Female fish - male archers - a pair of unpredictable. Indeed, how relations will develop is unknown. The outcome can be absolutely any. The relationship of these two is not easy, but they will be able to find in each other what is necessary for both. Thus, the girl will complement her boyfriend, and he - his darling. In general, everything is quite difficult. But everywhere, as they say, there is a way out and a solution to the current situation.

Pisces - women, men-Sagittarius

Relationship perspectives

A pair of female fish - male archers is quite interesting. When you look at them, a thought arises how two completely different people can exist together. Sometimes it happens. A cheerful, joyful and sincere Sagittarius guy and a dreamy, somewhat secretive and even melancholic Pisces girl - they clearly do not fit each other. Each of them has its own ideal. For a guy, this is an easy-going, cheerful and energetic girl. And for Rybka, a responsible and strong young man who will be able to take care of her will become the ideal man. As you can see, none of them fully meet the wishes of the other. However, despite this fact, their union can be very durable and happy, but if both are less critical of each other. Patience is what they need to save their love. By the way, there is another reason why a pair of female fish - male archers continue to appear - a strong physical attraction. There is nothing to hide - this is an important factor, and sometimes it is he who helps to keep these two relationships.

About mutual understanding

What are the ideal pairs of female fish - male archers? Very inspiring, I must say. There will always be respect in their relationship. These are psychologically mature personalities, and both of them are well aware that it is impossible to do without this quality. In addition, they study each other's characters with interest, realizing that this is necessary. A Sagittarius man, for example, begins to realize that his chosen one is tender, vulnerable and sensitive, and therefore he tries to behave with her very correctly and politely. But Sagittarius is expressive and sometimes sharp on the tongue. But he will always try to protect his beloved and surround him with caress, care and love.

The Pisces girl, in turn, helps her to become her chosen one softer, kinder, calmer. He and himself need it. And with such a lady as a Pisces girl, he will be able to express himself on the other side. With her, he becomes spiritually richer. The girl who was born under this sign of the zodiac - nature understands, kind. And she forgives the shortcomings of her man, trying to help him cope with them, creating the appropriate atmosphere.

About perfect union

And what can the horoscope tell us about this pair? Sagittarius-man and girl-Pisces can be a good pair, as it was already possible to understand. After all, this is a union consisting of two intellectual, spiritually developed people who are constantly in search of truth and harmony. And this, by the way, unites them. Only if a woman Pisces has this quality, it can be said, manifested from birth, then at Sagittarius it is laid down deep down. That's just with such a chosen one he gets to reveal his essence. Often you can meet such a pair as a Sagittarius guy - a Pisces girl who is interested in esoteric topics, philosophy, and psychology. However, be that as it may, there are more alliances that live with ordinary, household chores than spiritual ones.

But the marriage of Sagittarius and Pisces often fails. And one of the main problems, which concerns their compatibility, lies in grievances. These personalities are too different temperaments. They find it difficult to understand their partner, especially at the beginning of a relationship. For example, the Sagittarius guy is a versatile and sociable person, he is interested in everything that surrounds him. But the girl born under the sign of Pisces likes to go to her world with her head more. She likes to sit with a book by the fireplace, climbing under a rug, and spend a couple of hours of free time here and so. A Sagittarius is better off to a party with a noisy company. And because of this, in some couples there is a misunderstanding.

What you need to know

It should be noted that in the matter of compatibility everything depends not only on the sign of the zodiac, but also on the Chinese horoscope. Belonging to an animal also has its influence. For example, Fish, born in the year of the Tiger, is by no means as gentle as the girl from the time of the Wild Boar or the Dog. In her eyes, Sagittarius will look very frivolous due to the fact that he chooses a noisy pastime instead of modest get-togethers at home with his beloved, she can be very offended. And that, in turn, will begin to be angry that his chosen one is allegedly trying to curb his freedom.

But in fact, everything here lies in a misunderstanding and exaggeration of reality. They just need to get used to the peculiarities of the characters and temperaments of each other to become a little more restrained. And, of course, learn to compromise.

How to achieve harmony?

Relationship Sagittarius and Pisces to establish quite real. Only this requires their mutual desire. The girl will first need to show patience and feminine wisdom. It is important to realize here: her man will never and never become less active and sociable. And the point here is not that he does not love his darling, no, it's just his essence. If he stops communicating, having fun and being interested in everything around him, Sagittarius will simply wither. He will lose interest in life. The wise Fish Girl should be clear about this. But there are even pluses. At a time when Sagittarius is not nearby, his sensitive darling can do his favorite things. And be sure to show interest in any of his hobbies in order to find something unifying. Then he will understand that his beloved doesn’t care what her elect lives with, and will accept it with gratitude. So it will be possible to get to know each other better, to get closer. A guy, in turn, also sometimes needs to be given a whole day to his beloved. Perhaps it will be possible to find out what else can unite them, in addition to long evening talks about the eternal.

Friendly horoscope

Sagittarius-man, along with a girl-Pisces, can also become wonderful and true friends. Mutual understanding, support, revenue - these people really know how to be friends. However, they will still see rarely. The girl, who was born under the sign of Pisces, does not like active leisure, which her friend prefers. But then they understand each other perfectly, and they will never be bored together. Meaningful conversations, deep thoughts and long discourses are what will fill their rare, but fruitful, friendly meetings. They both love it.