Alan Dzagoev is a well – known Russian football player, who plays for Moscow CSKA. This year he was 26 years old, but actually shone it on the hoist, at the age of 21-22 years. Alan Dzagoev stands at the position of Central midfielder, he can perform all the required functions – could rise to the position of attacking midfielder to build attacks for his team, and can fall to the position of holding midfielder to destroy the attacks of the opposing team.

Carier start

Alan Dzagoev was born on 17 June 1990 in Beslan, Soviet. From early childhood, he began attending local youth, however, very soon his talent was noticed, and at the age of 9 years, Dzagoev moved to Vladikavkaz, where he began to attend SDYUSSHOR "Youth". There he stayed for six years until, in 2005, was not selected in the club under the name "Academy" from the city of Togliatti. It was there that young Alan was considered as a football genius of the new Russia – he became a player in the Academy when he was only sixteen years old. The result is Alan Dzagoev met absolutely all of your expectations.

Russian midfielder Alan Dzagoev

First professional games

When Alan Dzagoev, a photo of which started appearing in all sports publications in Russia, has reached the age of sixteen, he has already begun to emerge in the starting lineup of his club. Then "the Academy" changed name to "wings of the Soviets JUICE", and two years Dzagoev defended the colors of this club. He spent 39 matches and scored six goals. His first professional goal he scored at the age of 16 years, so no one doubted that such a young talent interested in the leading clubs of the country, and maybe even teams from the top Championships. The result of this is what happened when a football player Alan Dzagoev wasn't even of legal age to club the request was made the strongest team of Russia – "CSKA". CSKA offered young talent four hundred thousand euros, and the tiny club could not refuse. In the result of winter 2008, Dzagoev moved to CSKA, where he began his rise to the top.

Playing for CSKA

Current season

The current season is not much different from several previous ones. One of the main issues that concern the club's fans and fans of the player, is this – "When will be back Alan Dzagoev?", because the problem is actually relevant. In this season, the midfielder has played just ten matches, scoring one goal and giving three assists. On 25 September he was injured, which was restored about two months. November 26, he already came on as a substitute in the match with "ruby" and played for about twenty minutes, but yet the coach doesn't want to risk the player's health, so at the last match held on 30 November, Alan had not been released – the full 90 minutes he spent on the bench.

Performances for the national team

In the national team of Russia Dzagoev made his debut soon after moved to "CSKA", that is in 2008. Since then, he played fifty matches in the shirt of the national team, scoring nine goals and giving seven assists. His first major tournament was the European championship in 2012 that he went in as a team player and a great talent. And it was then that he flashed in the background is not particularly distinct the game of the national team, scoring two goals against the Czechs and one of the gate poles. He played as a winger, but at the 2014 World Cup went as a Central midfielder. There he was not a team player, as the moment of glory has passed – Dzagoev came on the pitch in all three matches, but all three times from the bench. European championship 2016 he, unfortunately, missed because of injury, and the last date of his matches for the national team took place in September of the current year – Dzagoev played 58 minutes in the match against the national team of Ghana.

Personal life

If to speak about the personal life of this player, then first and foremost it is worth noting that in 2012 he married Kabaevoy Zarema, whom he has in 2013, a daughter, Elana, and in 2016 was also the son of Khetag. You can also draw attention to the fact that his football career he owes to his mother, who was a fan of this sport and, seeing how Alan has been playing in the yard football, put him in a sports school.