How is drawing on the cells. Such activity can attract not only children but also many adults. With the help of this exciting event, kids can learn to paint plants and animals, various objects. Adult patterns to draw in the notebook in a cage will help to relieve stress, unwind after a difficult work day.

Features drawing in cells

In order to organize recreation for the whole family, you will need pencils, paper sheets, soft eraser. Drawing on squares for beginners involves the use of a landscape sheet, which is pre-lined with a pencil on the same cells. In children such studies contribute to the development of fine motor skills. Drawing on the cells of a notebook in the younger preschool age helps to shape visual perception, stimulates ingenuity.

Drawing on the cells of the notebook

It would seem so simple to make drawings of the cells. Schematic drawing in external ease is not always "obey" even for adults. This interesting activity helps to engage in joint leisure activities of all family members. First you need to learn the simple drawing on the cells, for example, to select schemes with houses, braids, simple geometric shapes.

The first steps in drawing

Consider the features of image braids on the finished cells. First you need to draw three lines vertically. Further, from the strips, draw a curve. To do this, from the corner of the cage to hold the line in the opposite corner. Using the third strip bend wrap.

Then again, depicted as three vertical lines, repeated actions, but the zigzag is directed in the opposite direction. If you make not three but more bars, you can get more original pigtail. If desired, the finished drawing can be painted in different colors.

Drawing fruits and vegetables

What is more, you can choose to receive skills of drawing on the cells? Fruit pictures also do not require special skills. For example, apples and watermelons will be able to portray even the kids. How to cope with the task? For the image of watermelon or Apple on the first sheet of paper is carried out the vertical and horizontal lines. To make fruit beautiful and natural, it is also necessary to depict and diagonal stripes for curves.

When drawing an apple, a stick with a leaf will act as an additional element. In the case of a watermelon, you need to make a strip of the berry. The final touch will be painting over the picture with colored pencils.

Cell minion

This drawing on the cells is not the most difficult task, but still need some skills. First you need to define the boundaries of the drawing. In order to sketch the cells of this funny character in children's cartoons, you'll need a square with a side dimension of twenty cells.

You need to draw the oval, then divide it into two parts, after a horizontal line. The top part is head minion. It is necessary to draw a mouth and eyeglasses. The lower part will be the torso. It is necessary to add hands and feet. Further pririsovyvat details: overalls, eyes, shoes, hair, gloves. To become fully realistic, you must paint it.

Panda on the cell

No difficulties with drawing pandas. This black and white animal looks like on an ordinary sheet of paper is sufficiently realistic. To work you will also need an eraser and creative imagination of the young artist. Mentally you need to consider the boundaries of the future picture, then to portray a black pencil ears, nose, paws, eyes. Then all the pieces will come together to do this, paint the squares black.

Similarly, you can draw a dog or a cat. The schemas for these Pets will be much more difficult, therefore, to obtain high-quality drawings will require additional skills. Kids love to transform ordinary cats, dogs, fairy-tale characters, adding unusual accessories.

Graphic dictation

There are several different methods of drawing in the notebook on the cell. For example, a fully shaded pencil cells, or to trace only the outline. The most popular variant of the drawing is a graphical dictation. It is an interesting game that allows you to teach kids to draw different shapes on the finished cells. Such activity attracts children aged 5-10 years. In order that the child learned to draw the dictation in the cells, he needs to be able to navigate in space. In this case, the baby will be able to distinguish the right and left parts. Counting the cells, the child learns to understand the important information.

To conduct graphical dictation, you will need a sheet of paper, assignments, and pencils. To conduct such lessons to several children at once or for one child. How is drawing dictation? The teacher or parent says kids the necessary actions. For example, the right to hold a line through three squares, down to retreat four cells, etc. Doing the job of graphical dictation, the cells depict trees, food, ships, flowers, a variety of items.

For graphic dictation there are certain rules. The lesson is carried out in two main ways. The child can get the finished picture that it would need to copy it, or him voicing a sequence of actions. On the first classes, when the baby is no special skills, the adult can help. Gradually, the child performs independently increasing the number of actions. Graphic dictation can be combined with various tongue twisters.

Action features

In this case, the kid will not only learn to draw on the cells, but will also develop their language skills. Then you can complicate the scheme, supporting the child procedure. When choosing the paper try to buy these options, which are large square.

Then the baby will not have to strain your eyes while training will give him pleasure. After the child learns complex patterns, you can start to draw pictures involving a few drawings. The kids during the work will be to develop creative imagination. The guys improve fine motor skills, increase self-esteem, adults have the opportunity to spend free time with your children fun and interesting.


The teachers is known for a huge range of tools for emotional, intellectual, physical development of children of preschool age. Various methods allow to create favorable conditions for the harmonious development of the younger generation.

All sorts of graphic dictations that imply the development of fine motor skills help the teacher to fulfill all the requirements put forward by the state federal standards of the second generation.

In order that children develop the curiosity, the teacher can combine the tasks of different complexity. The value of instructional techniques related to drawing in separate cells, is that the children are not only formed motor skills and develops the imagination. They receive information about the appearance of different animals, learn to distinguish some of the objects of nature from the others.