Whatever trends the changeable fashion dictates to us, beige, along with black, red, gray and white, remains one of the most relevant colors for all times. It symbolizes softness, tenderness, femininity, grace and romance. Beige is nobility and elegance, and, of course, style. If a black or red dress does not require a particularly delicate taste from its owner, then only a few can competently make an image in beige tones. Do beige dresses suit everyone? Photos in the article demonstrate to us the impeccability of the image in a properly chosen outfit. So what you need to know about the beige color, not to make a fatal mistake?

What can I wear with a beige dress? Beige dresses (photo)

Basic rules for choosing a beige dress

First of all, beige - as close as possible to the color of human skin. This means that an improperly chosen shade can do a disservice, and from a distance a person will appear naked. To avoid this, the first thing you need to determine your color type and choose the appropriate shade of beige. Most people relate to this color rather biased, considering that beige it is beige. But in fact, it has more than 1000 shades. Such are all different, and such beautiful beige dresses. The photo in the article proves to us the variety of choice of their shades and styles.

Shade selection

Girls of the “autumn” color type will suit various shades of beige from pale green, olive to light and dark brown, as well as lilac and peach shades of this color.

Girls of the “winter” color type, with their fair skin and dark hair, will be terracotta, as well as greenish-beige and pinkish-beige shades.

Tsvetotype "spring" boasts a palette of the most spring shades of the spectrum. Here everything is from soft green and soft pink, covering gold and peach and ending with a brown tint of beige color.

The color type “summer” is distinguished by “dusty” shades of lilac, pale pink, gray and light brown beige.

It all seems a bit complicated, but the main thing is a combination of beige with skin tone, eye color and hair. If you try on a dress of only one shade of beige, you can make a mistake, but if you try on two different options, then it will be much easier to determine which one is best for you.

Compatibility with other colors

As for the compatibility of beige with other colors, here a beige dress is just a godsend for a fashionista. This color may not need a companion at all, and at the same time it is easily combined with both pastel and more aggressive shades. The classic is a combination of beige + black. Beige combined with gold create a rich, chic, in a word, “expensive” image. Among other colors, white, red, brown, peach, coral and dark green make good combinations with this color. As for such a controversial print, like a leopard, then here the combination with beige makes this combination into a worthy, not at all vulgar option. Regarding the clean use of monochrome beige, designers still caution us - in such an image it is very easy to “get lost”.

Speaking of dresses, it is necessary to say about the shortcomings. Unfortunately, this color, like most light shades, tends to emphasize figure flaws. Therefore, if the figure has not quite ideal proportions, then it is worth choosing a dress of a free cut in combination with details of black and gray.


The beige dress, like its “opposite” in black, is a universal element of the wardrobe. Depending on the style, length and shade, it can be worn for going to the cinema, as well as for a business meeting, an office or a secular reception.

As for the styles of the beige dress, there are an incredible number of them. Therefore it is worthwhile to dwell on each of them separately and consider what they have the best combination with.

Evening dress in beige color

The choice of evening beige dress can not be described otherwise than the "flight of fancy." There are so many options for cutting and texture that there really is something to break your head.

The evening dress is always something long, elegant, emphasizing the femininity of the silhouette, in a word - chic. But not necessarily the length plays a major role here. And not even bare back and deep cleavage, which have already become classics. It’s all about the fabrications of fashion designers who create incredible evening dresses, for example, in Greek style, with basque or with a train, with elegant draperies and even variations on the Indian sarong theme. A beige dress of a similar edge can give odds to any evening dress in classic black or defiant red. And if you complement the style with a suitable fabric, then the image will be truly breathtaking.

As for fabrics, then there are plenty to choose from. These are satin and silk, tulle, brocade, tulle, lace and silk chiffon. Complemented by embroidery, pearls or printed patterns, this dress will make its owner the object of attraction for the whole evening. And of course, for the evening along, high-heeled shoes are required.

Clutch should also be selected to match the dress and shoes. Whatever the preference, it should be remembered that the evening dress in beige tones does not tolerate more than two colors in the image.

In case this is appropriate, a beige evening dress can be complemented by a short jacket of saturated color, fur coat or cape, as well as a silk stole.

Wedding dress beige

Many brides traditionally prefer wedding dresses in white, and in vain! The white color is not all to the face, but a properly selected version in beige color can emphasize the beauty of the skin and give it a special glow. The fashion for a beige wedding dress is only gaining momentum, despite the fact that this color is always present in the collections of famous wedding designers. The cream, cream and vanilla color of a wedding dress can make a bride much more seductive than a cool white one.

If beige evening dresses excite the imagination, then what about wedding fashion! In this field for creativity, designers can show all their imagination, and every dress that goes out of their hands is truly a creation of unearthly beauty.

Of all the existing options most open in beige color look laced, lace dresses. Lace especially brightly emphasizes tenderness, femininity, romance, pure beauty of the bride. And if you choose a dress made of airy chiffon or heavy brocade in shades of ivory or champagne, the royal wedding is guaranteed.

In addition, this color allows you to experiment with accessories. Vintage costume jewelry, antique jewelery from precious metals and other non-standard accessories will be perfect for a wedding dress in beige tones. As for shoes, the preference should be given to models of beige shades.

Beige dress to the floor

The first rule of any long dress - it is absolutely not suitable for girls of small stature. The situation can fix the heel, but only quite high. But tall girls in long dresses to toe look like goddesses.

On the beige outfits for the publication was said in the section on evening dresses, so here it is worthwhile to dwell on more casual options.

For example, a summer beige dress to the floor will go well with open wedge sandals or flat shoes. The image can be complemented by a small handbag on a long strap or a wicker beach bag, sunglasses and, possibly, a belt in a suitable color. This dress can be strapless and beautifully bare shoulders, and maybe in the Greek style with an elegant drape.

A casual long beige dress on a cool day can be complemented with a knitted cardigan in pastel colors. This will create a very stylish and romantic look. As shoes, platform shoes or a steady heel will fit perfectly here, and ballet flats are suitable for very tall girls.

The color of shoes and handbags can be any of the colors of beige companions: red, terracotta, brown, black. Summer options can be more flashy: yellow, green, coral. Sandals beige-golden color - ideal for a beige dress of any shades. Also, this outfit fits perfectly with gold jewelry.

Lace dress

Beige lace dress - aerobatics. Like a large textured lace pattern, and a barely noticeable weave, alongside give an incredible charm, and the image - romance. A beige lace dress is the best choice for a date. This outfit will emphasize the beauty, lightness, fragility and defenselessness of the girl. No one can stand against such an effect. As always, the best companion of a beige dress will be the shoes of brown, black and caramel color. Summer version requires light, elegant sandals and handbags. And the autumn look will be perfectly complemented by ankle boots, a coat or raincoat, and even a black leather jacket.

Beige casual dress as an element of the wardrobe is classified as basic. As for the evening and wedding options, this decision is not for all girls, but only for those who are not afraid of chained glances and enthusiastic whispers behind their backs. And still, the beige dress is an unlimited scope for experiments. Who knows, maybe it is you who will be able to find your win-win combination!