How difficult it is to be a woman! After all, I want to always be on top. Many of the fair sex agree with the statement that this lady has a hairstyle and shoes should be perfect. Therefore, in our article today we will discuss wedge shoes. Let's find out what to wear it with.What to wear wedge shoes? Women's boots, shoes and sandals

Stylish and comfortable

The main feature of women's shoes - heel. The leg becomes slimmer. The figure acquires a more attractive appearance, the characteristic weak femininity and gracefulness is manifested. However, not all girls can pass on their heels all day with dignity. After all, this is not an easy task, given that it is the pin on the shoe that is an attribute of girl beauty and elegance. Although this type of heel manifests itself as the most uncomfortable and unstable. Perhaps that is why wedge shoes won the love of the female. With the appearance of this type of sole, you can forget about discomfort and at the same time stay on top (in the literal and figurative sense).

The specifics of women's shoes wedges

Women's wedge shoes appeared in the fashion industry in the 20th century, namely in the 30s. After that, 40 years later, the peak of the popularity of tankette arrived. Fashionistas, regardless of age group eagerly bought these shoes. In modern times, the wedge remains also relevant. However, one should not forget that such specific shoes have features of combination with the wardrobe items. Therefore, this article will describe the basic nuances of the correct composition of Look-images, which will use wedge shoes. Let's take a closer look.

What can I wear with wedge shoes?

The first type of shoes for consideration will be shoes. They can be indispensable for the office and for romantic walks, and for active everyday life. For business style fit shoes on a wedge of dark shades in combination with a trouser suit (with wide trousers). Skirt sets will also be appropriate. Only a skirt that tightly fits the body is better not to wear. It can ruin the whole image. Make your legs rough. Will give the bow a vulgarity.

Wedge-heeled shoes will go well with jeans and flowing skirts. As for accessories, when choosing them you need to be as attentive as possible: it is best to choose a handbag not only in color, combined with the color of the shoes on the wedge, but also take into account the material from which it is made. So, suede bag, for example, will suit velor shoes. Usually models with a sole-wedge, made elegantly, with a narrow toe. You should not give preference to coarse shoes, which are in force to overload the entire image. Favorable combination of flowing dresses made of thin fabrics and wedges will be able to ennoble any girl, giving her elegance and lightness.

Sandals: with what to combine?

Wedge sandals are a great option for summer time. They will be comfortable and beautiful. Particularly relevant now suede sandals, decorated with a variety of stones and other decorative elements. Such models will be perfectly combined with almost any clothes, since, unlike wedge shoes, they do not make the foot heavier, its open zones allow the image to “breathe”. It turns out air and easy.

Manufacturers offer a wide selection of models. Sandals on wedges look harmoniously with dresses of different styles, and with jeans, and with a classic suit, and even with summer overalls (whether it is a glamorous version or a simplified everyday). A manifestation of good taste is the competent selection of colors, material, style of shoes and clothing with accessories. As an example, we can give a common model of sandals with a cork sole-wedge, which visually resembles wood. So, you can combine this model with an airy dress of soothing colors and wood decorations (bracelet, earrings, pendant, etc.). Leather sandals perfectly complement the image of a stylish, business woman.

Summer wedge shoes are notable for their elegance. A sole with rhinestones, bright stones and extravagant embroidery will decorate the evening look and add chic and shine to the cocktail dress.

Beige wedge sandals can be truly marked with basic shoes that are practical and suitable for all occasions. They look succinctly with any outfit. Therefore, the possibility of buying such shoes will greatly facilitate the life of many female representatives. Such sandals will get rid of the eternal question: "What to wear today?"

Nuances of the correct selection of clothes for wedge boots

We turn to the boots on the wedge. During the cold spells (autumn, winter), the best option for women of fashion who love heels so much can be boots and shoes on a wedge heel. The advantages of this shoe are many: comfort, stylish look, safety of the feet from the cold, and many others.

However, there are other moments that, if you miss them, you can look ugly in the models under consideration. For example, wedge shoes, in particular boots, should not be worn for girls with narrow ankles. Visually, they will become even thinner. You can not combine them with light, flowing dresses, regardless of the length of the skirt. The image will look ridiculous and rude. It is not recommended to combine these boots with tight clothes (skirts, dresses, pants).

High boots in which the wedge will differ in color and texture will look spectacular. So there will be a large number of opportunities for the selection of interesting accessories. An important condition when choosing a dress or skirt under the boots with a sole-wedge: the length should be either above the knee, or cover the upper part of the boot. As for the selection of outerwear, then a short fur coat or sheepskin coat (jacket or coat) would be appropriate. Black wedge boots can be combined with almost any clothing. Especially good combinations with knitted dresses, wool skirts, shorts.

Instead of completion

So, buying shoes on wedges, you definitely will not be sorry! Women can always feel natural and beautiful without worrying about the instability of the platform. This is really a great alternative to a heel. A large range of models will not leave indifferent any lady.