Fashion is changing, and in order for her to keep up, you need to monitor its trends. What was stylish yesterday may not be today. Now from the past returns fashion Maxi skirts. What to wear with skirts to the floor, not to pass the lady tasteless? And with what to combine them in different seasons? How to choose the right accessories to impress others with their stunning looks?

What to wear with Maxi skirts in summer, winter?

What to wear with long skirts? To find out, let's first look into what are generally Maxi skirt? There are lots of them. Some of them are a little shorter, others longer, there are models of tight and from moving tissue. Let's learn more about it. Skirts are:

  • With rough edges. Such models will look good on ladies with curvaceous. They will help them to hide many figure flaws.
  • Multi-layer models with a train. They can pick up a top like a blouse, or corset in a similar style.
  • Ankle. Under the skirt is well-suited shoes flat shoes: ballet flats, shoes, sandals and so on. However, it is not required, such models also look good with heels, and platforms.
  • Skirts-packs. These models are now in fashion. They combine perfectly with an easy-fitting top. Free t-shirts and sweaters with these skirts to wear is not worth it.
  • Models of jeans. They are combined with leather jackets and fitted blazers, and cropped vests. The main thing that Luke was not more things denim, otherwise it will be too much.
  • Skirts pleated. These models are a real boon for fashionistas. However, with such skirts should be very careful. The fact that they can visually enlarge the hips. But for those women who are curvaceous can not boast, skirt pleated will be a real gift.

What to wear with long skirts? The photo in the article can be us a clue to the answer to this question.

A conscious approach to the choice of Maxi skirt

When you select this attribute wardrobe, you should start from type figure. To the selection of long skirts should be approached consciously, only in this way will hide your flaws and emphasize dignity. What to wear with skirts full of women? The owners of broad hips better to abandon vivid details, shimmering fabrics, and massive drawings. You should give preference to models with inserts on the sides. The perfect complement will be a soft belt. For those girls who have narrow hips, will look good models with major details, such as ruffles. They can choose how bright skirts with colorful prints and monochromatic.

Summer options for bows with a long skirt

What to wear with Maxi skirts in the summer? In the warm season it is better to give preference to models of light, airy fabric. They are best combined with a bound top, and fitted jackets, short vests, or perhaps Bolero. The fit and the simple monochromatic shirt shade different from the color of the skirt. Otherwise, the top and bottom can simply merge. A more practical version – a bright blouse combined with dark or black Maxi-skirts. This bow can be perfectly suitable for office. The main thing – to follow one principle. If the skirt is swingy, flared, the top should be form-fitting, and Vice versa if the skirt is more or less narrow, then it is perfect free top.

How to wear Maxi skirt in winter?

What shoes can match the skirt to the floor?

What to wear with long skirts? How to choose the right shoes? In the warm season under a Maxi skirt can fit models with flat soles, for example, ballet flats, sandals and even sneakers, but it will look good only on tall women. Low is to combine models of long skirts with heels. Suitable platform sandals and high-heeled shoes. In the cold season under Maxi skirts ideal boots or shoes.

A few words about the accessories

What to wear with long skirts? What accessories do you need to give preference to? With long skirts from flying fabrics are well combined wide and narrow padded straps. If top is a sweater or shirt with a plunging neckline, in the image of the ideal scarf, if it's a blouse with a triangular or round collar, choker or necklace.

How to create an image with a long skirt?

What to wear with long skirts? The photo in the article may be a little hint. You should start from, what model skirts you have. However, we should not forget about the style and the cut. Starting from these two factors, you can pick up the bow the appropriate accessories. You need to remember that skirts were worn in those days, when the main goal for a woman or a girl was to emphasize the waist. That is why they can and should wear belts, as already described above.

However, what is contained in the article, this is not a complete information about skirts. Here are only some of the image choices with these items of clothing at different times of the year. Now there are numerous fashion magazines where you can find photos of celebrities, combining skirts with many other items of clothing. If you like any idea – do not hesitate to experiment with your onions. You may be able to find a more beautiful and attractive than all those described above. Do not be afraid of bright colors and bold prints and massive accessories and unusual combinations, because they can help not to get lost in the crowd among the other owners of the skirts and stand out due to its stunning image.