In the modern world there is simply a huge number of different techniques and tools, for which work it is necessary to have compressed air. There are many other applications where this element is used as a driving force, or it is the main one in the process of operation. Given this, the question of how to make a self-made compressor is very interesting for many people, even if only to be able to connect a nebulizer or a small pneumatic tool.

Application area

Before you start to manufacture such units, you first need to determine their purpose. The fact is that different types of work require the presence of a device with strictly defined parameters. Therefore, we should consider the most popular areas used in everyday life, and determine which homemade compressor is needed for them.

Most often, these products are used in order to be able to connect a spray gun or airbrush. These tools do not need very high pressure, and the compressor for them should not be too cumbersome to be moved if necessary.

The simplest homemade airbrush compressor is made from a refrigeration unit. It is almost always produced in a sealed form together with the camera and the engine. As a receiver, it is worth using small containers in the form of fire extinguishers or small gas cylinders.

Instrument connection

For the operation of pneumatic tools, a certain pressure is usually required. Thus it is necessary to say that there are many varieties and models of such devices that differ in the parameter called "air flow". It is analogous to the power of an electric tool.

Considering this, for such purposes use a self-made compressor from the compressor ZIL-130. It is quite powerful, and with a good receiver it is quite suitable for such work. Therefore, the tool is selected already under it, taking into account the technological requirements for the performance of specific works.

Sandblasting units and press

To operate such devices, you need homemade high-pressure compressors. And in some cases they are used not to create a certain pressure, but for long-term maintenance of air flow. Everything depends on the model of the power systems and their characteristics.

Usually such units are put by quite large receivers capable of maintaining the necessary pressure. It is believed that the best for such a device is suitable homemade compressor from the compressor ZIL-130, but with the right approach, you can use a motor from the refrigerator. The main thing is to think out the system correctly.

Aquarium and decorative devices

Usually for similar products such as aquariums, jacuzzi or other devices, small and low-power compressors are used. In this case, they do not need the receiver at all or use small capacities for it. Therefore, a self-made compressor for an aquarium is usually connected directly, although they are equipped with a non-return valve.

Considering this, it is not meaningful to take a large aggregate for such products. However, it should be noted that it is sometimes much easier and cheaper to purchase a device from a refrigerator than a small specialized compressor.

Manufacturing process

The whole work should be divided into several stages. In this case, each of them requires the presence of certain knowledge and skills. The fact is that even the simplest homemade compressor for painting needs not only to connect to the system using pipes and hoses, but also in electrical control methods.

Necessary equipment

Virtually all the main elements and nodes can be created from used things, but some elements will have to be purchased separately. In fact, the following parts will be needed for the job:

  • Capacity for the manufacture of the receiver. As it can be used an old fire extinguisher, a gas cylinder or a hydroaccumulator.
  • Starting relay. If you plan to make a homemade compressor from the refrigerator, you can use its native unit, and for it there is already a ready-made seat.
  • Overpressure valve. In this case, it is worth buying a new product, which is adjusted to the required value or has a regulator.
  • Pressure compensator. It is necessary for the possibility of adjusting the output flow, regardless of the pressure in the system and in the input.
  • The manometer. It is desirable that this device has adjustable contacts, which can be set to a certain value.
  • Control relay. It can be used to supply current to the starting circuit depending on the position of the contacts.
  • The dehumidifier. This site is quite expensive, but it is he who is responsible for the period of operation and the quality of the product. It is therefore easier to make a homemade dehumidifier for the compressor from an old oil filter, using a silicone gel as a filler.
  • Check valve for compressor protection.
  • To connect all the nodes you need pipes and fittings. Also, a wire is needed to power the electrical circuits.
  • If desired, you can create a frame on which to mount all the nodes.


When assembling all systems, you may need:

  • welding machine;
  • a Bulgarian with cutting discs;
  • a set of tools (keys, screwdrivers, hammer, etc.);
  • soldering iron;
  • drill with drills.

In fact, the list of tools required for operation depends on which type of compressor will be manufactured and which components are used for this.

Work with the unit

If you are planning to create a self-made ZIL compressor, namely from a car, you do not need to produce additional work with the unit itself. It can be installed directly on the bed and connected to the motor. It is best to use a belt drive.

However, when a homemade compressor is made from the refrigerator engine, it is required to make a certain revision. It is best to immediately cut the body on the top cover and carefully remove the mechanism.

Then it is necessary to clean the device and refuel it with oil. Also, you need to change all the hoses and connect the internal ends of the inlet and outlet to each other. Although it depends on the model of the compressor itself.

It should be noted right away that homemade air compressors usually work with a lot of oil. Therefore, all the hoses should be purchased at the car store taking into account this environment.

After all, the mechanism is again placed in the body and covered with a lid. It can be fixed by soldering. However, you should immediately think about replacing this part, since it will be very difficult to install it back.

The air filter must be fixed to the inlet of the compressor. This will protect it from excess pollution. At the same outlet, a check valve is mounted from it.

Install the compressor in the same position as it was working on the refrigerator. In doing so, it is fixed in a suspended bed using springs. In fact, you can completely cut out the seat on the refrigerator and mount it on the bed.

Some experts suggest using additional rubber gaskets to get rid of unnecessary vibration. You can also use noise insulation, increasing the comfort level of working with the product.

It is best to use a capacity of 25 liters to make this unit. If the homemade compressor from the refrigerator is used for an airbrush, then this receiver will be enough for two hours of operation with the power turned off. This will help extend the life of the device.

First of all, an overpressure valve must be installed on the tank. This can be done by welding or threading for a seat. Everything depends on the capacity itself.

Then make an inlet through which air will enter. On it you can immediately mount a barometer first, and then a dehumidifier. The air in the system must get dry, so that the liquid is not collected, as this will shorten the period of its operation and the level of pressure.

At the output of the receiver, a pressure compensator is installed. It is thanks to him that it will be possible to adjust the air supply.

Fix the receiver also on the frame, but without shock absorbers. At the same time, it is immediately connected to the outlet of the compressor using hoses or pipes. It is best to use flexible materials, which a small vibration will not hurt.

To the output of the tank, you can connect a hose that connects it to the desired device. Mount it should be on the yokes, so that you can make a quick replacement if necessary.


Creating a self-made compressor, you should not save on automatic control systems. They very much help to save time and allow to leave the unit unattended. Therefore it is very important to purchase a manometer with a stop and an additional contact pair.

The connection diagram of the power supply system is quite simple. Power is supplied to the contact group of the manometer. In this case, its arrows are set so that it is in a closed state, until the pressure rises to the desired value, and reconnected at another, the minimum value.

From there, the wires are connected to the relay on the compressor itself. In this case, it will turn on only when the minimum pressure is reached, and turn off at the maximum value. It is also not bad to install an additional power line with a button that can be used in manual mode in parallel.

It is best to take a manometer for work, in which the contacts of the working group can withstand the voltage of the network. However, it is rather difficult to find them, and more often products with a nominal value of 24 Volts come across. In this case, it is necessary to use a transformer that will enter the circuit with the contacts and the relay.

Commissioning works

To begin with, the outlet valve is closed and the receiver is filled with air. The pressure in it is selected, based on the initial characteristics of the device, which used to be the capacity. It is this value that is set as the maximum allowable value.

The overpressure valve is normally set at a nominal value of 1.2 times the upper limit. In this case it is desirable to check it by disconnecting the pressure gauge contacts or by setting the maximum level higher.

With the system under pressure, all units are checked for air leakage. It is easy to find by the characteristic whistling sound. Also, such a defect can be detected using soapy water.

As a lower limit, a pressure equal to the minimum pressure required to operate a particular instrument or device is set on the pressure gauge. After that, the time is ticked, for which the receiver will empty during constant operation. This data will help to plan the entire workflow correctly.

It is also very important to check the operation of the electrical circuit. The compressor should be switched on when the pressure in the receiver reaches a predetermined minimum, and when it is full, it must turn off. If this does not happen, then once again check the entire electrical circuit.

Recommendations of specialists

  • If the self-made compressor is not mounted in a casing or on a bed, it will be very difficult to transport it. This can damage the connection points. However, when fixing on a common frame it is very important to solve the problem of vibration.
  • Buying a manometer, it is worth immediately finding on it a seal or a tag that would indicate the term of its last check. If it is not, then such an instrument should not be purchased. Even new products have a similar labeling.
  • Sometimes it's much easier to purchase a ready-made site than create it yourself. However, some things just do not happen on sale. They are either very rare, or they have other characteristics that do not meet the design requirements.
  • On the receiver itself is to make a small tap, so that you can bleed air. This will allow the unit to be transported without residual pressure in the system. Also, such a crane will make it possible to drain the liquid that will accumulate in the system, despite the presence of a large number of filters and other measures to separate moisture from the air.
  • Some wizards, in order not to make extra holes in the container, prefer to create one branched output, installing all the necessary nodes on it. This is a fairly practical solution, but for safety reasons the overpressure valve must be located on the receiver itself.
  • If you need to get a suction effect when working with the device, you also need to make a special device of two thin tubes welded together at an angle of 45 degrees. Feeding air from the side of the acute angle, you can get the necessary effect from the welded end.
  • Before starting work, it is worthwhile to study the market for finished products of this type and to estimate their expected costs. Perhaps it will be much cheaper and easier to purchase a product in the store than create it yourself.

Having studied how a homemade compressor is made, it is worthwhile to understand that this work requires the artist to have certain knowledge and experience. Also, a lot of different tools are needed, among which there may be rather expensive species.

However, if you need to get a special device that has individual parameters that are ideally suited to a particular tool or type of work, then the assembly itself will have to be done. At the same time, you should immediately understand that such products require quite a lot of money, although if you take parts or parts that have already been used, then the costs can be significantly reduced.