Women's classic pants should be in the wardrobe of every fashionable woman. They allow you to create a large number of stylish outfits. Classic is always in fashion. It is enough just to choose the top of the wardrobe.What can I wear women's classic pants?

Straight Classic Pants

This style is suitable for girls of any age. An important point is their availability, because they are sewn for any wealth. And how do women’s classic trousers differ from others? There are several signs:

  • Straight and long.
  • Fit well on the figure. Conceal its shortcomings, emphasizing the merits.
  • They have arrows that help to visually lengthen the legs.
  • There are no pockets, or they are invisible.
  • The width of the leg is approximately equal to the width of the foot.

If the size is chosen correctly, straight pants are able to hide all the flaws of the figure. Full girls are recommended to select styles with arrows in front and behind.

Skinny pants

This model is elegant and strict at the same time. They differ from simple ones in that they encircle the ankle. Classic skinny pants, female models of which are most common, give girls femininity and style.

Their color range is quite extensive, but the most popular are black. Winter models are made of thick fabrics, and summer models are made of light and thin ones.

These pants are better to wear tall and slim girls, as they will not hide those extra pounds, but only emphasize them. On the perfect figure, they will sit perfectly and look stylish.

Cropped trousers

If you choose the right clothes, you can create a gorgeous image. Cropped female dress pants are able to diversify business kit. An excellent option would be to wear a shirt with them, and shoes with low heels on their feet.

Cropped trousers go well with a plain top, over which a black jacket is worn. In the office on the legs wear shoes. If you have to walk a lot, shoes should be comfortable - moccasins, ballet flats, gym shoes. Milky-colored jumper is also perfect for shorter trousers.

Stylist tips

If you follow the recommendations, you can pick up women's classic trousers.Photos of models that are found on the Internet are different from the store, but the tips of stylists will help in choosing:

  1. Straight cut fit the owner of narrow hips. The fabric in this case is light and thin.
  2. For wide hips choose narrowed models sewn from dense materials.
  3. Women's dress pants are worn with clean, well-polished shoes only.
  4. Smooth the fabric well, make sure the arrows are straight.
  5. Be sure to try on pants in front of a mirror. They should not be wide or narrow.

Having picked up classical trousers, the girl can create a business and stylish set.

What to wear?

Women's classic trousers - a wonderful and indispensable thing in the wardrobe. The main thing is to choose the right style, emphasizing the dignity of the figure. Black dress pants, women's models which can be found in stores, are most often combined with white blouses.

At the same time, the top should not be too strict. Choose blouses with details, unusual buttons or transparent inserts.

Having picked up accessories, it is possible to diversify the image created on the basis of classical trousers. A gold necklace will give the set a rich look, and a lacquered belt will be a little bold.

An important detail is the shoes. It is optimal to wear pumps with a small heel. The color of the shoes used in sets of black, burgundy shades.

If classic pants are put on a date, combine them with sandals. They will smooth severity, and give even more femininity.

5 fashion bows

Ready-made kits will help to correctly combine the things that are in the wardrobe.

  1. Cropped black pants in combination with a T-shirt, visually make the girl taller. We wear leather heeled or wedge sandals on our feet. Complement the image with a black handbag on a long strap. Do not be afraid to combine things made in one color, they are able to look harmonious.
  2. The second option for cropped trousers in black will be a white blouse made of lightweight fabric. On the feet choose high-heeled shoes. Complement your look with a dark green leather blazer. From accessories you can use a bracelet or a watch.
  3. For office work, wear classic trousers with a blue blouse. The black, slightly fitted, single-buttoned jacket will make the kit more stringent. Suede shoes with a wide heel fit well. Handbag choose a small size, on a long strap-chain.
  4. With the help of black, narrowed to the bottom of the pants, you can create a set that is suitable for a party. For this we wear a white strapless top. High-heeled shoes will give the image of coquettishness. From accessories will look great long beads.
  5. The summer version will be a combination of black dress pants and a t-shirt with bright prints. We supplement the set with a white jacket. And wearing classic gray pants, women's images will become more tender. We select shoes with a print similar to the color of a T-shirt. Handbag take bright, for example yellow.

The correct combination of shades and styles, can highlight all the advantages of a female figure and hide the flaws.

Classic pants require careful selection of shoes. However, modern fashion dictates its own rules and allows you to wear almost any shoes with trousers.

For business style choose shoes. Their color can be any, both bright and pastel shades.

For shorter trousers suede ankle boots are better suited, in warm weather - slip-ons.

For a sporty look, bright sneakers or sneakers will look great. In this case, the outerwear should be in the tone of the shoe.

Length selection

Before you buy or sew pants, you need to understand how to choose the perfect pair. Tips for choosing the length will help in this difficult matter:

  • To begin with, we decide on shoes. The length of the pant leg should reach the middle of the heel. This rule applies to classic styles.
  • For each pair of shoes selected pants are selected, because they can not be tucked.
  • Flared models are sewn so that they are flush with the surface, but do not interfere with walking.
  • Skinny pants should not be longer than the ankle. Avoid wrinkles - this is ugly.
  • It is believed that the wider the trouser leg of the pants, the longer it should be.

Follow the rules and be sure to try on clothes in front of the mirror. Then classic pants will be a real find for wardrobe.

How to create the perfect outfit? To do this, you just need to buy classic pants that can bring femininity and slimness to the image. Complete sets of blouses and T-shirts. Do not be afraid to choose bright colors and massive decorations. But do not forget that everything should be in moderation.