Every year more and more anglers are starting to use in their favorite activity sounders. They are primarily used in fishing from a boat. Today we will learn how useful a sounder for fishing from a boat, what to look for when choosing a device is how to use it and much more.

What is the sounder?

So, sounder is a navigation device that represent sonar, the main purpose of which is to determine the depth of the reservoir and the study of bottom topography. The device consists of a transmitter and receiver that use special signals to carry out the study of the seabed. The main parameter to determine the depth sounder is a time period between sending signal and the reflection from the bottom.

Fishing with the sounder from a boat: features, secrets and recommendations

The technical characteristics of the sonars come in different types. The main distinguishing feature is the depth where you can run sonar. It can vary from tens of meters to tens of kilometers. The highest efficiency devices show when the ship stands still, but most modern models give a fairly good result when driving at speeds up to 50 km/h.

The advantages of fishing with sounder

Fishing fish finder boat has a number of advantages over the simple fishing. Often a visual inspection of the reservoir practically does not provide information about depths and bottom topography, and probing the latter can take hours of precious time. The sounder gives a quick and comprehensive answer to all questions, fisherman questions. To obtain normal data is enough to buy a budget model.

Among the main advantages of fishing with a fish finder are:

  1. A detailed study of the bottom. Good device registers on the screen all the holes, snags and other objects of the bottom relief. This is especially useful on an unfamiliar body of water.
  2. Detection of fish. In addition to the topography, most devices can show places where fish and even distinguish individuals in size. Moreover, there are models that are able to recognize the species of fish, however, the accuracy of the analysis is not always high.
  3. The ability to save a map of bottom topography with reference to a particular location.
  4. Saving of time which in simple fishing is spent for measurement of depths, research of a bottom and definition of perspective points for catching.

The choice of Fishfinder

Anyone who knows fishing, knows that the range of fish finders on the market of fishing tackles is very high. Some of them are similar, but there are those that differ significantly from the other models. Therefore, the selection process should be approached with the utmost seriousness. Let's analyze the main points that should pay attention to when choosing:

  1. Transmitter power. This is one of the governing parameters when choosing a Fishfinder. The power depends directly on the signal level and quality, and hence reliability of the images displayed on the display. This option is especially important when fishing in muddy water or at great depths. The power also depends on the detail of the terrain and the ability of detection of small species of fish. Typically, this characteristic is specified in the passport to the sounder.
  2. The receiver sensitivity. Another crucial factor. If the receiver has low sensitivity, it catches a bad wave. A highly sensitive receiver can cause interference. Therefore, choose medium-sensitivity sonar.
  3. Frequency Converter operation. Affect the quality of the display data on the screen. It is also important to find a middle ground. At low frequency the image will be fuzzy and blurred. And at high it is clear and bright, but usually have to pay capabilities of the device for depth scanning.
  4. The size of the display and the contrast. This option, in contrast, is a secondary, but still important. It all depends on personal preference and budget of the angler. However, it is worth noting that most manufacturers increasing the size of the screen decreases the contrast.
  5. Number of rays. This is an important, but controversial parameter. It affects the area of the scanned areas. Someone fishing just 1-2 rays, and someone should be 4-5. It all depends on the budget. It should be noted that fishing from a boat single beam for a good overview will be enough. Generally anglers prefer models of sounders with the number of beams from 2 to 4. Devices with 6 or more rays should be used for fishing on an industrial scale.

Echo sounder classification

Traditionally, the sounders are divided into three groups:

  1. For surface scanning. The most budgetary variant, which can not boast of any extra features. Often the simplicity of these devices makes them reliable.
  2. For a more detailed scan. These devices can already see schools of fish and some large specimens. This type is the most common and recommended for anglers.
  3. Multifunction machines. Cover a wide variety of fishing tasks and have a lot of secondary functions. For example: a three-dimensional interface, visualization of the bottom, the ability to connect to a PC, the ability to work in the dark and so on.

Sometimes, the sounders additionally divided depending on where they work: Bank, boat or ice. All listed species are view range and power levels, which determine their capabilities.

Sounders for fishing from a boat: reviews

Sometimes even an experienced angler it is difficult to Orient in the market of gear. To facilitate the selection process, consider the rating of echo sounders for fishing from boats based on feedback from experienced anglers.

1. Humminbird 561x

This Fishfinder is considered to be optimal among budget models. It has in its Arsenal two beams, which is sufficient for the ordinary angler. The 5-inch display has high contrast and Russified menu. When detected, fish sounder includes an audible alarm. There is also a temperature sensor.

2. Lowrance HDS

This model class is considered slightly above average and belongs to multi-function devices. In comparison with other devices this category, Lowrance HDS is a true leader. And the new operating system, which was implemented in the latter instances, only strengthened the leading position of the echo sounder.

3. Humminbird 570x DI

It is an improved version of the model 561x. A greater functionality and an enhanced display. Because this line of sounders is developing rapidly, is expected to release a new model.

4. FB Humminbird 120x

A special kind of an devices. The main difference from the analogues is the possibility of working in two modes: simple and combined. In the first case, a single ray, while the second additionally connects a lateral view.

5. Humminbird Combo 798cxiHDSI

The output of this device has become a revolution in the market of sonar. All the matter in a fundamentally new technology that allows you to contemplate the three-dimensional image of the seafloor surface. The apparatus has: improved processor, memory card slots, the ability to sync with other sounders, connected to the network NTERLINK, and the ability to transfer video data.

6. Humminbird Combo 597cxiHDDI

For a long time it was believed that in its class it is the best sounders for fishing from a boat. Owner reviews repeatedly confirmed this. Today they are discontinued, so are sold mostly on the secondary market. It's not just a locator, and a navigation system with GPS Chartplotter. The device has slots for cards and allows video recording.

Price policy

The main indicators, which are based anglers, choosing a fish finder for fishing boat, reviews, price and specifications. With the characteristics of the devices and the feedback we have already met, it remains to deal with pricing. For those who want to save money or just not ready to spend extra money, there are good sounders for fishing from a boat, the price (St. Petersburg, Moscow or Kiev, – whether in the shops the prices do not differ), which account for 30-50 dollars. Representatives of this segment have a small screen and 1-2 of the beam. Small size and low price make these models the best option for beginners. If the lower limit of the prices all is clear, then the upper, with the advent of new technologies, is constantly growing. Good are the sounders for fishing from a boat, the prices of which fluctuate in the range of 200-300 dollars. As you know, there are models more expensive, but they are typically used only by professionals.

Features of operation

Choosing a Fishfinder, it is necessary not only to evaluate its technical characteristics, but also to know features of operation of a device. Not all fish finders can be called universal. So when choosing you need to know at least approximately where and in what conditions you will most often operate the machine.

If you are buying a first depth sounder, you should not choose too expensive and complex model. Simple budget model will be enough. With it you will be able to find out what fishing with the sounder with the boat, and understand the basic principles of operation of the device. Then, with the purchase of a more sophisticated sonar, it will be much easier to work with him.

Choosing a display, it is worth considering what time of day you're more likely to catch. You also need to make a correction for your eyesight. Some models you can't manually adjust the frequency of the transmitter and the receiver sensitivity. It is recommended to choose models in which these features are. They allow you to make fishing more comfortable.

Fishing with the sounder from a boat: the nuances

The sounder always need a power source. Without it, Autonomous operation of the device will be impossible. For echo sounders produce special batteries that are characterized by small dimensions, low weight and fully sealed construction. The more powerful the battery, the more it is larger and heavier. In the case when there is the possibility of connecting the device to an onboard system of the vessel, an extra battery or power source is not needed.

Choosing a fish finder for fishing, you need to think in advance how and at what point the vessel will be attached sensors. Now on the market you can find a lot of special accessories, which allow you to quickly install the sensor on almost any ship and just as quickly remove them. Sounder for fishing boat PVC in this regard is no different from the fish finder for metal or wooden boats.

Before starting the operation of the sounder, you need to configure it under the terms of fishing and your personal experience. By default, the depth sounder for fishing from the boat has the factory settings.


Today we reviewed the main points that should pay attention to everyone, who is interested in the question of how to choose a Fishfinder for boat fishing. For a long time it was believed that the fish with fish finder is unsportsmanlike and unprofessional. Today, however, such devices denser and denser part of the Arsenal of anglers of different levels. Fishing with the sounder from a boat allows you to save a lot of time searching for promising sites and to spend more time directly fishing. On disportionate use sonar also can not speak, as most anglers who buy these devices have reached in order to release the caught fish. How and what to catch everyone's business, but be aware of the opportunities presented by modern technology, do not hurt anyone.