Who among us in the midst of the vegetable season refuses to harvest for the winter? Probably no one. Due to the lack of time, part of the housewives is limited to the minimum number of cans and spins only what the family values ​​most of all. More fortunate ones do not deny themselves experimental delights and try new, previously unexplored recipes. Cucumbers with tomatoes - by all means, and then - as lucky. However, lovers of zucchini necessarily find the time and money to roll the salad "Ankle Bens" of zucchini for the winter. Sometimes it is called otherwise, we, for example, met this recipe with the playful name "Teschin language." But the essence of the salad remains the same, but the jars with it occupy a lovingly allotted place in the closet.

Salad "Ankle Bens" zucchini for the winter: the most common recipe

Naturally, the cooks will not find complete similarities in cooking the same dish. Each introduces a modicum of his individuality into the original manual, respectively, and the result may seriously differ from the originally conceived. Want - and add something your own. But first you can use our instructions.

In order to get an amazing salad "Ankle Bens" of zucchini for the winter, you first need to pay a little attention to the marinade. Vegetable oil is mixed for it (sunflower is quite suitable, but aesthetes can replace it with olive oil) two-thirds cup oil, half a cup of vinegar with a strength of 9 percent, two spoons of salt and a cup filled with 2/3 of sugar. Do not worry, too sweet will not work. One and a half kilo of zucchini (ideally young, they do not have to be cleaned. But the old ones will go, only with a cut skin) are cut with quite thick bars. Six large onions crumble into half rings, the same number of bell peppers in strips, and a kilogram of tomatoes are mashed with a meat grinder. To remove the skin from them or not - it's up to you. In the boiling marinade zucchini is first introduced, after 5 minutes - onions, after the same length of time - peppers, and after another 5 minutes - tomatoes. The final cooking will take 10 minutes, and all the time you need to stir. What good is this zucchini salad - without sterilization it lasts a long time. The main thing is to put it hot and in perfectly clean jars.

Possible clarifications

As already mentioned, recipes can vary greatly. Some, for example, do not imagine an Ankle Bens squash salad without carrots. If you belong to this category, lay it in front of tomatoes.

The next subtlety: with a long boil the vinegar decomposes. A certain number of housewives believe that it should be added to ankle bens salad of zucchini for the winter at the very end of the boil, before being removed from the heat. There is also an opinion that the preservative should be added to the jars before closing.

Cucumber Zucchini

However, only Ankle Bens does not have to be limited. There are other zucchini salads for the winter - delicious, easy to prepare and not requiring much time. For example, take two kilos of zucchini and as many unripe cucumbers. Vegetables are cut into cubes or slices, as long as they are the same. Parsley with dill finely chopped, garlic is pressed through the press. These components need as much as you like. They are mixed with half a liter of vegetable oil, a glass of vinegar, the same amount of sugar, salt, ground pepper and mustard - just two spoons. Hour lettuce is aged for impregnation, and then packaged in cans. If there is a cellar, and do not need to be sterilized; for the storeroom, sterilization takes about a quarter of an hour.

Beetroot pleasure

About burachok with winter blanks are often forgotten. Unless I recall sauerkraut in Georgian or caviar from the root (which, we note, is not stored very well). And at the same time she wonderfully goes to the zucchini salads for the winter: beetroot attaches them to the delicious notes. Four kilos of zucchini are already standardly cut into bars or cubes, half the amount of beets - strips (or long rubs). Two kilograms of onions are cut smaller, and everything is combined. Spices also interfere here: a spoon of cinnamon, pepper - as you like, a few sticks of cloves. For refueling, a glass of sunflower oil, four spoons of salt, three - vinegar and two incomplete glasses of sugar are combined. After boiling the salad stews on the stove for about twenty minutes, packaged in cans and sent for five minutes to the oven for sterilization (yes, it is needed here). Corking, turning, covering up are already usual actions.