Plain summer white dresses allow you to create many beautiful combinations, serving as a backdrop for other things and interesting accessories. Therefore, they deservedly occupy far from the last places in the summer wardrobe of every woman of fashion. White dresses come in a variety of styles - from gentle flowing to short with a bell skirt or tight-fitting bandage. Different accessories can drastically change their appearance and purpose - from sandals for a walk on the beach to high heels for an evening in a restaurant. Looking for ideas on what to wear summer white dresses? We have a lot of them.

What accessories should be complemented by white summer dresses?

The choice is quite wide:

  • Massive bracelets or a large number of thin ones - this is a fashion trend that even Hollywood stars use. The simplicity of the white dress contrasts favorably with their brilliance and texture, leaving no impression of congestion.
  • Metallic gold belt - its success is based on the same principle.
  • Brown belts and accessories give a white dress a relaxed daily routine.
  • Shoes on a very high stiletto, on the contrary, will make an evening out of the simplest outfit.
  • Bright scarves can be a substitute for costume jewelry and add color and texture to a white dress. Tying them in an interesting knot or just wrapping around your neck is your choice.
  • Chandelier earrings are another type of jewelry that requires a simple background. White dress perfectly cope with this task and only benefit from such a "brilliant" neighborhood.
  • A belt, clutch bag or bright-colored shoes are a fun way to add color to your look.
  • Jewelry chains also looks self-sufficient and enlivens monophonic outfit.

Casual Images

Let's consider the options with which to wear white summer dresses.

  • Photos of this stylish outfit breaks the stereotypes that everyday work should be boring.Just revive them with a splash of bright pink: a strict jacket interestingly contrasts with a light dress. And simple accessories and comfortable ballet flats will help you to feel stylish and comfortable.
  • The laconic combination of white and turquoise balances this outfit, full of interesting details. Belt, massive accessories and summer boots - the simplicity of the dress unites them, and the image does not seem overloaded.
  • Going for a walk on a hot summer day? Then your outfit should be as simple and comfortable as possible. A white dress, Fedor with lace, a belt to emphasize the waist, and a pair of bracelets - the very minimum of accessories. Well, comfortable sandals and a handbag in which a small bottle of water fits will help make your walk as pleasant as possible.
  • A white long summer dress with a perforated pattern looks interesting with a cropped denim jacket. Wicker sandals, a bag and a belt in beige and brown shades, costume jewelery in a marine style - this outfit inspires with a holiday mood.

Delicate lace

This is one of the main trends of recent seasons.

For dates, parties, get-togethers in cafes, summer weddings, a white lace dress will become a godsend - change accessories and you will always look stylish and in accordance with the dress code of the event.

But do not forget that the lace itself attracts the eye, so the number of jewelry should be minimal. Well, if you want to further emphasize the waist, then choose a thin elegant belts.

But in everyday life you need your white lace summer dress. Black jacket, denim vest or jacket contrasts favorably with his tenderness.

And on working days, a lace dress and a strict jacket will make up the perfect outfit for a business lady.

Day and night

But these sets prove that with the right accessories the usual white dress can immediately become a cocktail.

  • Such a simple and versatile outfit will come in handy in different situations, and many of its components must already be in your wardrobe. Color matching earrings, ring, shoes and a neutral silver clutch - and you're ready to go.
  • Think what to wear on a date? This gentle romantic image is perfect for you. The combination of white and pink always looks feminine. Modest jewelery, a thin belt, a handbag, and matching shoes are all you need to look perfect.
  • No one would guess that during the day you wore this dress with sneakers and a straw hat. Beige stilettos and fashionable sparkling gold accessories - with them you will shine at any party!

A special case

It doesn’t hurt to have at least one elegant white dress in your wardrobe.

  • For example, like this, with an asymmetric sleeve. It is quite self-sufficient, so the accessories to it should be a minimum.
  • Laconic, tight-fitting dress becomes an excellent companion for fancy turquoise jewelry, clutch bag and open toe slippers on a high thin hairpin. Fuchsia polish and lip gloss will complete the look.

These are the varieties of summer white dresses.