Non-inertial fishing reels have gained great popularity among buyers who note the ease of operation and ease of attachment of these products. And among the popular brands, they celebrate the Japanese Ryobi ("Ribi"), which is popular among professional fishermen and among beginners. It is noteworthy, but the brand started its activity in the 70s, and today offers more and more perfect coil options.

What are the features?

Ryobi (coils): customer reviews

The coils created by the Ryobi brand have a number of features, but first let's talk about what is the inertia-free coil and what is its appeal to fishermen. Important characteristics of these fishing accessories are:

  • speed and power of rotation;
  • the size and weight on which balance depends on certain gear types;
  • the location of the clutch (rear and front): with the front position, the adjustment will be smoother, and the rear location is more convenient if you want to additionally adjust the friction during the fish diving;
  • modern coils are supplemented by endless screws, thanks to which the spool is reciprocated.

Features of Ryobi products

The reels of this Japanese brand are presented in a huge number of models, which differ in the metal construction of the hull, rotor and spool, with a tubular bow of the woodcutter, due to which the line carefully and smoothly descends after casting onto the conical roller. Some models of coils are equipped with mechanisms, thanks to which flawless winding and laying of the line or braided cord is ensured. The screw and the S-shaped groove system are especially important if you prefer to catch spinning.

Ryobi non-inertial fishing reels are manufactured with a certain marking, which tells about the number of metal bearings. The more of them, the longer the life of the product will be, and its rotation will be much easier even under heavy loads. Most of the "Reebi" modules are supplied with spare spools. It is noteworthy, but the brand constantly improves its products, offering coils with additional bearings, an improved shape of the body and a mechanism of strong fixation. In the Ryobi range is a huge selection of coils - let's consider the most popular ones.

Ryobi Excia

The Ryobi Excia coil is one of the most popular products of this brand for all time. Such popularity is explained by the fact that the coil is designed for professional use, but it is affordable - this is the positive moment noted by many users. In this series there are four coils of different sizes, the design and material of manufacture of which are identical. The distinctive features of this fishing product include:

  • the ability of the power mechanism to withstand a load of up to 6 kg, which indicates a high power;
  • the body and the rotor are made of metal, made of light metal alloys while maintaining a small weight of the coil;
  • the use of an endless screw in the transfer system ensures smooth laying of the cord on the spool;
  • smooth operation of the coil due to computer balancing of the rotor and 9 bearings in the structure;
  • thanks to the increase in the diameter of the spools, the coils created by Ryobi allow to increase the casting range;
  • the instant anti-reverse system provides a clear fixation of the coil handle.

This type of coil is ideal for those who prefer to catch spinning. Especially effective model for jerk wiring.

Ryobi Zauber

This series of coils appeared on the market more than 10 years ago, but has been successfully sold to this day. There are 4 coils of different size and weight in the range. As usual, the body and rotor are made of their lightweight materials, and all the mechanical elements are covered with titanium nitride - this allows them to protect them from increased wear and give them aesthetics. The Ryobi Zauber coil is considered high-speed with excellent tractive power, which is provided by a well thought-out design of the transmission mechanism based on an endless screw. It, in turn, is clearly synchronized with the drive gear.

The exact balance of the whole mechanism guarantees quiet operation even under heavy load. The friction brake, according to users, is smooth and accurate, so fishing can be done on thin cords or fishing line. Of the design features attracts attention folding handle, which folds with just one click. Users of coils note that at first it seems that the mechanism of the folding handle is not the most reliable, but in fact all the fears are in vain. And the main Zauber chip is an ideal cord laying, which is provided by a more extended spool stroke.

Ryobi Zauber CF

The coils created under the Ryobi brand, according to users, are distinguished by a simple and intuitive design. True, newcomers may have problems with independent maintenance. The coils of this brand attract attention with their perfection: thus, the Ryobi Zauber CF, which is a novelty, has every chance to become the most popular among the brand.

The manufacturer positions it as a modified version of the classic Zauber, and the modification was carried out quite deeply and touched not only the appearance, but also some constructive elements. It is worth such a coil is somewhat more expensive than the classical version, but the strength and reliability of its operation are worth it. The distinctive features of the modified coil include parts from the carbon, firstly, an increased number of bearings, and secondly, a powerful reinforced handle with carbon inserts, and thirdly.

Ryobi Ecusima

The Ryobi Ecusima reel is the most common, therefore there are plenty of reviews about it. Its wide spread is explained by two factors - an affordable price and good consumer qualities. Despite the economy, these fishing accessories are distinguished by excellent consumer qualities. The coil is made in six sizes, which allows each fisherman to easily find his own version, depending on what catch he plans to harvest.

To produce the body and the rotor of the coil, plastic of high hardness and strength is used, the design consists of 5 bearings, its stroke is smooth and soft. Users note that the cord fits flat on the spool, although the design itself does not assume an infinite screw. On the other hand, these coils Ryobi reviews got some not very good. So, users note that the coil is clearly short-lived - it lasts a maximum of 2-3 years, you can use it longer, but there will be no clear and smooth progress. Experts say that this is due to the use of not the most expensive and high-quality materials.

Ryobi Fokamo

This coil belongs to the budget class, but it is kind and qualitative. The fishermen themselves say that the availability of prices and quality characteristics is the most optimal option. Of the technical features of this coil, you can note the body of impact-resistant graphite, a smooth frictional stroke, the ease of metal spool and ease of use.

The coils of the Japanese brand Ryobi are high-quality and reliable fishing equipment. And their quality does not depend on the price - in any version, the manufacturer pays attention to the operational properties of its products.