Said, that from the Arabic language is translated as "happy" - a very popular male name in Islamic families. About what it bears to its owner, we'll talk in this article.

Origin of the name Said

As already mentioned, the roots of the word – Arabic. The meaning of the name Saida Islam highly enough, as it is a family name of the descendants of Fatima – one of the daughters of the prophet Muhammad. This is evidenced by the tradition that is mentioned in the Quran. So Sayid, the value of name which are so high in traditional culture, is by definition a special person. Besides the meaning of "happy", the word has another interpretation – "sir" that, in General, indicates not so much for power as for a aristocratic position, that is to say, blue blood. There is also a similar-sounding name, which is written as Saidali or Sayid Ali. Although it really is still a different name, originating from the Tatar, if not the old Slavonic language. And therefore the meaning of the name Saeed Ali a few more, which we will not examine here.

Feature name

All life is said in the key qualities such as emotionality and impulsivity. If the child does not instill respect for others, he can grow a pretty rude person. The sharpness and temper of his attributes, often play a trick on him. Said, the meaning of the name which appears in it from early childhood, has such qualities as curiosity, attentiveness and observation. It is difficult anything to hide or to conceal, and if he wants to, it can uncover any mystery. To educate boys rather difficult, such is the effect of name Sayid. The meaning of the name especially in high school. He is incredibly inquisitive and able to ask questions more than ready to accept answers. Due to this, Sayid is learning, absorbing knowledge like a sponge, and constantly dissatisfied. Besides teaching, the guy will always be some hobby, which he will devote much time – such is the meaning of the name Saeed. Men's society of friends and buddies is also forgotten them. Phenomenal, but Sayid always has time, no matter what the workload. Another feature said is that he is very emotional and unable to hide it. So changing the mood so drastically change it and so clearly felt by others. Said, the meaning of the name which dominates him completely, can become sad over nothing and remain indifferent to the really important things. In moments of good mood, he can show amazing generosity and forgiveness, and in moments of tension would literally explode over nothing. And he can't hide his feelings nor at home, nor the teachers, nor with any other people. Always says exactly what he means – this is its another feature.

Personal life and marriage

The issue of gender relations said extremely picky. He doesn't need beautiful, but stupid doll. He seeks to find a girl who would have a broad Outlook and would be able to share your husband's interests and Hobbies. The wife said – this is a woman who is not conservative and does not tend to sitting within four walls. On the contrary, she wants to live every day of my life bright and saturated, and that's why she said interesting. Another detail, which requires from his beloved Sayid is the willingness and ability to understand and accept him as he is, with all the tints and contradictions of his nature. Finding such a girl, the young man marries and lives with her, having no more ties on the side. He's a loyal husband and a good father, a responsible family man. The kids adore him and not only his, but also strangers. He easily finds common language with them and can sometimes spoil their offspring. But in General, don't let education take its course and showing moderate severity.

As for a career, then he earns his laurels in the melee – power, diligence and patience. Do not hesitate, if necessary, and dirty work. In General not paying attention to career issues and has no taste to it, and therefore works where it. Working is his only source of income and not method implementation.