The color of coolness, freshness and sea breeze - all this can be said about the color of mint. This soft shade of green and turquoise in fashion is not the first season. Mint is found everywhere: in clothes and accessories, in cosmetics, manicure and even interior design. It is combined with almost all skin tones, but if you make a mistake in choosing a shade, it can look catastrophic. Therefore, before you succumb to the fashion fever and buy a mint dress, read our tips on how to choose it and what to wear.

The best option for you

Choosing the right shade is the most important step in selecting items and accessories. Pay attention to your skin tone, eye color and hair when buying. For example, brunettes have lighter shades of mint, and blondes, on the contrary, are darker and more saturated. Light-skinned girls are easier - they are almost all the variations of this color. Therefore, try to choose a mint dress, live, and not through the Internet, to objectively assess whether it suits you or not.

Suitable colors

After you have decided on the shade, an equally important stage is coming. Why combine a mint dress?

  • This interesting shade gives softness to cotton fabrics, fresh cashmere and is perfectly combined with light chiffon, lace and silk. Mint dress will look good with things and accessories of pastel colors: gently pink, powdery, beige, lilac. With them the image turns out gentle and a little "sweet".
  • But even the brighter pink looks good with this color. If you combine so different things you are uncomfortable, then put on a mint dress with shoes of a shade of "fuchsia".
  • In the summer, small inclusions of yellow, orange, turquoise or green in the form of interesting ornaments will be appropriate.
  • Another unbeatable combination is mint and white. They always look fresh, neat and stylish.
  • And with black color, mint looks stern and elegant. As with white, it is difficult to make a mistake in the selection of things.
  • Want a more daring image? Combine the mint color with dark blue. It goes almost everyone and probably already is in your wardrobe.
  • An interesting solution is to combine several mint shades in one outfit or, on the contrary, to sustain all things in one color.

A special case

Cocktail or evening mint dress can be an interesting alternative to universal black color. It will demonstrate that you are aware of fashion trends, and will look fresh and unusual. For maidens or bridesmaids, mint-colored dresses are also perfect. A photo of charming witnesses will decorate the wedding album.

Such outfits will be especially appropriate if the event is sustained in a romantic style.

Golden ornaments perfectly complement the mint evening dress and make it warmer. While the silvery will emphasize its freshness.

Casual Images

With what to wear a mint dress for every day? Here are three options:

  • A denim jacket and brown accessories will make up the perfect company for a mint dress with asymmetrical hem. It is a convenient and stylish kit for shopping or walking around the city.

  • For a more elegant image, combine a romantic dress with perforations and accessories with lace elements. A straw bag and sandals on a wedge are comfortable and beautiful things. A fine work bracelet and a delicate necklace with a swallow will successfully complement this feminine image, not overloaded with details.

  • A very short mint dress or tunic can be safely combined with shorts in tone - you will be able to demonstrate your legs in all its glory, while adhering to the limits of decency. Ballet flats or sandals on a heel change the mood of this image - from comfortable everyday to more elegant.

With what to wear a mint dress in the floor?

Maxi-length is gaining popularity again. She always looks feminine and at the same time is appropriate in many situations. Let's look at 4 images based on 1 dress:

  • At the party, put on golden accessories with massive blue stones, a blue belt and take a sparkling clutch. And comfortable sandals on a high wedge allow you to easily dance the whole night.

  • For gatherings in a cafe, give preference to original multi-colored accessories and a white cardigan.

  • For shopping, combine a mint dress with small but interesting accessories and a comfortable roomy white bag.

  • And for a trip to the beach, the image should be as comfortable and easy as possible. Flip-flops, a wide-brimmed straw hat and a large rag bag - these accessories are not only beautiful, but also practical.

Discriminating taste

Do not you think that a mint dress can be appropriate only for every day. Cleverly selected style, fabric and accessories - and even for events with a dress code you can wear mint-colored dresses.

Shoes and clutch beige, rose earrings - this is the case when you do not need a lot of things to look amazing.

And here are two options, with what to put on an elegant dress according to the figure:

  • with a white belt and bag, as well as mint-colored shoes and costume jewelery (this is a good option for a working day);

  • with shoes and a clutch of beige color and large gold bracelets and earrings (this beautiful outfit for dinner in a restaurant or a summer wedding).

A competent combination of different in style can give an amazing result. For example, if you take a mint dress from flowing chiffon with an interesting cut and a laconic white jacket, you will get a non-standard but harmonious image. Different accessories can change his mood:

  • before the festive with golden accessories and shoes in tone.

This is how a mint dress can be.