The safari style of clothing every year wins the hearts of millions of fashionistas. After all, it is not only multifunctional, practical and convenient, but also quite beautiful. A variety of models and styles helps to choose a safari dress not only for walking or shopping, but also for office work or evening events.What to wear with a safari dress? Safari dress: pattern

Elegance and practicality in one thing.

The safari dress, the photo of which is presented above, will be the ideal option for a hot summer or a warm spring. Natural materials used to create a dress, perfectly breathable and help you feel comfortable in any weather. The style of the dress with an elegant silhouette, large pockets and cuffs, shoulder straps and a belt perfectly emphasizes the dignity of the figure and creates the image of a self-confident woman.

Traditionally for such outfits a palette of natural colors and shades from beige to greenish brown is used, but modern fashion offers a safari dress with unusual bright colors or prints. Interesting and unusual look models made under the skin of a leopard, tiger, jaguar or with plant motifs, for example, with leaves or buds.

Modern fashion safari style

Traditional safari clothing, which originated in the last century, imitates the costume of a hunter trapping his prey in the savannas of Africa. It is characterized by tucked sleeves, many pockets and sand-colored colors. Modern women of fashion adore this style due to its convenience and aesthetic qualities. Dress safari is preferred as clothing for travel or tourist trips. He is worn to work in the office or as an evening dress. But it is rather important not only to choose the dress itself, but also accessories that will complement it and give the fashionistas stylishness and charm.

Choosing an office outfit

Dress in safari style will be the perfect option for the office. His strict, but at the same time elegant silhouette will emphasize femininity, and convenience will help to remain confident in himself the whole working day. The color scheme should not be bright, and it is better to focus on the dress of a soft beige color. The length of the skirt should remain no higher than the knee, and it is desirable to select the sleeves in three quarters.

Under the office outfit should not overdo it with accessories. The ideal would be a belt made of genuine dark brown leather and a handbag in tone. Shoes should not be particularly frilly and have bright details. The perfect choice would be shoes of brown or beige color or sandals of natural shades on a convenient platform. The only bright spot can be a beautiful scarf, which will complete the image of a business woman.

Safari date

Will help to create a romantic image of a long dress in the style of safari chiffon. Such an outfit does not restrain movement and gently flows around the figure. It is better to select natural colors, and the beige or olive color will be wonderful. Emphasize the romance and freshness of sandal style wedge sandals in natural colors. A beautiful clutch bag complements the ensemble. For jewelry is better to use things made of stones or wood. Volumetric bracelets or beads, along with long earrings, will adjust for ease of communication and add confidence.

Safari in the "stone jungle"

For a walk, a safari dress is suitable, the photo of which is presented below with a free cut. The sleeve can be quite short, and you can also choose a model without it at all. The color scheme should not be limited to fantasy, and here you can choose any print or shade that will attract increased attention to the fashionistas.

It is necessary to select accessories for such an outfit from your own preferences, but a bulky handbag made of leather, suede, and textiles with a lot of pockets will not be redundant. The belt and jewelry can be quite bright, but it should not overload the entire ensemble. Shoes for a walk is better to choose for reasons of convenience. Sandals without a heel with a lot of straps, matched to the dress, will be ideal. Sunglasses, kerchief or cap will complete the image and give mystery.

Evening safari, or exit

The original and beautiful safari dress is useful for an evening out. The length of the models can be selected from their own considerations. For the material it is better to choose light and flowing fabrics. Beautiful and original looks model of silk. The perfect style will be with open shoulders or lowered sleeves. The color palette should not be too bright, it is better to add emphasis on accessories. Several details with leopard prints, such as a handbag and belt, will emphasize the safari style and give the fashionist originality.

Costume jewelry can be quite massive, ensemble, earrings, rings and bracelets made of stones will complement the ensemble. Shoes are better to choose elegant, the ideal option would be sandals on the heel of natural beige shades, not overloaded with decorative elements.

Safari dress for obese women

This style is deservedly wildly popular with women with large forms. After all, thanks to a simple cut, you can significantly stretch the silhouette and make the figure more slender and taut. The safari dress, which has seemingly masculine décor, gives femininity and attractiveness to pies, and the simplicity and convenience makes such models the most popular for wearing every day. To choose a model for a large girl should be according to the type of figure, but it is worth remembering that the length of the dress should be no higher than the knee.

Dress shirt will help to hide the hips and belly and give elegance to the silhouette. This style is suitable for girls with a figure like an apple. Vertical clear lines and a V-shaped neckline will draw attention to your chest and hide flaws. Girls with a beautiful shape of hands can choose styles with fairly short sleeves. For women with a pear-like figure, a classic sheath dress will do. The only thing that should be considered is that the pockets on the hips should not be overhead, this decor will draw attention to the massiveness of the hips even more. It is better to choose a model with vertical mortise pockets.

Perfect outfit for a gorgeous woman

Materials for dress should be light and natural, not chilling movement. Perfect linen or cotton. The denim safari dress, which millions of fashionistas choose for themselves, looks no less impressive, because modern jeans are light enough and comfortable, as well as durable and comfortable material. A special advantage is that under such models you can wear any shoes.

Dresses like safaris for obese women should be made in soothing colors. Suitable models of black, mustard, olive, sand or gray. It is necessary to wear such styles with comfortable shoes of natural brown shades. Handbag and belt should be in harmony with each other and be made in ethnic style. Plastic, wooden and metal earrings, rings, bracelets and beads that emphasize the simplicity of the image are suitable for jewelry.

Do-it-yourself safari dress

To get the perfect outfit in its parameters, it is not necessary to go to the studio or shop. You can create a beautiful dress and home. For this you will need a cut of fabric 150 cm wide and 135 cm long. It is better to pick cotton or flax. Also needed are dublerin, buttons and threads that should match the color of the fabric. Before you start work, you will need to cut the safari dress, the pattern of which is shown below.

The seams and cuts should be let in 1.5 cm, on the hem of the back and bottom shelves up to 5 cm, having sewed the bottom of the sleeve - 1.5 cm. Start sewing with creating small parts such as a belt, pockets, valves and loops. Next, proceed to sewing the product, which should start with the middle seam of the back. Having ironed and swept the shelves with the back, we proceed to the creation of a stitching seam, for this we sew the upper parts of the sleeves and shoulders. Longer sew the bottom edge of the sleeves and the sides with one line.

We process the bottom of the dress with four seams with an interval of one centimeter. Sew the bottom of the sleeves, then sew the collar. Next you need to insert pockets and flaps. We sew loops for belts and loops. Loops on the right side are overlaid. After all the sewing work, you need to smooth out the product.

Dress safari should be present in the wardrobe of any woman, because thanks to him you can feel comfortable in any weather. This outfit, along with perfectly matched accessories, will create an image of a stylish predator feeling free and confident in the stone jungle.