

  • Oxelo stunt scooter is represented by several types - for beginners, advanced drifters and experienced extreme lovers. For freestyle masters, the Alloy core system is provided, which provides high wear resistance and a good rebound.
  • Made of high strength materials. Deca multi-layer anodized aluminum.

Now in the market of sporting goods there are a lot of manufacturers of various vehicles, and not the last place on it is occupied by Oxelo scooters. Reviews about them will help to draw attention to important points when choosing a product of this brand.