Smoothbore gun 106-TOZ is a rifle with a truncated barrel and a folding metal butt stock. Its main purpose is amateur hunting for birds and animals, as well as self-defense and protection of individual economy. Its aiming range without additional optics is about 50 meters. As a charge, we use cartridges of the 20th caliber with a 70-mm liner, and also buckshot.

Gun 106-TOZ: description, technical characteristics, owner reviews

Short description

The TOZ-106 gun weighs two and a half kilograms, which together with its compactness makes it very convenient when moving in mountainous terrain and forests. The weapon is unpretentious in maintenance and operation, the length in the folded state is 53 centimeters, and with the hinged butt stock - 82 cm. The model is reloaded manually via a bolt bolt with a rigid lock. You can shoot a gun only in the unfolded form.

This modification is popular with hunter-lovers, the barrel can be quickly cleaned with a ramrod or rags. Transportation is carried out in a special case with a handle. It is possible to install an optical sight. This gun is great for beginner shooters, it is considered the shortest smooth-bore weapon that is available to the population in the Russian Federation.

Modification of TOZ-106: characteristics

Below are the main technical parameters of the gun in question:

  • caliber of charges (mm) - 20;
  • the length of the barrel / chamber (mm) - 260/70;
  • capacity of the store (pcs) - 2/4;
  • the percentage of percentages with a target distance of 25 meters is at least 35;
  • trigger force uncontrolled (H) - from 10 to 25;
  • total length / width / height (mm) - 820/70/170;
  • mass without charges (kg) - 2.5.

The delivery includes a multi-shot smooth-bore shotgun 106-TOZ, a carrying case, an additional store MC-2001 and a user manual with a passport. The shutter mechanism consists of a hammer, a spring, a lock, a hammer and a skeleton.


The barrel with the box is connected by means of a press fit with further fixation by a pin. Its channel is made of chrome-plated metal. As an aiming mechanism serves as a target with a front sight. On the metal butt there is a rubberized butt plate with a staple along the axis. The transport and combat mode is replaced by a latch placed in the forearm and an axle in the wedge-shaped grooves of the bracket.

The TOZ-106 bed is made of wood, the impact unit is located in the gate, and the trigger system is in the body. It is possible to cock the trigger when the bolt is opened, this operation is controlled with the aid of a cockpit pointer that protrudes or dips over the plane of the liner. Recharges weapons mechanically, by moving the bolt to the extreme positions. In the chamber, the charge is fixed by the warhead protrusions of the skeleton and the provided support parts of the shell.

When the shutter is put into the rear mode, the spent sleeve is thrown out with a reflector, and the non-automatic safety lock locks the trigger to avoid an accidental shot. The box shop is equipped with two locks on the sides, it is possible to shoot the gun only when assembled.


Timely preventive treatment will prolong the life of the weapon. To do this, it is necessary to regularly lubricate the working parts with gun oil. Owners of 106-TOZ should adhere to a number of rules, namely:

  • do not allow a sharp impact on the trunk cut when changing the shutter mode;
  • avoid running the trigger idle;
  • when storing draw attention to the fact that the trigger has been pulled down, in order to avoid deformation of the spring
  • watch out so that the trunk does not get moisture, snow, land;
  • do not use charges that are included in the tight chamber that requires greater effort for opening and locking weapons.

Clean and lubricate the gun after each use, and when stored - at least once a quarter. The barrel and the chamber are treated with a wire brush lubricated with a special oil. After the element is cleaned, it is wiped dry and smeared. The wooden parts are treated with a soft dry cloth.

Disassembly and assembly

To begin disassembling the weapon 106-TOZ follows, after making sure that it is not loaded. To do this, check the absence of charge in the chamber, remove the magazine, take the open bolt back and take it out of the box, pressing the trigger all the way down. A complete disassembly of the closure part is made in case of emergency.

The process consists of the following steps:

  • the bolt is taken over the cylindrical part in the left hand so that the liner is on the right side;
  • it is cranked up to the moment of extension along with the drummer and the trigger from the body of the bolt;
  • liner with a trigger placed in the right hand, while the thumb rests on the rear portion of the trigger element, and the drummer goes to the left
  • the second hand holds the base of the bolt, the working protrusions should be directed to the right;
  • the drummer is placed in the channel of the frame until it stops, ledges main springs are parallel to the same detail shutter
  • after compressing the mainspring insert trigger is rotated at a right angle to the body, with the drummer removed the lock, and extra spring
  • the last step is to twist out of the trigger, the hammer, separate it with the stuffing from the sack.

The gun is assembled in the reverse order.

Preparation for work

The TOZ-106 weapon must be cleaned from the outside on the outside of grease residues, and put it into the working position by laying the stock. Then, press the store latch and remove it from the gun. The following procedure consists of several manipulations:

  1. The cartridge is inserted two cartridges, which are shifted to the back wall of the store.
  2. The handle of the base of the shutter rotates counter-clockwise until it stops.
  3. The weapon is put on the fuse.
  4. The bolt is retracted, after which the charge is sent to the chamber.
  5. The shutter handle rotates clockwise to the point of failure.
  6. The equipped cage is placed in the available connector until it clicks.

Before shooting, the safety catch must be brought to the extreme frontal position.

To fire a TOZ-106 shotgun, whose caliber is 20 mm, it is required to open the bolt, transfer the handle to the rear position to get rid of the cartridge case, to send the next cartridge with the reverse movement of the bolt. After that, the weapon is considered ready to fire.

At the end of the shooting, you need to cock the trigger, turn the lock knob counter-clockwise to the stop, activate the fuse. Store it is necessary to separate, take out the spent sleeve with the help of the bolt, put the safety lock in the front position. Then lower the hook with the gate open, after which the last element closes while the trigger is held, the magazine is discharged and mounted back to the gun. At the final stage, the butt is retracted to the exit of the axis, it is rotated and fixed by a latch. The weapon is placed in a cover.

Security measures

In any case, the owner should assume that the gun is loaded and dangerous for others. In no case should you refer it to other people or livestock. If a misfire occurs, do not open the shutter for 180 seconds, since there is a chance of a late volley.

Cartridges TOZ-106 must meet the specifications specified by the manufacturer. Keep the gun in an uncharged state with the trigger released, separate from ammunition. Strictly forbidden:

  • disassemble a loaded gun;
  • use charges that have a pressure index of powder gases above 72 megapascals;
  • to alter the gun with a radical change in the shock-trigger mechanism and body;
  • apply an expired or unsuitable type of gunpowder.

In case of a misfire, it is necessary to remove the cartridge after three minutes and find out the cause of the failed shot.

TOZ-106: owner feedback

The owners of the modification in question note that the accuracy of the shot shot remains high and stable over time. In addition, high accuracy is observed at short distances. Charges for the gun should be chosen correctly, because smaller bullets will scratch the chrome coating, lead to deformation of the inner part of the barrel, and tightly entering it threatens with wedging and premature rupture.

The design of the model makes it possible to set the shop on four cartridges. The main thing that it was factory production. On the downside, the gun is the stiffness of the shutter release, not too comfortable girth and delay when fired due to the poor compatibility of barrel length and caliber of the bullet. Another problem is spring with the AKM, which pretty quickly breaks down. Nevertheless, the compactness, light weight, wide range of applications – factors influencing the positive reputation of this weapon.

Important points

Full disassembly of the TOZ-106 should be carried out only with special need and in the appropriate conditions (special weapons workshop, workshop). When locking the lock of the fighting spring, care must be taken, since during the assembly phase the lock can fly off the impactor and injure the owner or employee performing the operation.

The larva must be inserted with the ejector and liner, with the bolt and the trigger to be placed in the frame. In order to avoid a failure in the direction of the liner during assembly, it should be restrained in a solid static support or surface. After finishing the manipulation, it is important to make sure that the outer slots of the reflector coincide with the similar elements on the inner and outer parts of the valve body. Correct interaction of the mechanisms of the gun is checked by bringing it into a combat position without charges. When properly performed, a characteristic click should sound.