A wedding is an event that happens only once in life. And everyone wants this day went perfectly, without a hitch and uncomfortable situations. That's why it starts in advance. In this article I want to provide detailed instructions to what to start preparing for the wedding that must be remembered and what should not be forgotten.

How to start preparing for the wedding? Step by step instructions

So the offer of marriage from a guy arrived, the pair slowly moved into the status of the bride and groom. Starts to the most crucial and in a sense even the difficult period of preparation for the wedding celebration. So, initially the couple needs to decide what she wants to see in the end. Weddings can be large or small, plain or colorful, classic or extraordinary. And it must address only two: the future husband and wife. In this case, you should not rely on the willingness of the relative or needs of friends. We must not forget that the wedding is the day when two people become a family. Everything should be made only for two, namely the couple should be the center of attention. And then the guests invited person.

Long-term plans

So, where to start preparing for the wedding? Initially, it is necessary to define the concept. You need to understand what scale you plan a celebration, what style will be executed. Also think about whether the wedding and the official civil ceremony, or the need to organize the ceremony. At this time you need to determine the date of the celebration. Will triumph in the summer or winter, spring or fall – a lot depends on this.

A few words about the date

So, the plan of preparation for the wedding this also will depend. And all because if a couple is planning to arrange a celebration on a special day, the so-called beautiful date, you need to prepare for the great excitement and may even raise prices on certain services.

It is worth noting that some couples select the date of the wedding depending on the advice of astrologers or fortune tellers. Maybe we should pay attention to such moments.

Choice of photo - and videographers

About six months before the wedding you can begin to choose their own operators ' photos and videos. At this time the couple can view a lot of movies and photo albums that offer specialists. Often photographers offer a trial photo shoot. It is a good practice, because couples will be able to understand how they will look in the lens of a certain wizard. It is worth noting that to choose these experts is best at this time for the following reasons:

  • Good operators are always in demand. Therefore, to negotiate with them in advance of need. And even if there is no exact date, many professionals take orders in the range of month.
  • It should also be noted that later, about three months before the date of the wedding, I just don't have time for the qualitative selection of specialists of the camera. So to determine this in advance.

About three months before the wedding

What else should include preparing for your wedding (step by step)? The main work will start about three months before the scheduled wedding date. It is at this time boiling all the work. And the first thing there need to know exactly the date of marriage to apply to the registration authorities. From this point on much depends, but the main thing is the timing of the ceremony. Well, if in this day there is no competition, in the registry office to register will have only a few pairs. But if the day is special, you can get not in a very convenient time (too early or too late). And then have to move the rest of the schedule.

The choice of venue

Further understand how to start preparing for the wedding. So, it is very important to decide in advance and with the venue of the celebration. This can be a cafe, a restaurant, regular dining room with their chefs. A lot of options, everything will depend solely on two facts:

  • The number of invited guests.
  • Budget allocated for food.

If the wedding is small, you can choose almost any institution. However, if guests must be many, for example more than 150 people, it should be noted that not all institutions of public catering will be able to take so many people.

When choosing a place to treat guests, it is also necessary to remember that all need to eat to feed. You need to see a menu that offers a cafe, the presence of a special so-called festive dishes. If you plan a wedding theme, you should also think about what will have to satisfy requests of the public. For example, if the wedding in a marine style, it is necessary seafood, etc. Separately to discuss issues about alcohol. To save some institutions offer to the organizers of the wedding to purchase their own and take vodka, wine, cognac. In this case, it is also necessary to think where to buy alcohol.

Separately about the toastmaster (master)

The plan of preparation for the wedding must include the choice of toastmaster, or, in other words, the host of the celebration. It is, in fact, the person who needs to make the evening fun and memorable. The tamada arranges all entertainment for guests, arranges the wedding on the stage of the so-called gatherings (after the ceremony of registration of marriage, wedding, photo shoot).

To choose the leading can on many criteria (appearance, by the way, here is not the last value). This choice may be guided by the advice of friends and acquaintances. After all, to view entries from the weddings unlikely. Few people want to share with strangers their home archives.

Selection of a wedding procession

Considering the stages of preparation for the wedding, you need to pay attention to the selection of vehicles that will accompany the bride and groom. First we need to choose the main car, which will go young after the wedding. So, you need to remember that before the location of the wedding, the bride and groom arrive in a different truck. And only after the passport stamps go together. The same car and will need to decorate with ribbons and flowers. If you plan elegant wedding, you will have to rent a special car.

Couple actions a month before the wedding

That includes preparing for a wedding in a month? Around this time, everything should be ready: all bought, paid for, the right people found. However, this period is very important from the point of view of all the details of the so-called fit of nuances. There can be various force-majeure situations that need to be addressed.

You should consider the decoration of the hall. At this time, you can buy beads, ribbons, artificial flowers for decor. You can also make signs for guests who will stand on the tables. This preparation time is the smallest of nuances, without which, however, the wedding may even lose in quality.

Buying Rings

It is also worth noting that the important point for the pair is purchasing wedding rings. They can simply be purchased in the store or custom made. Will have to decide on the material to be manufactured products, with their form. We must not forget that these rings will have to carry the whole life of each member of the pair. Therefore, the choice should be based on the desires of not only bride but also groom.


If you are considering a wedding planning step by step, separately to say about the invitations. To buy them in advance, but officially they are distributed or mailed to all guests for the month before the wedding date. It is worth noting that, in themselves, an invitation – is the "face" of the bride and groom. So the layout selection you need to think carefully. And, of course, it is important to properly and beautifully to make the text itself.

Order a wedding cake and loaf

Making a list of what to start preparing for the wedding, you also need to know what to ask at one time or another. So, you must define and master cake baking and the loaf (if the wedding is in a classical style). And a month before the wedding day already need to order both.

As for the cake, it is important to think about its decoration. And, of course, about the figurines, which will decorate the creation of this culinary skill. What is there more can we say? So, if the bride and groom believe in omens, it is better to apply only to those ladies who are happily married, wasn't divorced and are not widows. It is believed that during baking the young woman transfers part of his soul.

Loaf is not at every wedding. Most often you need two loaves: one is used during the blessing by the parents of the young, the second is already at the wedding itself. This loaf meet young people in the cafe.

Farewell parties

If preparations for the wedding, the list should also join the farewell party, the bride and groom, that is the bachelorette party and the bachelor party. So, it can be just sitting at home with friends. But it can do something more grandiose. But in this case, the wedding budget on it it is necessary to put means.

Groom preparation

And, of course, very important is the preparation of the groom for the wedding. So, he needs to think about what costume he wants to buy, what color shirt, tie, shoes. Most guys don't sew my own clothes, and just buy in the store. This can be done in about a couple of months before the wedding. Soon to be matching the groom's wardrobe makes no sense. But still we must not forget about that guy first it will be necessary to get a haircut, a manicure (or at least yourself to put in order the hands).

Bride preparation

The most important person at the wedding is the bride. It will look most of the guests, this girl all admire and admire. Therefore, a lady need to look good. Prepare the bride for the wedding begins with the dress selection. So, this outfit can also be bought, but the best – sew. So it is necessary to find in advance to be able to determine the model of the dress and then to fit all the details. Also the bride must think of buying veils, shoes, lingerie, handbags. Definitely need to pre-determine a stylist who will do a beautiful makeup, hairstyle and bring the bride into order hands.