It would seem that the choice of the kitchen appliance should worry more women. And on request the hand mixer, the reviews are coming from young men. Paradox? No. Watching modern first-year students, by fate, torn from my mother's kitchen, I see that girls eggs for an omelette or batter for pancakes no problem with a fork whisk. Guys pounding something with a fork – the long, hard, finally, not prestigious. They are interesting to dream, and maybe, just invent camopack. On food processors so far no money, and live in the Dorm, and the development of household appliances is not their profession, so they are happy to use invention, of course, his fellow engineer from Ohio. And this helper in the kitchen, or KitchenAid (company the first manufacturer of industrial and home appliances of this type) – hand mixer has long celebrated its centenary. The device is simple, let him almost all the leading manufacturers of household appliances. There are differences, benefits, extra features, attachments, etc. Try to choose the best quality-price.

What the mixer does

Modern manual mixer kitchen looks a little similar to the first model, but the features had not changed. It evenly and quickly mix the ingredients, whisk them in a lush and air mass. This is the fundamental difference from the related device blender that sharp knives makes the vegetables or fruits into a puree. The mixer blades are not. Another significant difference in speed. Mixer beats slower and longer blender cuts quickly and at great speed. The definition of "manual" mixer makes it clear that, while you hold it in your hands. Then, the easier, the better? In this case is not unique, because the weight of the device is basically the weight of the motor, and more powerful than he is, the harder it is. But the weight of stationary mixer even more and it takes up a lot of space on the table and in the closet. Manual included is a wall bracket that the device was always at hand, and in the drawer it will take up little space. In operation the submersible mixer is convenient because you can control the process of beating, guiding beaters, changing speed or stopping when you need to.  And one more important advantage of hand models is that they are easy to care for.

What's in the box

Almost all manufacturers include in the kit to the mixer are two types of nozzles. Beaters for whipping biscuit or sweet soft dough, eggs for an omelet. This can be a wire frame or a broad strong blade. The second functional. The nozzle in the form of hooks are made of sand, dough or to obtain mashed potatoes. With products contact it the nozzle, so when choosing it is important to pay attention to the quality of the material from which they are made. It is better if it is stainless steel. Expensive options of mixers can be supplied with additional nozzles: different grinders, knives, coffee grinders. It is more a processor than a hand mixer. The price of such devices close to the price universal household appliances.

Select by specifications

When any appliance in the first place pay attention to the power. For performing its main function whipping enough power of three hundred watts. For mixing more heavy dough or mashed potatoes, there are devices more powerful – up to four hundred watts. But working with them need breaks, to prevent overheating of the motor. The passport to the mixer, note the characterization of "continuity" and obey on this point. In many modern models has an additional function – "temperature protection", i.e. the device will turn off itself when in danger. Important the speed of rotation of the nozzles and how many speeds available. For reviews mistresses, it is optimal to have a device with three to five speeds and turbo. The challenge mode to briefly increase the speed. Helps when you need to quickly and finally "finish" the smallest lump in the dough, but it is often dangerous to use for the device. About the same works in pulse mode, when the speed of rotation can be changed by the intensity of pressing the start button.

Quiet, comfortable, beautiful

These are the three most recurring in the reviews of the characteristics that distinguish the happy owners of mixers from reliable manufacturers, long operating in the market of household appliances. The technical side of many models from Bosch, Moulinex, Philips, Braun, Kenwood, Bosch, KitchenAid meets all modern requirements. The consumer has the opportunity to draw attention to the aesthetic side: quiet, comfort rubber handle, the presence of the compartment where you can hide the cord, measuring Cup, blades, brush for cleaning nozzles and other design solutions what: "the mixer is just nice to take in hand and do not want to let go." Lucky friends of the Housewives of this review, in her house tea or coffee you drink is always coffee. And models of mixers listed above, firms always get feedback: "excellent combination the price-quality!"

Care tips

The device will last a long time if operated as intended and according to the instructions. The main part can be cleaned with a wet sponge, then be sure to wipe dry with a soft towel. Beaters of stainless steel easy to wash in warm water, they are not afraid of the dishwasher. But aluminum heads, coated or not, need to wash hands only and must immediately be dried with a towel, leaving to rust. The fan device is recommended to periodically blow out the dust. Good choice and good purchase!