Circular saws are the ideal tool for sawing wood. Some models are also suitable for working with a metal of small thickness. By power, the saw blades are very different. If we consider a professional model, then this indicator is on the average in the region of 5 kW. In turn, compact models for newcomers power have about 3 kW. Depending on this parameter, the limiting speed of the disk blade changes.

Depth of cut depends on the design features of the models. To date, many circular saws are able to boast quality fixatives that can be adjusted. However, in order to find a good model, you should learn more about the products of the world's manufacturers, as well as learn about the features of the most interesting models.


This company has been engaged in the production of circular saws since 2000. They always had excellent quality, but they still had flaws. First of all, they are associated with weak fixatives. As a result, it is sometimes difficult to adjust the position of the workpiece on the table. If we consider the parameters, then the average power of the models is 5 kW.

Due to this, the saw blade makes more than 4200 revolutions per minute. Fixers in modern models are steel, and the metal thickness is 2.4 mm. It is worth an average saw of this firm in the area of ​​5 thousand rubles. However, if we consider the model for professionals, it will cost the buyer around 8100 rubles.

What are the characteristics of "Devolt D2400"

This circular circular saw has a manual power limit of 4 kW. This electric tool is designed for a threshold voltage of 220 V. The saw blade is included in the standard set with a diameter of 13 mm. This circular saw weighs exactly 4 kg. If we talk about design features, then the thickness of the latch in this case is 23 mm. Due to this, keeping the workpiece on the table in one position is quite successful. Supports at the circular saw "Devolt D2400" can be rearranged. It is worth this model in the store 4600 rub.

Parameters "Devolt D2200"

These hand-held circular saws reviews are good. Some buyers appreciate them for being able to do more than 5,200 revolutions at idle speed. Due to this, the metal can be cut to a thickness of no more than 1.5 mm. The handle in this case is used rotary, and if necessary its position can be adjusted. In addition, it should be noted that a lock is located near the device lock.

There is a protective panel for this power tool. The angle cut the maximum there is a possibility to choose in 20 degrees. In this case, the lever can be used to change the position of the stop. A smooth start function is not available in the model presented. It is worth the above hand-held circular saw (market price) in the area of ​​4400 rubles.

Specifications "Devolt D2700"

This saw blade is able to effectively saw wood thickness of not more than 10 cm. To adjust the disc in this case, you can use the lever. The platform of the presented electric tool is used rather strong, and the load can withstand large ones. Maximum cutting angle can be set at 30 degrees. In turn, the depth of the lock in this model, unfortunately, can not be changed. The protective sleeve in this case is provided by the manufacturer.

The handle is only one, and you can not change its position. If we talk about shortcomings, we should note a fairly thin clamp. Also, many buyers complain that the dust bag is torn. It is worth representing the hand-held circular saw on wood in the area of ​​6900 rubles.

Model "Interskol DP210"

Hand-held circular saws "Interskol DP210" are most suitable for beginners, and they should not be used in the workshop. In this case, the canvas can be adjusted using the side regulator. The start button is located directly on the handle and the lock is equipped. There is no smooth start function in the presented power tool. Also, it does not have an anti-vibration system. Thus, this disk saw is only able to work with wood. If still used for metal, the head of the power tool will quickly be damaged. The maximum frequency of the blade at idle speed is 3300 rpm. It is worth a disk saw "Interskol DP210" in the store 4300 rub.

Saws of the firm "Makita"

Hand-held circular saws "Makita" stand out as a reliable protection system. The smooth start function is not available on all models. Anti-vibration systems are used rather high-quality. Platforms are most often installed steel, thickness is about 3 cm. The average voltage of the branded electric tool is 220 V. The scales for depth measurements are provided in standard devices. Clamps in many models are installed 1.4 mm thick. Adjust the slope of the saw blade only in professional models. Average disk saw of the specified company in the region of 7 thousand rubles will cost.

Saw "Makita 570R"

The electric motor of this circular saw is quite powerful. The working frequency of this power tool is 3 thousand revolutions. Aluminum sheets canvas can cut no more than 2 mm thick. In addition, it should be borne in mind that the speed of sawing wood is quite large. The handle of the submitted specimen is used with a blocker. The soft start function of the device is not provided.

The retainer is installed 2 mm thick. The power cable in the kit includes a length of exactly 6 meters. Due to this, the use of a circular saw is quite comfortable. The protective panel in the system is provided. In this case there is no possibility to adjust the depth of the stop. Also it should be taken into account that this model is not suitable for sawing bars, the thickness of which exceeds 10 cm. This electric tool costs in the store exactly 7 thousand rubles.

The differences of the model "Makita 402R"

This hand-held circular saw quite quickly copes with the longitudinal cutting of the boards. In many respects it is connected with a powerful electric motor. Despite this, the model is compact and weighs very little. At idle, the saw blade can make about 5200 revolutions per minute. The handle in this case is used short and for many will be uncomfortable.

Voltage maximum in the network, this power tool is able to withstand 230 V. The power cable in the normal kit is a length of 5 meters. The lock button in this case is missing. In the market for the submitted model ask about 6500 rubles.

Specifications "Makita 300R"

Compared to previous devices, the disk electric (manual) saw "Makita 300R" characteristics is more modest. However, despite this, it is currently in demand. This power tool is suitable for sawing wood up to 9 cm thick. The maximum voltage of a circular saw is capable of withstanding 230 V at a frequency of 30 Hz. Changing disk in the presented model is quite simple. There is a clamping ring on the head. Protective sleeves are provided by the manufacturer.

Also worth noting is the rather large bag for chips, which is included in the standard set of the device. In total, this disc saw can make about 4500 revolutions per minute. It is not recommended to use it for cutting metal blanks by the manufacturer. If you believe the customer's feedback, the vibration at the power tool is present only at maximum revs. However, the accuracy of the work does not deteriorate much. It is worth this hand-held circular saw to date about 4,800 rubles.

Saws of the trade mark "Hundai"

This company produces professional disk saws for quite some time. In addition, their range includes a variety of compact models that can be used in a home environment for repairs in an apartment. The power parameter of professional models fluctuates around 4 kW. All this is enough to saw wood at high speed.

In this case, the parameter of the limiting frequency is at the level of 4500 rpm. Clamps are most often used double. You can change the position of the supports only for some circular saws. In addition, it should be noted that they have electric motors with protective windings. Thus, they overheat very slowly. It is worth an average manual circular saw of this firm in the region of 5 thousand rubles. However, the user can select a compact model for 4 thousand rubles.

Overview of the saw "Hundai M1500"

Said saw electric disk (manual) is able to work with aluminum sheets with a thickness of 2.4 mm. In this case, the wood can be used no larger than 12 cm. The head in this case is provided by the manufacturer with a single-stage head. Adjust the depth of the cut for the user is not possible. The thickness of the double-sided retainer is 1.6 mm. The bag for collecting sawdust to the device is fixed quite simply.

In addition, it should be noted that this model has a convenient handle. If you believe consumer reviews, the vibration from the platform is not felt even at high revs. Adjust the power of this power tool allows a special controller. The handle in this case is located at the rear. It is worth a manual circular saw "Hundai M1500" in the store exactly 5 thousand rubles.