Sneakers - a long beloved shoes. It is with pleasure carried by children, men, and young guys, and young girls, and grown-up women. Moreover, designers above them work tirelessly. Since last season, a special priority was given to sneakers on a wedge. They combine mobility and comfort, stability and heel.

What do these sneakers look like?

It's just sneakers, put on a platform of various heights. In this case, they can be completely closed and protect the foot in rainy weather or have cutouts in the zone of the toe or heel or incisions along the sides. Colors of modern sneakers of all colors of the rainbow, including golden and silver.

They can be made from leather, from fabric or suede.

With what they can be completed?

Yes, almost anything. Jeans, shorts, a skirt, a dress, a suit - they are combined with all these items of the wardrobe. Women's sneakers on a wedge, especially high, are great for leisurely walks with friends or children. They can go to the movies, go shopping. And if the wedge is lower, then you can make a run, do aerobics. Height will not be a hindrance: they will not deprive the balance, but add a style. In the spring and autumn they organically look with cloaks and short coats, leather and denim jackets, as well as with oversized sweaters, woolen dresses. Bijouterie is also possible, but it gives lightness, so it's better to stop on bracelets or long beads.

Dresses and skirts

In combination with the most feminine clothing - dress, sneakers give new interesting images. This applies to both sports and casual dresses. In this case, the height of the wedge does not play a special role. But wearing a skirt above the knee, it is best to shoe the sneakers on a wedge higher. Skirt of medium length looks great with a not very high wedge. A low waistcoat is suitable for simple dresses. If the skirt is long, in the floor, then it softens a large volume of shoes.

Sneakers on a wedge of any height look perfect with them. Thus the top part of clothes can be chosen on mood. And leggings, and jeans can be filled in sneakers, and it will be a fashionable "bow". Narrow jeans are balanced with a multi-layered upper part. If the jeans are light, it will be better to look like sneakers to them in tone.

Here the rule is simple - the shorter the shorts, the higher the wedge. And if you add a tight-fitting top, then many will look at a slender figure.

Trouser suits and trousers allow you to "play" with the created way. Sneakers on a wedge, if it's high, will give a slender and pulled look. Special strictness and accuracy will add a blouse on the buttons. A low waistcoat is suitable for trousers made of velveteen or lycra. If a floral print is printed on the trousers, it is desirable that the sneakers on the wedge summer have a shade that coincides with one of the colors of the drawing. And it is better if they are monochrome.

Here, of course, it is most convenient to wear soft sneakers on a low wedge.

Black sneakers will look impressive if in clothes (in a blouse or leggings, for example) one bright, screaming color - the color of fuchsia or kumach will dominate. The rest of the clothes should not stand out.

With what to wear sneakers "Nike"?

This long and well-established brand was intended primarily for sports. This shoe is strong and comfortable. This is, probably, allows you to use sneakers "Nike" and for a summer walk, and for jogging. In general, it is, of course, sports shoes, and therefore it requires socks, jeans, sports pants, T-shirts and T-shirts, sweatshirts and short shorts. If a young man chooses these sneakers, windbreaker and jeans, a successful walk is ensured. The whole set can be supplemented with a backpack or sports bag. Nike AirMax with skillful use can be included in the glamorous style. This type of sneakers are filled with gas, so when jumping they have an unusually good spring-loaded cushioning.

How to distinguish a fake?

  • Stitches are even.
  • No glue runs.
  • The skin is soft and evenly colored.
  • Packing firm.
  • On the tongue a label is attached, indicating the country of origin.
  • The sole has no shine.

The real Nike AirMax is made with light accumulators and can glow in the dark. This is a new and completely revolutionary move of the company.

Fashionable women's sneakers "Nike" have a sole made of several fragments. Thanks to the springiness, the heel does not feel unnecessary loads, and the color scheme is matched in a feminine gentle style. They are not burnable and very light. Sneakers can be monochrome, but more often combined, so one who is inclined to glamor, will always find a suitable model. In addition, these sneakers have a remarkable fixation: injuries are now not terrible.

Sneakers from "Adidas"

Sneakers on the Adidas wedge are suitable only for leisurely walks along city streets, parks and squares. And for sports, you need to choose something different. At a wedge as compared to shoes on a heel the continuous steady smoothly rising heel, so it is convenient. Even if you spend a whole day in them, then, undressing in the evening, you will not say: "Well, finally it all ended." Fatigue, of course, will be, but not such that you need a bath and lying with your legs up. A wedge is not at all what a tall hairpin does, but it makes the leg both nice and elegant. Therefore, they are very popular with everyone who prefers the style of kazhual.

But the sport has firmly entered into everyday life, so the sneakers on the tanket are relevant in it. This trend, which is well combined with a modern fashionable sports suit and emphasizes the femininity of their possessor. In addition, they can be worn on the street with narrowed jeans that are tucked inside so that the beauty of the shoes can be seen. It will also be noticeable if you are wearing a capri or even (!) A pencil skirt, but not a classic, black, but any other color.

The quality of this firm is not in doubt: it is footwear made from natural suede or leather. Each side has special inserts. They make walks more convenient, and the foot almost does not get tired. Inside the heel is made by casting, which smoothly, gently rises from the toe to the heel. At manufacturing use not so firm rubber, and its softness allows a leg to spring, and also provides coupling to a surface. Designers of the company "Adidas" have long changed the color of the sneakers. He walked away from the black and white version. Today, the models are amazed by the variety of colors, their harmonious or contrasting combinations in one pair of shoes. The shoes look so bright and elegant, that, trying on, I do not want to shoot it.

Continue to wear sneakers. They do not seem to be going out of fashion.