Shorts, shirts, denim jackets remain on the peak of popularity for many years. Changing only the requirements that apply to their appearance, growing and falling demand for a variety of cuts, colors, combinations. What jeans to wear with denim shorts – a question that invariably arises in the summer fashionistas. Fortunately, the range of sets that could be the basis for a stylish evening look, extremely wide.

What denim to wear denim shorts? We consider shirts

Many girls with unjustified prejudice are combining items of clothing, made of the same material. Shirt created from delicate denim, blends very well with denim shorts. The main thing – to be set correctly, taking into account its purpose, and remembering some tricks.

What jeans to wear with denim shorts in the summer?

What to wear with denim shorts in the summer, if you want to bring in the way of hints of sexuality? The model is made in blue color, you should wear with a blue denim shirt, gathering it in a stylish knot below the chest. Gently will look to a tandem of white product. Everyday requires a different approach. Should unbutton the shirt, adding to her bright tank top or t-shirt – red, turquoise, orange.

This kit requires that its components differ in length, so that the shorts were a little loose. Too long the shirt can also be left to the end, to floors left. The image will look complete if you add the belt.

Combine shorts and vests

Shirt is not the only thing you can add to the bottom from denim. Another answer to the question of what jeans to wear with denim shorts, vest. With this versatile item can make a variety of tandems: business, casual, romantic.

The product is decorated with fur, combined with denim shorts will make a glamorous set. The touch of romance will give way vest, embellished with rhinestones. Concert fashion rock band is to go with a model with fading and holes. Wear it with shorts and you can walk.

Important rule: the color of the top should be different from the colors of the bottom. It is desirable that the shorts were a little darker. Bold colors in such a Union is to use with caution. Better to stay on classic shades: blue, beige.

Denim jacket – wear with shorts

Summer is not always pleased with the warm weather. What jeans to wear with denim shorts if it's chilly outside? Of course, with a stylish jacket made from denim. This tandem is suitable to lovers of easy casualness in dress, and this applies to both sexes.

Shorts and jacket made of denim matter is able to coexist not only in casual and sports images. Romantic style will emphasize their Association with the shirt, created from light fabrics. It is best in such tandem look white products, but experiments with other colors also accepted.

The denim jacket if she is put on complete with shorts, it is advisable not to zip up. You can do several of the upper buttons, leaving the bottom free. As a Supplement there may be not only shirts and t-shirts, but thin sweaters. Will look spectacular product with a high neck, if such models are to the girl.

Shorts-overalls – it is fashionable

Current summer look – overalls created of denim. This garment looks great on the owner of the shapely young body, with proper choice of the model hides the flaws of the figure. There is only one question: what to wear with denim jumpsuit shorts?

  • Shirt. Cotton fabrics will soften the image, making it more tender. Color models, which are combined with denim overalls shorts, can be arbitrary. Allowed as use of white classics, and experiments with bright colors: raspberry, floral, purple. Unexpected and original fit in such a kit a "cage".
  • T-shirts, T-shirts. Products with short sleeves and without sleeves, colored and plain, bright and subdued – the perfect solution for all situations. Selecting this tandem, you can go to the beach, on a picnic, to the club.
  • Sweaters   Cool weather is not a reason to give up denim overalls. Just add a thin sweater.

There is no universal answer to the question of what to wear with denim overalls-shorts. The girl should focus on the features of his own figure.

Denim Office Sets

Denim shorts and incompatible office – the belief that in vain pursued by many ladies in the hot summer. Strict dress code, the slightest deviation from which is not allowed, is not found in every modern company. In his absence summer denim shorts have a right to exist in the office closet. Of course, you can combine them with colorful t-shirts in this case is prohibited.

Business style does not fit bodycon model, products with large pockets, tucked options. Contraindications bright colors, fading, holes, rhinestones. Classic shorts in soft tones can complement the strict denim jacket or vest, made in bright shades. A required element of the tandem – shirt.

Creating a business image, do not forget about the right accessories. Elegant clutch, thin belt - details that will create the necessary impression.

Shorts with high waist

Clothing, leg-elongating, must be present in the wardrobe of all fashionistas. Empire waist remains relevant over several seasons, which is reflected in the world of denim shorts. Models conceal the disadvantages of the shape, making its possessor slimmer and taller.

What to wear with denim shorts overvalued? Products look great with any denim. To complement regular kit will help colored t-shirts. Actual and romantic shirts adorned with ruffles and flowers. It is better suited short denim vest.

It is important not only what to wear with high shorts. Denim model is necessary to choose, focusing on the features of the physique. If you need to conceal flaws, short items are better to put aside, focusing on the options of medium length.

Short shorts: possible combinations

Long model categorically does not go to owners of skinny bodies, because they look at them too baggy. What to wear with short Jean shorts to beneficial to present slender legs and emphasize the fragility of the figure? The answer depends on which style is the goal.

Variant is relevant in any everyday situation involves linking short models tight turtlenecks and denim jackets. The best colors for sweater – black and white, as top you can use a denim vest.

Open Mikey – not the best solution in this set. Designers recommend ultrashort denim shorts to combine with a "quiet" horse. From bandeau, fishnet models it is advisable to refrain, otherwise the image will get too geeky, bordering on vulgarity.

What to wear with denim shorts for men

Comfortable summer clothing is of interest and for the strong half of mankind. Practical product – men's denim shorts. What to wear with this element of the wardrobe question the answer to which will tell modern fashion. Black, white, blue is the most popular model of denim for men made in one of these colors.

As women, the stronger sex can combine denim shorts with jackets, shirts, waistcoats created from the same material. Short products will be an excellent decision for the beach when you combine them with a vest, shirt or Polo shirt. Shoes actual sandals, you can also choose sneakers.

What to wear with denim shorts man, if they're too long? Shirts made of cotton or linen will be the perfect addition to such a model. Sleeves can be short or long. Will look great and denim upper, if you leave it unbuttoned and add a t-shirt. Feet in this case you should wear moccasins.

Shorts and shoes - are there any rules

"Clothing" for your feet – another point that deserves attention. Not every footwear is harmonious and beautiful combination of denim shorts. What to wear with ultra-short options just not worth it, so it is with high heels. Such products are bound to look with the shoes devoid of heels, reverse option will make the image too cocky.

Pumps, stilettos, wedge heel denim shorts with average length, perfectly combined with almost any shoes. Heeled sandals and shoes will be a spectacular addition to an evening outfit involving denim jumpsuit. Going for a walk, it is better to combine it with practical sneakers and ballet flats, not constraining movements. To maximize lengthen your legs young lady will help tandem, which includes models with a high waist and shoes with a high heel.

In search of an answer to the question of what jeans to wear with denim shorts in the summer, both genders do not forget about the accessories. Scarves, belts, jewelry will give integrity a stylish look.