Despite the fact that the Oxford shoes are considered to be a traditional man's footwear, they have long occupied a decent niche in the women's wardrobe. At present, many eminent designers produce lines of such shoes aimed at the female audience. A rich variety of shapes, colors and styles can be shocked. And what the Oxford boots wear is quite another science, which will be easy to understand if you learn a few rules.What do Oxford boots wear?

Journey to the past

Boots-Oxfords were created in England in the far 17th century and were decorated as a shoe brand in Oxford, where they came from. Originally, this footwear was thought of as a masculine, and only in the 20s of the last century it was with pleasure that ladies and ladies tried on themselves, and since then the "friendship" between them has not ceased. And let these shoes are considered to be the most strict and official footwear, the modern evolution of the styles, thanks to which the shoes become more elegant and refined, allows you to wear oxfords with any outfit and for any occasion, even under evening dress.

Modern look

Shoes-Oxford have a distinctive feature - lacing in the center. The models with perforations that give shoes an interesting and unusual look are quite common. In English translation, perforation sounds like a "bug", which is why the described shoes are also called "bugs". Some models are equipped with a heel and even a hairpin, which make the fashionista slimmer, and the gait - more elegant. Most of the time, shoes are made from genuine leather or suede, but interesting models are often created from textiles, as well as from a combination of materials.

Classical colors of such shoes are black and all shades of brown. But now the shoe industry offers a rich selection of different colors for every taste. Two-color models have acquired great popularity this season, which have a rather unusual appearance.

A great choice for every day

Comfortable and practical Oxford boots (pictured below) can be attributed to the classical style, but many women of fashion use them together with bright things, creating an ineffable contrast. Models without a heel will be an excellent option for every day. You can wear them together with pants and jeans, choosing narrowed shapes. It is important enough that an ankle appears between the trousers and boots, only this is recommended by fashion designers.

Look good classic shoes along with leggings and jeans skinnie, as well as breeches or tucked pants. The only thing that the stylists advise against is the ensemble of these shoes and flared long trousers, such a tandem hides the beauty of the shoe and shortens the length of the legs.

Fashionable shoes, giving femininity

Dresses and skirts perfectly match lacquered or suede boots-Oxford. Female models, decorated with rhinestones or sequins, will be a perfect addition to the evening dress along with a pair of accessories matched to the color. When choosing a dress it is necessary to refuse ryusha, bows or flounces, it is better to adhere to the moderation in the image, because these shoes are rather concise and serious.

Until recently, it was believed that wearing Oxford together with a skirt was a sign of bad taste. But times change, and such an ensemble attaches femininity to the image, which is relevant in any weather. Midi- or maxi-skirts are perfectly combined with shoes on heels, and the girl, determined to dress like that, will feel not only stylish, but also elegant. Will complement the outfit with a beautiful jacket or cardigan.

For a business lady

Oxford with heels designed for strict and elegant dresses, knee-length or lower. Such a tandem will suit the working young ladies who want to emphasize efficiency and seriousness. The color of shoes should not differ radically from dresses and handbags. Add a contrast can be a beautiful neck scarf or belt.

Business suits perfectly complement elegant shoes with low heels. It is advisable to choose the length of the trousers, not hiding the shoes, but do not choose too short models. Maintain the image of young ladies of classic brown tones.

City Style

Ideal combination of shoes-Oxford with shorts and short overalls. Such an alliance is indispensable for walking around the city. Silk and knitted overalls on a low landing will help to emphasize the slender legs and give confidence to the fashionista. Shorts can be chosen from any material, but stylists advise choosing simple and concise denim with a belt in the color of shoes.

For the top, a knitted blouse or an elegant long cardigan is suitable. Excellent will look together with shorts classic jacket and shirt. A bag in this ensemble can be selected and large enough. It will help to strengthen the mysterious image of a colorful voluminous scarf or scarf.

Boots on bare feet

It is traditional to wear Oxford without a sock. But recently the fashionable canons have changed a little, and a beautiful socks looking out from under the pants give the image a piquancy. Of course, you should not wear knitted wool with such shoes, but a small low socks will be quite appropriate. Especially interesting looks, if the sock is contrasted with the color of the shoes. Under a strict business outfit, white socks will perfectly fit, which will give aristocratism and rigor to the image. But with a skirt they are not recommended to wear - such an alliance looks not only absurd, but also vulgar.

Choosing an outfit, you need to build on not only from fashion trends, but also from individual taste, and each decides what to wear Oxford boots. Female models can be bought by any fashionista, because the wealth of choice is simply huge.