What can a man's business wardrobe do without? Correctly! Without a good suit and shoes. Oxfords are recognized as the most classic, the strictest pair of shoes for the office. Refined and long recognized by the whole world, they are unique in their kind and irreplaceable. We suggest you learn more about this shoe model, and at the same time get acquainted with several options of how they can be easily and easily adapted to any wardrobe.

With what to wear Oxford male? Men's classic shoes

Oxford men: what is this?

The name is familiar to many, but that's all we mean by it the same thing? Let's deal. Oxford is not just an ordinary Shoe, but a whole fashion trend characterizing impeccable English style. Someone will say that this ordinary shoes, and no. They have a certain distinguishing feature is the closed lacing. So sometimes there is a difficulty to wear them, they are tough and hold their shape well.

One of the varieties of Oxford are the brogues, they have perforations. The history of the now popular model began long ago, they began to be widely used in the 18th century. Classic men's Oxford shoes were sewn solely from smooth genuine leather. Now some liberties are allowed, and lacquer, suede, eco-leather, sometimes even in a variety of combinations, have become fashionable. Attitude to color also became quite free, although ideally they should be black.

Oxford men: with what to wear?

When buying such shoes, you should always remember that in their classic version they are the most official and strict pair on the way out. Black Oxfords without perforations, it's customary to wear an additional decor for a tuxedo, a dress coat or a classic suit, and nothing else. But the women's Oxford, which appeared in the early 20-ies of the last century, are less formal and permissive with almost everything. So think before you decide on a model.

Different variations of classic shoes will help you to lower the "degree" of the officialdom and correctly enter them into your daily wardrobe. We offer you several options for what to wear oxford mens. Fortunately, fashion is more variable and free in its combinations.

Option number 1: an unshakable classic

Anything to say in this case is superfluous. Very stylish, formal and expensive. But if Oxford from a natural leather, not attracting attention, will approach the office to a business suit, then, for example, you can put on lacquer shoes to a tuxedo, and it will be appropriate.

Option number 2: brown Oxford

In complement to the ubiquitous denim is the best informal shoes – men's oxfords with perforations and rounded toe, or simply brogues. The photo shows that they are equally good with light jeans and classic Indigo, and the top thus augmented free jackets.

With business suits, they will not be entirely appropriate, but with tweed or woolen at the time. Pay attention to the photo: exclusively English, aristocratic style, but at the same time fashionable and relevant.

Brogues of noble brown skin perfectly blend in with the bag in tone and woolen checkered marsh suit. And on the upper photo shows that even the yellow socks will be quite appropriate in the kit with the same turtleneck. Very democratic options that allow you to stay within the business style and follow fashion trends at the same time.

Option number 3: bicolour Oxford

They can be of two types: with and without perforations. Well, actually, the combination of colors are innumerable. All that you want and depending on how much you expressed a desire for extravagance. The combination of natural colors looks calm and at the same time not boring and not ordinary. Add these shoes oxfords (for men, and women, too) to the tapered and slightly cropped pants in dark blue and fitted white shirt and you can safely go to the office.

And here's an example of a more extravagant option, the combination of two contrasting colors on the shoes, and hardly someone will reproach D. Depp in the absence of taste. Complete with free costumes such footwear looks perfectly and adds a twist.

Another option, more adapted to everyday life, is the two-colored oxford in tone to the trousers. Youth and bright image, looks fresh and life-affirming.

Option number 4: oxford suede

Even more free and democratic model of shoes. Soft material is perfect for autumn or cool spring. The most ideal companion for suede is, of course, denim. They seem to be created for each other and together they delight the eye with a warm, relaxed image, suitable for walking around the city, meeting, meeting with friends.

In the office, classic jeans can easily be replaced by stylish trousers of mustard, dark blue, green or marsala shades. In this case, we recommend oxford (male or female) to choose neutral shades: brown, black, gray. Or do everything the other way around - and become the center of attention. Gather the image in strict colors, and let the shoes be bright and expressive, for example, orange or red.

Option number 5: bright socks

This is an option for those who want to be in the center of attention, because it's simply impossible to pass by without sharpening the look on such a package. Clothing in this case is most often neutral, like shoes, they create a base and a foundation. Socks are a highlight, a fashion trend.

If this is for you, then remember the two rules. First, socks should be high so that you can not see the bare legs when you, for example, sit on a bench. Secondly, pants pick up a little shortened, but not too narrow. If the length is superfluous, then the question arises, why socks, because they still can not see. Oversized models will turn your legs into fins. In this combination, Oxford shoes (male or female) allow you to create an image in the style of style. There is something bold in him, challenging and parading, but meanwhile it looks simply stunning. Pay attention to the photo. The image is thought out to the smallest detail: brown Oxford, dark trousers and socks in a tone cage on them.

Summing up what has been said, we should note that one should not avoid such unordinary shoes as oxfords - male or female, they will always find a place in your wardrobe, the main thing is to find your ideal pair.