Female sarafan is a versatile and multifunctional wardrobe item. It is good in itself and perfectly combined with other things, allowing you to create fashionable and comfortable images. Do not know what to wear women's sarafans? Photos of fashion bloggers will help you create your own unique kits for all occasions.

One sundress - 3 summer dresses

You are tormented by an eternal problem: the cabinet is hammered, and nothing to wear?

White women's sarafan simple cut can be its solution:

  • For example, put a black sleeveless blouse under the office. A bright lipstick and bag will add colors and will declare you as a confident and stylish woman who has everything under control.
  • At the party female sarafan can safely wear a solo. A flashy golden necklace, a bag and lipstick of fuchsia color - accessories attract the eye and all this is combined into a harmonious ensemble with the help of a fashionable kimono with a delicate floral print.
  • For a walk in the shops or in the park, a combination of a sarafan and a denim shirt with a short sleeve is perfect. Straw fedora, yellow bag and sandals with yellow accents, a bit of costume jewelry - you can feel comfortable and stylish even in the heat.

With what to wear jeans sarafan for women?

This piece of clothing has not gone out of fashion for a long time. Even supermodels and stars are happy to wear jeans women's sarafans. Photos of paparazzi often show them in casual outfits of denim.

With what to combine this wardrobe item? For example, Hunneli Mustaparta (blogger and ex-model) demonstrated a fashionable combination of a long sundress with a very deep neckline and a short sports top. She supplemented them with a strict purse and sandals in black. Another everyday image turned out with a striped T-shirt with a long sleeve and bright orange accents.

Combinations of different textures always look stylish. Jeans women's sarafan and delicate lace blouse successfully prove this statement and complement each other.

With bright shirts, you will get no less stylish kit with a light touch of bokho-chic.

And finally, the classic combination for a relaxed weekend or outdoor recreation is a T-shirt and a women's denim sundress. White or colored, with prints or monophonic - there are lots of options.

And when the temperature drops, a thin sweater, tight pantyhose, boots and jeans sarafan will not let you freeze.

Warm and beautiful

Continuing the theme of cold weather, we will stop on the fashionable autumn-winter images:

  • Female sarafan in a cage and a sweater in beige shades - a perfect elegant combination for work or study.
  • A shirt in a cage can become the basis of many fashionable images. For example, with this sarafan she creates a dreamy, romantic, but at the same time quite an everyday image.
  • With things in classic black and white colors, it's very easy to combine different elements of the wardrobe. As, for example, you can combine a sarafan, black body, denim sweater, boots and bright beret.
  • A strict white shirt and sarafan full of blue with a lush skirt - this image will be appropriate in the office and at the university. Interesting accessories will revive him and give personality.

A little vintage

Women's dress is a garment, the history of which lasts for centuries. Therefore, to create vintage images, it will do the best:

  • An elegant sundress of dense material perfectly emphasizes the figure. Together with a white blouse, handbag with embossing and coquettish sandals, he creates an image worthy of a postcard from the 50's and at the same time comfortable in modern style.
  • Blouse in polka dots is perfectly combined with a monophonic black sarafan with interesting festons on the neckline. A large brooch-brooch or a bright scarf will add color to this monochromatic image.

For different shapes

And do you know that women's dress can help you smooth out the shortcomings and emphasize the dignity of your body? For example, for girls with a large bust fit models that close the chest and visually reduce it. Do you want to add volume from the top? Choose a sundress that partially opens the chest.

The tummy successfully disguises the overstated waist line. And if you think that she was lost in a free sarafan cut, you can always highlight her with a bright belt.

Large hips will not catch the eye with a puffy skirt, and if you have nothing to hide, the fitted and fitting models will only emphasize the slender figure.

So a sarafan can take an honorable place in your wardrobe. The only question is, which one will you choose.