Watermarks - Cancer and Pisces - are subject to one element. Often they have the same views on life, character, temperament and even behavior. Therefore, it is not surprising that representatives of this element can create a strong alliance based on mutual respect, understanding, and love. If we talk about relationships, where the partners are Pisces-man, Cancer-woman, their compatibility is beyond doubt: they are often able to read even each other’s thoughts. Their marriage is a creative work where he inspires, and she embodies the plan of a talented artist.

Romantic Union

Spiritually and physically combined woman Cancer and man Pisces. Compatibility, reviews of astrologers about which only positive, thin thread connects them in all life spheres. Only Pisces is able to perceive the sensuality and dreaminess of Cancer as a normal phenomenon, to give him the missing romance and constantly refresh the relationship. In return, they receive protection from adversity and a secured stable financial position of the family as a whole.

Fish-Man, Cancer-Woman: Compatibility in Love and MarriageEach partner sees in the other a continuation of his own "I." Both are very vulnerable, so they try not to offend the soul mate for nothing. In this alliance, the spouse usually assumes the role of leader, since she is more pragmatic in affairs and, if necessary, can stand up for herself and even for her chosen one. Woman Cancer and man Pisces, the compatibility of which is flawless, is the perfect match. Their separation is unlikely.

Candy-bouquet period

Meeting at the beginning, they attract the attention of passers-by with their genuine tender attitude, mutual caress and care. On one wave are the woman Cancer and the man of Pisces. Compatibility in love is manifested in the form of a scheme: the lady inspires the gentleman to the feats, he commits them. In short, the real Romeo and Juliet from the eponymous story of the great Shakespeare.

This couple very quickly comes closer, finds a common language. An almost telepathic connection arises between them. They spend a lot of time together visiting theaters, cinemas and clubs. Leisure is also filled with eternal declarations of love and oaths of loyalty, reading romantic poems and dreams of a happy future. Despite the idyll, the partners are in no hurry to tie the knot. Their festivities under the moon can last for years, because each of them appreciates the premarital relationship and tries to take as much as possible from them.

Fish-man, Cancer-woman - compatibility is so high that it can be called one exact phrase - complete harmony. They are very good together: an understanding, mutual respect and love reign between the spouses. No one is obliged to compromise or sacrifice himself - everyone picks up the desires of a partner and tries not to upset him once again. A wife can substitute a fragile shoulder to her husband, support him, even help physically. She will not ache because of the lack of money - if necessary, she will get two jobs without any problems and will provide for her family.

The crawfishes plan their budget well, they are caring mistresses and also love children. Where else can one find such an ideal wife? Fishes appreciate efforts and try to help their spouse in everything, because they feel strength and confidence in her. With such a chosen one, you can even move mountains, and Pisces likes it very much. Sometimes in difficult situations it is difficult for them to make decisions, since both are guided by emotions, and not by common sense.

Sexual compatibility

The real romantics are the woman Cancer and the Pisces man - their love compatibility simply goes off scale. The same applies to intimate life: being sensual, they try to give pleasure to their partner, while not disdaining in various sophisticated ways. They are playful and tender, love to stretch the process, fill it with endless kisses and tenderness. In addition, both love to experiment, so they try not to deny themselves, realizing all sorts of fantasies.

Usually the second violin in bed is played by the sign of Pisces - a man. Cancer-woman, compatibility with which is ideal for him, is a leader: from her emanates a desire, she directs sexual energy in the right direction. The chosen one gives in, he likes to be led, so even a shadow of irritation does not arise between the partners. They are able to get an ocean of pleasure to the envy of the other couples.

Business relationship

They know how and love to work together - a woman is Cancer and a man is Pisces. Business compatibility, if not entirely perfect, then very interesting and fruitful. Together they form a team of experienced professionals who act cohesively and competently. Cancer controls and organizes the workflow, Pisces finds a lot of new ways and methods to achieve the goal. They are great work with people.

If Cancer is the boss, then this is the best balance of power. Such a woman can force a colleague to go forward, be engaged in business, and not soar in the clouds. When the director is a Pisces man, then the business may not develop so successfully. It is difficult to work with him, he never knows what decision to take, where to go and where to start. But a young lady, born under the sign of Cancer, is able to understand him, direct him to the right path, and sometimes even overshadow her charm and dictate her own conditions.

What are the friendly relations in a pair of fish-man, Cancer-woman? Compatibility in friendship is also at the highest level. It is usually based on the similarity of characters and the same interests. Both appreciate trust, always tactful in intimate conversations, make sure not to offend your opponent. They are able to create for the half that psychological comfort, which subsequently saves them from scandals and quarrels. They do not need to defend themselves in dialogue, on the contrary, everyone tries to avoid unnecessary criticism, sarcasm and pressure.

Fish that are friends with Cancer can relax and dream. For them, this is especially valuable, as most people require their male behavior, lack of complaints. And Raku can cry in the vest, and at the same time expect that everything will remain a secret to others. The woman also values ​​friendship, as she feels completely safe with the men of this constellation.

The complexity of the union

Woman Cancer and man Pisces, compatibility in marriage at which is at the highest level, is still not immune from minor conflicts. Sometimes they quarrel, but this happens rarely and exclusively at the household level. After a minute of insults and reproaches, they reconcile and forgive the partner. They find it difficult to adapt to the realities of society, as both are very emotional and sensitive. They are helpless in situations where you need to quickly and correctly make a rational decision.

Wrong steps are usually made by a young couple. With age, they adapt and almost avoid mistakes. Differences may also arise due to monetary issues. Fish do not know how to save. They are not given to save and reasonably spend, which is very disturbing to the meticulous, thrifty and practical Cancer. But the latter is often the owner, which does not like Pisces, who love relative freedom and trust.

Fundamental differences

The ideal partners are the woman Cancer and the Pisces man: the compatibility in love, friendship and work is excellent. Despite this, they are completely different. She is a homebody, he is a travel lover. Therefore, she should make concessions and agree to joint trips, and he should return home at her first request. Such young ladies are strong, and their chosen ones are weak, which can also cause conflict if a woman is not wise enough to change the situation for the better.

Cancer - closed, often does not trust people. Fishes, on the contrary, are open, love communication. They should find the “golden mean” when the hostility of a woman will not repel common friends, and excessive hospitality and joint pastime of her husband and her friends will not destroy the family hearth. Often does not bring the begun to the end a man Fish. Woman Cancer compatibility in marriage puts in priority, therefore, always teaches a not too responsible husband of seriousness and rationality. And this is also important in family relationships.