The juicy fruits of the food of the gods (and this is translated from the Latin name "persimmon") have a positive effect on the human body. Almost everyone loves this fruit, because not so often food is not only useful, but also delicious. As a rule, persimmon can be bought in supermarkets and markets in the winter months, when the body lacks trace elements and vitamins.

Parents always on one of the first places is the question of the nutrition of their baby. They want this food to be useful and tasty. Therefore, they ask the question: how old can a child be given a persimmon? Let's try to figure out how useful this fruit is for babies and when it is possible to start introducing it into the diet of carapaces.

The Benefits of Persimmon for Crumbs

First you need to know that a persimmon is usually considered to be more useful than apples. It can remove excess from the body, acting as an activated charcoal known to everyone. And what is the use of persimmon for children?

At what age can a child be given persimmon? Why is persimmon useful? Does persimmon allergy in children

In these fruits, there are a lot of vitamins, one of which is ascorbic acid. It is she who gives the chance to the boys to fight with the cold and strengthen the children's immune defense. Natural sugar, here in the form of fructose and glucose, has a good stimulation of brain activity and will improve the mood of children.

Present in this tasty fruit are vitamins A and P, strengthening blood vessels and normalizing blood circulation. And all this is very important for the development of crumbs. Iodine regulates the normal functioning of the thyroid gland. Thanks to calcium, bones and teeth are strengthened. Potassium is able to prevent many diseases of the child's heart. Vegetable persimmon fibers facilitate the work of the digestive tract, improving the peristalsis of the intestines of the baby. If it is properly eaten, the child will not have any problems with the stool.

Baby food and persimmon

While the carapuzik is at a very young age, its gastrointestinal tract has not yet formed, so various effects for it can be dangerous. Therefore, the answer to questions about whether or not it is possible to give persimmon to children for up to a year (baby babies) will be negative.

Everyone knows that the best food for babies is mother's breast milk. To introduce the first complementary food is recommended only after consultation with the pediatrician, who will answer all questions that bother the mother. If the child's diet is to introduce new products consistently, competently and correctly, the reward for parents will be his excellent state of health.

Delicious allergen

Persimmon is considered to be difficult to eat. To digest it, the gastrointestinal tract will have to overcome strong stresses. Therefore, a persimmon in the lure of a child should be present as late as possible in order to avoid trouble.

Yes, it's a delicious berry, but it's heavy food. Even adults are advised to eat it with caution. In Persimmon, there is a tannin (it strengthens), due to which there may be constipation. It is this substance that gives the persimmon an astringent power.

What other concerns of parents wishing to treat their offspring this fruit, and does persimmon allergies in children? Unfortunately, the quality of the product is allergic, so if excessive quantities to offer to her kids, to achieve the appearance of their bodies rash. And some babies are allergic may occur even after eating a small piece.

Babies under the age of one year: eat persimmon or wait?

Above it has already been mentioned that the body has not yet been adequately perfected by the body, so the gastrointestinal tract is also vulnerable. Doctors recommend mothers to breastfeed their babies as long as possible and very carefully, according to all the existing canons, to introduce them lure. To begin with, you should choose those foods that are easy to digest and do not burden the stomach and intestines of babies. But the list of such products is not a persimmon.

Therefore, do not even think about whether it is possible to give persimmon to children for up to a year. Definitely - no!

But even that this fruit is a powerful allergen, not the worst. The danger for crumbs is that persimmon fibers are able to glue the contents of the baby's intestines and form sticky dense lumps. The normal functionality of the intestine due to this is disrupted. If you do not catch yourself in time, you will need urgent surgery. Otherwise, the result can be very sad.

When do we begin to treat?

So how to be, at what age can a child be given persimmon? Some experts forbid feeding children to persimmon to six years, some - only up to three. In any case, the child should be introduced to the new product for him with small pieces. Then, for two or three days, parents need to observe the condition of their youngster. If there are no allergic reactions, then persimmon can be eaten, giving the baby more flesh.

There are mummies who give their crumbs a persimmon from 6 or 9 months. But this can not be done categorically! Do not rely on the opinions of friends, because the baby's body can react quite unpredictably. Better still wait until the crumb is at least three years old. Because the newborn baby is enough for the normal development and growth of mother's milk.

Choose persimmon

So, we have already figured out with what age a child can be given persimmon. Now we need to understand how to choose the right fruit, if all the same parents decided to include it in the baby's diet. On this account, there are several simple rules:

  • pay attention to the shape and shade of the fruit;
  • there should be no damage or dark spots on it;
  • the color should be rich orange;
  • if the fruit is ripe, it will have dark leaves.

If you are not buying a completely ripe persimmon, which also knits, it is better to put it in the freezer for four hours. So it will become sweeter and juicier.

Are there any contraindications?

When a mother thinks about the questions, at what age a child can be given a persimmon and whether it should be done at all, one should simply remember that, despite the benefits of this fruit, one should not forget about its other side.

So, it is necessary to understand if a persimmon is needed in the baby's diet. Benefits and harm, contraindications to children when used - these questions can give a detailed answer to the pediatrician. But you need to remember about such things as propensity to constipation, allergies, obesity, diabetes.

A fairly common phenomenon is a baby's allergy to persimmons. Usually this applies to skin rashes. Unfortunately, it also happens that eating persimmon can cause more severe reactions (Quincke's swelling, for example).

What else must be remembered about the persimmon: we must consider how it is combined with other products. It is quite dangerous to combine this fruit with cold water and milk.