Anton Belov, whose biography is presented in this article, is a well-known Russian hockey player. Winner of gold and silver medals of world championships. Game role - the defender. He performs in the KHL for St. Petersburg's SKA.

Biography of the athlete

Anton Belov was born in July 1986 in Ryazan. The boy from childhood dreamed of becoming an athlete, only could not decide in what kind of competition. Having tried several disciplines, he stopped on hockey. Among the peers was noted for its great growth, good potential and huge dedication.

Russian hockey player Anton Belov: biogrphy, sports career, personal life

As the Belov family moved to Chelyabinsk, it was here that Anton visited the hockey sections. At first it was the school of "Mechel", then he trained in "Tractor".

After well-played games at junior competitions, 17-year-old Anton Belov signs a professional contract with one of the most famous clubs in the country - CSKA Moscow. So began his journey into adult hockey.

Sports career

After moving to Moscow, the defender still stands for the youth of the "army team" for a year, gradually getting to know the style of the game of the new team. Since the 2004/05 season, Anton Belov has been a hockey player for the adult CSKA team. In the first regular season for himself, he played in 30 matches, in which he "scored" only 14 minutes spent on the penalty box.

In the next season, Belov began to receive more playing time. In the 18 matches he played, he recorded two assists in his asset. Also, Anton played for the first time in the playoff match of the Russian Football League.

In the 2006/07 season, Belov became the main player, and also for the first time threw the puck into the opponents' goal. In total, the defender played 49 games and scored 9 (4 + 5) points. Another 12 fights, he spent in the playoff series. In the next season, the last for himself in CSKA season, Anton Belov became one of the leaders of the Moscow team. He played in 54 games, scored one goal and gave 4 assists.

In April 2012, a doping scandal broke out with Belov. In his blood, traces of a prohibited substance of methyl hexanamine, which was ingested with drugs, were found. As a result, the hockey player was suspended from all competitions and training fees for three months.

Season 2012/13 brought Anton a new record of effectiveness. In 46 games on his account, 9 goals and 17 assists. With such indicators, he became the most effective defender in the "Vanguard" and was invited to participate in the All-Star Game of the KHL.

At the end of the season, Anton Belov decided to try his hand at the most prestigious league of the planet - the NHL. He signed a one-year contract with the Canadian club Edmonton Oilers. In 57 games of the regular season he scored one goal and gave 6 assists.

In 2014, Belov returned to Russia, where he signed a 4-year contract with the St. Petersburg SKA. In the first season for himself in the new team defender played in 36 games, where he scored 8 (3 + 5) points. In the playoff series, Anton Belov was also recognized as one of the best players. SKA in that season became the owner of the Gagarin Cup.

Performances for the Russian national team

For the first time the form of the Russian national team, Belov, was tried on in 2003, when he was summoned to the junior team. In its composition, he became a bronze medalist of the World Cup. A year later, Russia with Anton in the composition became the best team in the same tournament.

In 2005, Belov again goes to the World Cup, but as part of the youth team. And again he does not remain without a medal - Russia ranks second.

Starting in 2013, Anton Belov is a hockey player of the national team. He participates in the failed home Olympics for Russia. In the same year he becomes world champion. On the victorious for Russia tournament, he played in 10 games, scored 2 goals and gave 3 assists. A year later Belov became the silver medalist of the World Cup.

Personal life

In February 2012, Anton Belov married his long-time friend Elena. My wife is so divided in the hobbies of her husband that she began playing at an amateur level in hockey. She even managed to assemble a women's team.

Anton and Elena Belova raise a daughter, whom they named Taisia.