Today, a lot of talk is devoted to self-development and personal growth. Regularly published publications on these topics, and everyone is invited to thematic training. Often you can hear the definition of self-sufficiency. The media and advertising claim that this quality must be developed in itself, and only it will make you happy. But before believing all these statements, let's try to understand who he is, self-sufficient person? This is a complex and multifaceted concept, we will try to understand all its aspects.

Such different self-sufficiency

A self-sufficient person is what? How to become a self-sufficient person?

The term we are interested in is used in a variety of spheres. In a general sense, a self-sufficient person is one who is not afraid of loneliness and does not depend on the surrounding people. In the economic sphere, the term can be used to determine the ability to provide for itself with everything necessary independently. In other words, we are talking about financial independence and the ability to organize our own way of life on our own. In psychology self-sufficiency is called independence from others. It is not a question of refusing to communicate. Self-sufficient people are able to communicate and enjoy the interaction with surrounding people. But they are not bored alone, alone with themselves. And, if desired, they are able to do without meeting friends and communicating in any manifestations long enough. In socionics there is another interesting definition of self-sufficiency: it is a state of prosperity and success, when a person feels inner harmony and easily achieves his goals.

Good or bad?

All the qualities of self-sufficient people listed above are positive and positive. But be careful: often with self-sufficiency they confuse social phobia. It's about a state where a person is afraid to become attached to other people. Often, this fear is caused by past psychological trauma. Fear of attachment - a normal state in the first months after a heavy separation from a loving partner or betrayal of a friend. But if it persists for a long time, you can talk about social phobia. Remember, a self-sufficient person will not purposely avoid communication, he is not afraid of stopping relations with other people.

Psychological self-sufficiency in detail

At the psychological level, self-sufficiency is characterized by self-reliance and the ability to make decisions. Such people may ask for advice, but more often they do it solely for the sake of interest. The present and the only correct decision for them has long been accepted. A self-sufficient person is someone who does not depend on the opinions of others. Such people do not follow the fashion, they choose things and hobbies, interesting only to them. At the same time, they can not be offended by a negative evaluation from the outside. A self-sufficient person always knows what he wants, and does not give up his ideas and aspirations because of disapproval of surrounding or external circumstances.

Signs of self-sufficiency

The ability to enjoy yourself and your life is another facet of self-sufficiency. Such people do not need a lot of money or any other special conditions to become happy. Do you think that the opponent is too angry and cynical? Congratulations, you have a self-sufficient person. "This is what?" - you ask. The answer is simple: the one who in any situation will say exactly what he thinks. He will never embellish the bitter truth, but he will always help with advice. A lot of these people have good qualities. They rarely make promises, but they always keep them and never violate them. To offend a self-sufficient person is almost impossible. Such people feel their power and some superiority over others. Therefore, they do not care much about the opinions of others and the manifestation of aggression or rudeness.

We already know what a self-sufficient person means. However, we often consider those who diligently try to create such a reputation for themselves as successful and intelligent. So, an important difference of self-sufficient from those who try to seem like that is modesty. People of this type are proud of themselves and feel important and successful, but they do not need a similar assessment from others.

How to recognize a self-sufficient person in a crowd?

To learn something is always more convenient, having a positive example before your eyes. Do you doubt whether there are self-sufficient people in your environment? Among them it is not so difficult to recognize them. Self-sufficiency completely free from the need for approval of others. People who have this quality do not aspire to please and be pleasant to someone. They are calm and satisfied with themselves, and all the features of their own nature and shortcomings are known to them.

Another distinguishing feature is a realistic assessment of oneself and one's own life. A self-sufficient person is one who lives here and now, avoiding unnecessary illusions. The simplest test for self-sufficiency: ask the interlocutor about whether he is happy. Self-sufficiency allows you to find inner harmony and live a full life. And this does not mean that there are no plans for the future and goals. Self-sufficient people know how to be happy, even without achieving their maximum and continuing to strive to fulfill dreams. In fairness, it's worth noting that their successes are more the result of hard work, not of fleeting luck or luck.

From an ordinary person to a self-sufficient person

After reading the first part of the article, you can come to the conclusion that self-sufficient people are special, akin to aliens. In fact, we are talking about the totality of personal qualities and way of thinking. If you want to become self-sufficient, everyone, more often to this state, people come in adulthood. Even in high school and higher education institutions, young people prefer to be divided into certain groups. Usually it's not just friendly companies, but some informal interest clubs. However, after a while such associations and subcultures get bored, and the person goes to seek new like-minded people. At this time, new interests and preferences may appear. Our hero does not yet know what a self-sufficient person means, but he is more and more like him. And now, having gained wisdom, having learned not to depend on others and having acquired the necessary knowledge, an individual can easily find his place in life.

Of course, we considered an exaggerated and simple example of the formation of self-sufficiency. In practice, this is not always the case.

How to become self-sufficient and find happiness?

Anyone can gain self-sufficiency. Start by determining the degree of your dependence on society. Try to spend the day alone. Let it be your day off, disconnect all communication and give up virtual communication. What are you going to do, will you be bored or calm and interesting? There is another interesting psychological game. Just imagine that you will have to leave tomorrow for another country or another city. How much are you prepared for this event, and are you waiting for it with trembling and excitement or frank fear, because all the usual people and things will remain at home?

Secrets of self-sufficiency development

In order to become a self-sufficient person, one must learn to respect and value oneself. Work on self-esteem, try to neutrally perceive all the failures and praise yourself for all the successes. Believe yourself, remember that this is only your life, and no one except you knows what to do with it. Do not try to justify other people's expectations, if this is contrary to your desires and goals. And most importantly - do not be afraid of anything: no probable difficulties, no public condemnation. Do only what you like and benefit you, and feel much better.

So we found out how to become a self-sufficient person. We hope that these tips will help you to become more successful and happier.