In autumn clothes should be not only fashionable, but also warm, such that will protect you from a cold and a wind. The long cardigan does an excellent job of this task. And do not you think that it looks old-fashioned. With what to wear a long cardigan to look stylish and feel comfortable? Read on, we have many interesting ideas.

How to wear long cardigans for women?

This versatile garment subject can be played in different ways in a dress:

  • Wear a cardigan with a belt. Free models have one common drawback - they hide the figure. Therefore, the belt, which will designate the waist, will help you to emphasize feminine curves even under the layer of warm clothes. In addition, he can revive a simple cardigan or bring color to the outfit. If the fabric is thin, then try to tuck one floor under the belt - this allows you to make an interesting asymmetrical drapery.

With what to wear a long cardigan? Beautiful long cardigans for women

  • Another rule for free cardigans: try to keep the bottom fitting (for example, leggings or skinny jeans). Otherwise you will look too bulky.
  • For multilayered clothing, the cardigan is indispensable. What could be better than a few well-chosen layers of warm clothes on a cold day? You do not face a cold with them.
  • The combination of different lengths is another fashion trend: wear a long cardigan with short things - shorts, mini skirts, light dresses. It beautifully flutters when moving, so it's best to leave it unbuttoned.

  • A long knitted cardigan can be worn like a dress, without tucking anything under the bottom, except underwear. If you want to make a bold cut with the help of buttons, leggings or jeans will not interfere.
  • For the office cardigan will be appropriate if you combine it with a pencil skirt or a dress of the same style. Especially successful will come if the length of things will match.

City Style

  • The monochromatic image will perfectly dilute the cardigan of an interesting cut and texture. The choice of colors in this case is quite simple and almost unlimited. In addition, a soft flowing cardigan can soften very tight clothing and make it appropriate in everyday life.

  • Cardigans with national motives look cozy and stylish. With them, the rest of the image can be extremely simple.

Let's move on to practice

The theory is clear, but how to implement it in life? Let's look at 1 long cardigan and 3 dress variants with his participation:

  • Sports chic: a fashionable dress-T-shirt, sneakers and a cap - a comfortable outfit, in which several fashionable trends are used.

  • Summer walk: the "short-long" rule works here. A simple T-shirt and shorts contrasts with a cardigan, complemented by fashionable shoes with a thick sole and an mustard bag with tassels.

  • When it gets colder, use the principle of multilayeredness. Elegant shirt, trousers with a "cage" pattern, black lacquer lophers, a black bag - seemingly simple and even a little classic outfit. But a long cardigan makes it more at ease. A cloak of powdery color gives femininity and protects from the weather.

Stylish couple

A long knitted cardigan and jeans are simply made for each other. In the cool season, they will be useful to you. Here are some interesting combinations:

  • Autumn can also be bright: a red cardigan, brown boots, a bag and costume jewelry in a tone will perfectly revitalize simple jeans and a white jersey.

  • And here are two options with the participation of one cardigan. The first one is laconic, with simple accessories that do not distract attention from the complex silhouette and beautiful top mating.

  • The second is built on the contrast of textures. Here, for the title "the most beautiful thing of the day" with a cardigan, competes a delicate lace top of sky-blue color. Boots with rivets also attract the eye, but despite the self-sufficiency of things, they perfectly match with each other.

  • A long knitted cardigan with rich details: ruffles, braids, elastic band at the waist, requires selective selection of companions. It is best to give preference to proven basic things - jeans and a white T-shirt with a long sleeve. A dark turquoise scarf-yoke simple knit and leather bag become the color accents in this kit.

A few more ideas

Knitting a long cardigan with knitting needles is a long and demanding skill. Especially when it comes to fashionable in recent seasons cardigans-over-sight with intricate patterns in the national style. With what to wear? Let's see:

  • To the saturated multicolor cardigan the company will be made up of a simple tank top and trousers. The neck will be protected by a scarf-collar, and accessories of a rust-brown color complement the rich autumn palette of a cardigan. Moccasins with a fringe only accentuate the ethnic bias of the outfit.

  • This cardigan with geometric patterns also requires a simple background in the form of a shirt and black tight jeans. Accessories are selected strictly in tone: milky beige bag, light brown suede boots and caramel-like earrings. Knitted leggings are a nice detail that will add to the image of individuality.

Whichever you choose, the cardigan is worthy of taking your place in your wardrobe. And it is better not one, for different occasions.