People tend to seek help outside. Most, of course, work hard on their own. But everyone has a hope in the soul for magic assistance. And there is nothing strange that such a person seeks to get what he wants. It's from here and there are talks that there is the strongest prayer, but it is difficult to get it. Because it is secret. Let's look at it, really. Is it true that there is the strongest prayer, and does it help everyone?

The strongest prayer for success

A simple truth that is not talked about

The Council of Christ

There is a parable that describes the essence of our question. They say that there was a situation when the Pharisee and the publican prayed together. The first considered himself almost sacred. He is interpreting the word of God to everyone around him. Therefore, according to his understanding, he has the right to be heard by the Most High. Our Pharisee stood in front of everyone. His prayer was as follows: "Thank you, Lord! I'm not such a terrible sinner as the one (standing behind) the publican. I keep my commandments, I fast, I give tithes to the poor. Thank you! ". The tax collector, the person collecting taxes, recognizing the Pharisee's inner truth, modestly perched behind the back of the first. He lowered his gaze, considering himself a sinner. Even to turn to the Almighty, he did not have the strength. He only thought: "Lord, show mercy to me, a sinner!". So, Christ was more to heart than the second prayer. There is no pride and lies in it, only sincerity and submission. This prayer is recorded in the Gospel as a model of wisdom, understanding of life. In it there is a denial of one's own ego, and recognition of the primacy of God over man, and in our way - of destiny. By the way, Christ said that the appeal to him is valuable not by verbosity, but by the purity of the soul. It has all the power. It is worth remembering this when trying to find in giant streams of information what is the most powerful prayer.

The 3 strongest prayers are believed to be addressed to the heavenly patron of man. By the way, this is quite natural. You know that everyone has a guardian angel behind them. That's it with him and you need to have a continuous conversation. His task is to guide a person to the righteous path, advise and protect. Find sincere words, ask for what you want. So, for example: "Guardian angel! Go to the Lord's abode! For me (name) ask, luck in fate bring it! Be near and protect. Wings of enemies drive! Amen". It is said that if such words come from the depths of the heart, then they can not be ignored. Although no one will be able to prohibit you from putting your words down to get a prayer for good luck.

"The 3 most powerful prayers" are in fact a legend. You see, there must be feelings and faith in the text. And words, as Christ said, are the fifth. Let us take a prayer known as the "Angelic Song." It is very short: "Holy God, Holy Mighty, Holy Immortal, have mercy on us!". Believers believe that it will bring good luck. Although, if you doubt, then to repeat it is meaningless.

When people want to increase their wealth by magic, it is necessary to understand some nuances. The strongest prayer for money, as a rule, is not connected with bills. You know, a lot of texts are given. They feature gold or silver, money or diamonds. In fact, you need to concentrate on trusting the Lord. Think again about the publican's prayer. He did not dare to ask for even a blessing, only mercy. The Lord decides what a person is worthy of.That's about this and should be prayed: "Lord! Welcome. Help me to keep your commandments. To be useful to everyone around you! To reveal and realize talents for your good! Amen". In this short text gold does not appear. But this is the most powerful prayer for money. After all, a self-sufficient person, completely happy and content, everything is easy. And such a person can become, only revealing those abilities that are dozing in the soul.

Orthodox Prayers

Around the church texts, too many conversations. Everyone wants to know what the strongest Orthodox prayers are. Some listen to the advice of priests, others study religious literature. Only the truth lies somewhat in another area. When it comes to Orthodoxy, one should look for explanations in one's soul. This is a very special religion, built on the love of the world. Without this important foundation, the strongest Orthodox prayers will remain an empty sound. It is necessary that faith is a part of personality. If you take it away, then life will not be nice either. In this state, one should turn to the Lord. To read follows the text that answers in the heart. As a rule, it is recommended to say "Our Father", "May God Rise". For the purpose of protection from enemies, the 90th Psalm is read. Purification of paths is the approximation of success or fulfillment of desire. Therefore, protection should not be neglected. By the way, the 90th psalm is the strongest prayer from corruption. Only say it will have forty times in a row. It is impossible to stop. This ceremony takes several hours. And it takes a lot of effort on him.

When people are afraid, then all their roads are closed. Therefore, we need to get rid of internal barriers and barriers. Proceeding from this, the strongest prayer for success is that which calms and inspires self-confidence. Orthodox consider such "Our Father". Some people say that before any serious step it should be said: "In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen". Some say only two words: "Lord, have mercy!".

Any text can become powerful. The person himself determines what is the strongest prayer for success for him. To do this, you should practice. Let there be errors at first. But the experience will be invaluable. And more importantly, the prayer will be stronger. Each situation, when it helps, will increase the faith in her magic. Consequently, next time the luck will come even easier. So you can get rid of obstacles that block the road to happiness. Can you imagine what life awaits a person? It is necessary to gather strength and begin.

The strongest prayer for commerce

Here again we face the same situation as in the question of money. The soul does not understand the ringing of coins and the sweet rustle of new bills. But it seeks to make the person happy. When you are looking for what is the strongest prayer for commerce, one should proceed from this. We need a text that evokes joy in the heart, which encourages people to realize their usefulness to society. Say this: "Lord! Let my goods bring joy to people. Help a person who needs my services and help find the shortest way to this counter. Amen". Words can be changed, adjusting to the situation. It is important to concentrate not on making a profit, but on the joy of giving good to others. By the way, if the trade does not move from the dead point, then pick it up in the pure field of St. John's wort. Bring the bouquet to the place of work. It will definitely help!

Ritual for excellent trade

Merchants in the old days did so. It is necessary to take a jar of honey and a spoonful of black pepper on Friday. Pour the seasoning into a sweet product. Stir and go to the place where the trade takes place. The merchants went to their shop with this magical product. There it was necessary to ask the Lord for mercy. After coating the door frame with a magic mixture, saying the following words: "As a mead to people of love, so my goods are sweet to them! As a pepper bitter, so to thieves this threshold is irresistible! Amen". It is said that the incomes of merchants after the ritual greatly increased. If there is a need to achieve the same result, try to follow their example.

Probably, to overcome the onslaught of envious persons and active detractors, which you do not even know, is the main task in the modern world. So it is arranged. Alien well-being forever gives no peace. The strongest prayer from enemies, perhaps, is that which makes one forget about their intrigues. You know, there is an idea that evil can not stick to an angel. In order for the damage to be really done, it is necessary to believe in it. And when you stop thinking about him, he slips by. Nobody can do anything wrong. Rather, they will try, but it will not work out. It is recommended that you write your words to George the Victorious. This saint is famous for his fearlessness and righteous kindness. So he should pray. Say this: "Saint George, who struck with his spear his fiery serpent! Take care of me from the evil of the devil and the human! Let's live in happiness and peace! Amen".

About conspiracies

Unfortunately, not all modern people differ in their religiosity. Some people, with all their will, can not understand what is the holy faith. As a rule, they do not help them achieve their goals. Then it is recommended to approach the issue from the other side. Look for the strongest conspiracies. Prayers are pronounced by those who believe in the Most High. And if his image does not warm the soul, then refer to nature, for example. In order for it to protect you and help you go to happiness, learn these words: "The four elements - air, earth, water and fire - are subject to me. Their body is filled with strength. The spirit becomes fearless. My will will not break my will! As I want, that's it! ". Pronounce this formula, trying to feel unity with the elements, trust them.

Prayer for mother

There are situations in life when you need to find special words to talk with the Lord. These are the experiences of the mother about her offspring. They are special, not at all similar. They have such pain and hope that only a woman can understand. Therefore, the strongest prayer of the mother is most often addressed to the Virgin Mary. She will be able to understand all the subtleties of the woman's experiences. Say this: "Holy Mother of God, protect and protect my child (name) from diabolical temptations, human malice, sin, witchcraft. Arise before the Holy See, pray with me. Ask the Lord's mercy. Let him get rid of the underworld! Amen".

If the soul is bad

Prayers are needed not only as a tool for achieving goals, as one might think by reading this text. Quite the contrary. They are taught and read to be closer to the Lord, to follow the road He has indicated. And this is the way of sincere trust, humility and understanding of the greatness of the world. It is clear that discouragement or anxiety, fear or anger do not contribute to such perception of reality. In this situation it is recommended to say: "Lord, have mercy!". A short phrase will help restore balance in the soul, remove negative emotions. It also helps to get rid of unnecessary thoughts. Why worry someone who is confident in the highest protection and protection? This is a waste of time. It is better to do something useful. Do you agree?


Arguing about how to find or learn the strongest prayers, one should not look outside, look through literature, but look inside. There are all the necessary knowledge. The strongest prayer for good luck, for example, is the one that throws out any doubt. People are different, everyone needs his own "prop". However, one thing unites all - faith. So that the prayers do not turn out to be a shaking of the air, they lead the way, they are read from the heart. This means that the person of the word bases on trust in those forces to which he refers. This feeling is clothed in words, and not vice versa. If you thoughtlessly pronounce the texts recommended by different "gurus", then there will be no result. After all, experts will not make decisions for you or act. For each step is the person himself. Communicating with the Lord through prayer is also such an important and responsible business.