Who has ever caught a grayling will aim to do it again and again. Catching this beautiful fish of the salmon family, having a dorsal fin that develops as a sail that leaves no one indifferent.

Graylings in cold rivers and lakes, and feeds on various insects and fish fry.

To fish for grayling from may‒June when the spawning and the fish will begin actively biting. As bait during this period, use wet and dry flies, imitating a drowned insect.

Fishing: lures for grayling

But the real season is coming with the beginning of autumn. At this time, use the spinner on the coast, which makes fishing very effective.

Which suitable spinners for grayling fishing?

As they say experienced fishermen, there is no universal spinners that would fit for catching this fish in all waters. The device on which the grayling was caught perfectly in one place, will not be effective in another.

But still there is a jig for grayling, which is always available at the fisherman engaged in fishing. Are oscillating and rotating models, namely Wobbler and "spinner".

Grayling wobblers

Wobbler is a type of spoon, imitating a sick or wounded fish, which is swinging from side to side. It is in the natural color of the fry, and in annoying colors. If you select multiple data devices, then the most suitable – what? Baubles for the grayling the most common is a Wobbler with a size of 4-5 cm and weighing about 5 g. the Oscillations of the lure should be frequent enough, but not sharp. It is desirable to have lures of multiple colors, because this factor is often decisive when fishing for grayling.

Because grayling small mouth, to grab a large spherical bait he can't. That's why Wobbler needs to be flattened laterally. Besides, it is advisable to have a spinner different buoyancy. For the river with slow flowing water, suitable floating bait and for rapid flow – sinking.


If you decide to fish for grayling in an unfamiliar body of water, it is better to start with spinning lures.

Such a jig for grayling fishermen is called "spinner". The effectiveness of this lure due to its double action. In clear water the fish reacts to flare disseminated rotating blades, and in the muddy ‒ feeling their vibration.

It is noticed that this blesna for grayling and lenok, and printed black dots, attracts the attention of fish much more than without them. Turntables come in different colors, sizes and shapes. But for grayling it is preferable to choose a heavy model with wide petals.

What are the models of spinners?

Among a variety of rotating and oscillating spinners, we can identify several models that make fishing for grayling most effective.

Each of them has its advantages:

  • Blue Fox is the most popular model. It is, as in the oscillating and in a rotating option. As baubles for grayling it is suitable because it has a very solid hooks. For catching of this fish is ideal for the second model number. The color can be chosen individually (depending on lake and time of year).
  • Daiwa is one of the best ulovistye baits. The line also has vibrating and rotating models. Balanced design shows excellent results in virtually all types of waterbodies with different flow, suitable for catching most fish and any kind of transaction. For grayling fishing, the most appropriate color lures are considered to be gold and silver.
  • Mepps Aglia № 2 fishermen called the wonder bait. Its rotating petals can easily adapt to the force of the current, while maintaining the desired vibration. As for grayling, he perfectly caught on the model in silver color with red stripes.

Spinners the best of the best

The popularity and effectiveness of the above models is undeniable. But there are still a few who have immense success worldwide and are present in the Arsenal of every avid fisherman. They are the best.

Baubles VJ, and Heintz spinners and Spoons.

  • VJ is considered a classic. To have it need all sizes because it is possible to catch any fish. Grayling that live in large bodies of water, caught at her fine, preferring the model painted in natural colors fry. And the interference are neither casting distance or windy weather nor the speed of the current.
  • Heintz has incredible efficiency. If the roll is done correctly, the the spinner starts to spin rapidly, causing the fish increased interest. The most popular are spinners copper and silver colors.
  • "Spoon" has a wide shape, and why so named. Hitting the water, the spinner noise attracts fish. Sinking to the bottom, it creates a kind of game Shine, which is also responsive fish.

How to do spinners with their hands?

Despite this diversity of types of finished products, many fishermen prefer to fish for grayling homemade spinners. Do they, as a rule, made of lead. Their priority is that they are quite heavy and throw them away.

To make them simple: melt lead in a tin and a thin layer (1-1. 5 mm) are poured into the cardboard box, where the plate hardens instantly. Then with a knife cut it into strips 2x7 cm, and bend and give the desired shape using pliers. After that, a homemade spinner with one side painted red and the other colourless varnish and decorate to your liking.

How to catch grayling on a spinner?

Although the grayling is a predatory fish, it will not overtake the prey, which swims very quickly. Therefore, catching grayling on a lure has its own characteristics.

Such a method is considered effective:

  • you need to go into the water, stopping at about 1 m from the rolling, namely on the border of the shallow and deep stretch of the river;
  • the lure should be thrown on the roll (on its calm stretch) and then slowly lead to its beginning.

The bite usually occurs at the moment when the spinner gets to the most peaceful place of the reservoir. This is due to the fact that the grayling prefers such an edge where joined to the calm water and fast current.

When fishing for grayling much, if not everything, depends on the right casting and wiring. The classic option is a slow retrieve against the current, which is produced after a cross cast. In this case, the retrieve of the fishing line must also be slow, with pauses. The bait is also moving against the current towards the shore.

As for autumn grayling, there are some nuances here too. At this time, the fish rises closer to the surface to get food. Therefore, the bait should be easier, because of this, its quality only increases.

Using all the above tips, you'll learn how to choose lures for grayling fishing and your fishing will be successful.