Romanian deadlift is one of the few basic exercises in bodybuilding that can include all the big muscles of the body: biceps thighs, buttocks, lower back muscles. Unambiguously, this element of training will be of interest not only for athletes dreaming of making themselves a beautiful body, but also for beginners who want to lose weight, because to work with large muscles you need a huge amount of energy. In the focus of this article, the technique of performing the Romanian deadlift, the description of exercises and recommendations for their implementation.

Historical reference

From the title it is clear that the Romanian deadlift into bodybuilding came from Romania. Weightlifter Nicu Vlad, Olympic champion, applied this exercise to strengthen the muscles of the lower back. In fact, unlike usual deadlift, this exercise actually does not load knee joints. Also for training, less weight is needed, which positively affects the spine.

Classically the Romanian thrust is carried out with a barbell, however for long years of application of the given exercise in training halls around the world there were similar exercises in training apparatus and with the use of dumbbells. With all available exercises and techniques for their implementation, the reader can read this article.

Technique with barbell

In bodybuilding, a lot of exercises, which if improperly performed lead to injuries. To such traumatic dangerous exercises is Romanian deadlift. The technique of execution requires the obligatory execution of a certain algorithm of actions without any modifications.

  1. Approach end to the bar of the bar, putting your feet on the width of the shoulders, and the feet parallel to each other.
  2. Use a straight grip with your hands on the width of your shoulders or slightly wider.
  3. Legs slightly bend at the knees, back straight, look forward.
  4. The slope is carried out by pulling the pelvis back, and not by tilting. The back is bent in the lower back.
  5. At the lowest point, the bar is not placed on the floor, but is held by weight. With properly performed technique, stretching of the hamstrings should be felt.
  6. Return to the initial position is the pushing of the pelvis forward due to the muscles of the hamstrings.
  7. During the exercise, you need to check that the bar of the bar slides over the legs - within 1-5 millimeters.

There are a few questions

For many, it may seem strange that the technique of execution is very similar to the classical deadlift. Therefore, it is necessary to understand how the Romanian draft differs from the old one. First of all, the focus of the load - it shifts from the muscles of the back to the thighs and buttocks during the execution of Romanian traction. And for the classical deadlift, it's quite the opposite. And logically, if you think - deadlift is an exercise for the development of the muscles of the back, and the main task of the Romanian deadlift is the development of the leg muscles.

Do not take the bar with a different grip, because in the course of numerous studies physiologists have come to the conclusion that a large weight still twists the body in one direction, which is unacceptable for spinal discs. And if you want to hold the bar in your hands, you should think about buying special straps for brushes.

Recommendations of professionals

The technique of performing the Romanian deadlift is simple, however, professionals recommend paying the attention of the newcomers to several nuances.

  1. Rounding the back can not be allowed in any case. If it's a big weight, then it needs to be reduced, if the muscles of the back do not give a bend in the posture, then the exercise should be abandoned altogether. Initially, the exercise should be supervised by the trainer, as it is easier to learn how to perform Romanian stall traction when learning techniques.
  2. The control of the position of the neck relative to the feet must occur constantly during the training. Literally, the neck should slide on the legs, keeping the center of gravity on the muscles of the legs, not allowing the load to shift onto the back and the spine.
  3. Strong hands - this is good, but do not need them to pull the neck to itself when returning to the starting position. The task of the hands is only weight retention, the buttocks and hamstrings respond to the ascent. This must be remembered.

Safety Tips

Romanian deadlift on the straight legs, which some sources recommend in the media, obviously will not bring anything good to the athlete. Involved in the exercise muscles of the extensors of the spine, the athlete risks remaining an invalid for life. Therefore, all beginners are encouraged to pay attention to the technique of performing classical Romanian draft.

Do not bend your back at the top. After all, this is not a powerlifting competition. If you do not align your legs at the end point, the buttocks will be strained constantly, accordingly, they will better be worked through. Also, do not lower the bar to the floor, because for her to rise, the muscles of the back will necessarily work, and this is a violation of the technique of performing the exercise.

Romanian deadlift is recommended for performance after qualitative warming up and stretching of the muscles of the lower back. Athletes should pay attention to hyperextension, which will be able to prepare the waist to the load, while reducing the traumatic nature of the basic exercise.

Alternative with dumbbells

It is not necessary to perform the basic exercise with the barbell, beginners obviously have to like the Romanian deadlift with dumbbells. In many sports halls there is an opinion that this exercise is a facilitated option for training with a barbell. This opinion is erroneous, if only because all the exercises with dumbbells include in the work a lot of additional muscles that perform the role of stabilizer. This can be seen with your own eyes, trying to do the exercise alternately with a barbell and dumbbells. As a result, you can observe a sharp decrease in working weight.

There are also advantages in the Romanian deadlift with dumbbells: less weight does not heavily burden the spine, dumbbells are easier to control, lowering them along the legs, and wrists are not as loaded as when working with a barbell.

Best offer

Many athletes are afraid to even imagine what they would do without the Smith simulator, in which you can perform almost any exercise without help. Romanian deadlift, a photo of the correct execution of which can be found in the media, is very often recommended for execution in the Smith machine.

And if at first it seems that the simulator is very difficult to perform the exercise, then, having become familiar with the machine of Smith and applying the technique, it will be found out that everything is quite the reverse. The main thing is to put your legs in the starting position so that the shins touch the barbell neck and bend your back. After that, you just need to work the pelvis - push it forward to raise the bar, and retreat back to return to its original position. The position of the knees is not necessary to control - they will not be able to go beyond the neck line forward.

Recommendations for working in a Smith machine

If there is an exercise, there must be recommendations to it for effective implementation - this is a fact. Romanian deadlift in the Smith simulator is performed by installing an additional platform in the height of 20-30 centimeters. The fact that the neck when lowering down will certainly rest on the bottom mechanism of the locks, not allowing the athlete to fully stretch the muscles of the hamstrings. Once on the platform, you can eliminate problems in the exercise.

Smith machines are often found with a 7-degree tilt angle. In such cases, when lifting the weight, the neck will be moved forward from the legs, shifting the load onto the spine. To prevent this from happening, professionals recommend becoming the neck of the simulator on the other hand.

Since when working in a Smith machine, muscle stabilizers do not participate, a newcomer will find that it is easier for him to cope with more weight. However, not all so simple. Most simulators have a fixing system for the neck using rotating hooks. The problem will be revealed after the exercise, when trying to fix the bar - to turn the bar with the forearms toward you, while holding a considerable weight in your hands, is almost impossible.

Recommendations for girls

For some reason, it is commonly believed that the Romanian deadlift is for girls, and guys should perform squats with a barbell. This is another folly of uneducated people, because these are two completely different exercises. And if it's about girls, then professionals recommend the female sex to learn the technique of performing Romanian deadlift with dumbbells. Everything is very simple: working with a small weight will not only be comfortable, but also effective.

Girls are very fond of making their complex a fitness training, creating a symbiosis of several exercises. With the Romanian deadlift this is not necessary. This exercise is basic, and the result depends entirely on the technique of its correct execution.

In search of maximum load

Trying to maximally load the muscles of the legs, many beginners begin to look for ways to solve this issue. And for some reason they find them in the form of super-sets. Such solutions do not lend themselves to logic at all - how can two basic exercises for the same muscle be performed simultaneously? This is stupidity, and it must be abandoned at the initial stages of its development. If there is a desire to effectively develop the right muscles, then you need to move in the direction of pumping - more repetitions (15-20) and less time for rest (30-40 seconds) - that's the key to success!

If such a load is not enough, it is worth paying attention to the composition for the muscles of the legs of the complex of exercises, in which the primary role should be given to the basic squats with a bar. And only then the Romanian deadlift is carried out. Naturally, after the basic exercises you need to pay attention and isolated - bending the hamstrings in the simulator lying down, or lunging with dumbbells, if in the focus of the muscles of the buttocks.


As can be seen from the review, neither in the technique of execution, nor in the exercise itself is there any difficulty. Each novice can independently choose one of the options for doing it and work on the development of the leg muscles. However, many professionals argue that for girls more effective will be the Romanian deadlift with dumbbells. The technique of doing this exercise has nothing to do with it, it's all about the small weight with which the female sex will be easier to handle.

To young people, many coaches recommend not to stop at the Smith simulator, if he liked it to carry out the Romanian deadlift. It's all about muscle-stabilizers, they can atrophy due to lack of exercise. Therefore, it is worth at least once a month to take dumbbells and perform exercises for the development of appropriate muscles.