Classics - the concept of a stable, conservative, not tolerating screaming, sensational changes. As well as a small black dress, idolized by Coco Chanel, and later - by women all over the world, as well as a simple strict men's shirt and straight cut trousers, black shoes are a kind of shoe classics. Elegant, but not pretentious, decorated, but in moderation and taste. These kinds of shoes are universal and fit well with almost any clothing.

And still? With what black shoes will look harmonious, and with what - ridiculously and tastelessly? Such a delicate topic requires detailed consideration.With what to wear black shoes? Footwear for women and men

What to wear women's black shoes

If you plan to attend a solemn social event, you should think about adding delicate shoes with a miniature black dress and a clutch bag. Especially good look this "company" will be on the girl slender and graceful, feminine and refined.

And it is desirable to select shoes with a wide heel, on a wedge or, if to a classic one, preferably boats with an elegant and slender thin hairpin. Black shoes without a heel can also be selected to this image, but it is undesirable, as making it harmonious will be quite difficult.

By the way, recently there has been a special popularity of suede shoes, decorated with various rhinestones and thin straps. More elaborate elements like artificial colors or bright ribbons will also complement the image, making it more interesting and lively. Many fashionable women of this kind have details in their honor.

No boring clothes!

And it is not necessary to combine black shoes with equally gloomy outfits. A dress or a female costume, complementing them, may well be more lively colors of pastel or brighter shades. You can, for example, wear moderately short, delicate, milky flowers dress, and in addition to it - black shoes with a heel, a hat and accessories in tone. The image will turn out elegant, refined and charmingly feminine.

Shoes for office. Laconic and stylish

With shoes for office everything is much easier. The dress code demands in the majority the classical, reserved dresses. They are elementary and perfectly complemented by classic or more unusual models of shoes. It can also be shoes with heels, without it, on a platform or a wedge. Depends only on the personal preferences of the girl. But you need to remember that such shoes should be comfortable for prolonged wearing during the working day.

For the seductiveness of the image

Creating a seductive feminine image, you can supplement the classic black shoes of the boat type with tight jeans or trousers. Suits also an elegant dress or skirt, but the length is necessarily just above the knee. Excessive openness will look too vulgar, while a restrained but tight fitting outfit that complements the black lacquered shoes on the hairpin will simply be the embodiment of sexuality. And the decorating elements will make a winning accent on the legs.

If the sole is colored

Exceptional popularity in recent years has won black shoes with bright colored soles. They are at the same time a huge love of all women of fashion and their agonizing headache. With what combination of such an unusual model? The solution is quite simple. Picking up a dress for this shoe, you need to watch that in its color registration there were black and the color of the sole. An additional shade can be included, combined with the tone of the lower part of the shoe.

Universal female classic

Shoes, boats, mentioned already more than once - it's a beautiful timeless classic. They can wear a bright cocktail dress or a more elegant evening dress. To lose in this case is almost impossible. When planning to visit the celebration, you only need to choose a dress according to the figure. About the shoes you should not be afraid, because there is, perhaps, no such dress with which the boats would look awkward.

Summer version of the boat is different in height studs and platforms. Such shoes will perfectly fit under the skirt, whether it is long, short, airy or tight. In addition, the high hairpin visually elongates the silhouette, with her legs will seem longer and slimmer.

A universal version of black shoes - ballet shoes. Better classic. They are well suited for jeans, shorts, skirts and even sundresses.

Why wear black shoes to men?

Good shoes in combination with a suit on the figure and the fragrance of an expensive perfume are able to transform any man. But often stunning charm is undermined by a small, hardly noticeable, but very important, literally sacred detail of the men's wardrobe - socks. Putting on such amazing shoes as men's black shoes, a young man should remember one important rule: the color of the socks should match the color of the shoes, and trousers or jeans should be a ton-two lighter. Otherwise, the image is no longer expectedly elegant, but ridiculous, and even comic.

Choosing clothes for shoes for the summer for wearing in the office, you should prefer classical suits and shirts, as well as jeans. The main thing is that they are not too light. This contrast with dark shoes will look somewhat unharmonious. In the rest - there are no restrictions for imagination. It is advisable only that the shade of the suit belong to the cold scale. Such his duet with black shoes (especially lacquer) look will be simply stunning.

What to wear shoes is not worth it

The unequivocal taboo is a combination of "men's black shoes + shorts or short breeches." Do not also complement the shoes with accessories that do not match the time of the year. Summer accessories in the winter will tastelessly look in the image, and winter in the warm time - overload it and make it more pretentious and less harmonious.

Thus, taking advantage of the above tips, both man and woman can create a spectacular image, and maybe even their own unique style. The main thing is not to get carried away. After all, the line between graceful beauty and absurdity is thin, and breaking this harmonious balance is very simple.