Tapes of the RGB series are considered to be very popular today and are used in different places. Recently, they can often be found in cars. However, they are also suitable for decorating a room. There is an RGB LED tape (market price) of about 400 rubles, and it comes with a different power. In this case, the scheme of its connection may vary. In this case, it is important to take into account the limiting voltage of the power supply.

Use step-down power supplies

RGB (LED strip) with step-down power supply connects quite easily. In this case, you need a quality modulator. If we consider modifications to 15 V, then it is more expedient to select a single-pole type. However, it is important to consider the sensitivity of the device. On average, this parameter varies in the region of 3 microns.

RGB (LED strip): wiring diagram

If the sensitivity on the modulator will exceed 5 microns, then the tape can quickly burn out. Also, to connect with the power supply of this type will need a quality regulator. Thus, the brightness of the model can be changed. Amplifiers in this situation are rarely used. Also note that many install devices with resistors to suppress interference from the power supply.

Using electrode power supplies

Through electrode power supply units RGB (LED strip) is connected quite rarely. In this case, the modulator will require a bipolar type. It should also be noted that the threshold voltage it must withstand at least 15 V. In this case, the sensitivity of the device should be at 3 microns. All this will provide high bandwidth for the tape. Controllers in this case are used a variety of. If to consider tapes on 5 V, then it is more expedient to select models for three exits. In this case, resistors are often used of the synchronous type.

In this case, amplifiers can significantly increase the brightness of the device. Directly controllers are connected to the network only through triggers. For these purposes, many experts choose the grid type. However, recently cathode modifications that are able to withstand serious network overloads are also popular.

Connection with an operating power supply

RGB (LED strip) through operational power supplies is mainly connected to bipolar modulators. In this case, it is important to install amplifiers at the beginning of the circuit. Also note that the controller for the tape is best selected for three outputs. All this will stabilize the resistance in the circuit. Capacitors for power supplies of this type are used quite rarely.

In this case, the resistors are selected synchronous type. Most often they are installed on the regulator. Triggers can be soldered solely grid. In turn, cathode modifications will lead to rapid overheating of the power supply. In this case, the sensitivity parameter must be at the level of 4 microns.

Connecting RGB LED tapes to the battery

LED strip RGB LED is often used in cars. In this case, batteries for normal operation of the device are suitable only for 30 V. In addition, a bipolar-type modulator is required for the tape. It is more expedient to install it near the amplifier. Also, for normal tape operation, controllers are used to adjust the brightness of the model.

Capacitors in the system apply extremely low voltage. In this case, the wired ability of them should be large. Regulators in devices are mainly used with the primary winding. The sensitivity parameter of such devices should not exceed 3 microns. Triggers for tapes are installed, as a rule, cathodic. In this case, the output voltage must be at the level of 20 V. At the same time, the modulator must withstand a threshold load of at least 10 A.

Features of connecting tapes RGB R with remote control

Connecting the RGB LED strip, as a rule, through the power supply of 20 V. It should also be noted that for normal operation of the device will require a high-quality modulator. However, first of all, the controller is connected to connect the tape in order to adjust the brightness. Directly amplifiers are used with high pass capability. In this case, the sensitivity parameter of the circuit should not exceed 3 microns.

Otherwise, the tape burns out pretty quickly. Also note that the regulators in the device are mainly used with the primary winding. All this is necessary in order to increase the threshold voltage parameter. Resistors in the system should be able to withstand the maximum load at 10 A. Triggers for tape operation will be required of a grid type. Find them in the electronics store in our time is quite simple. However, they are expensive, so many still prefer cathode modifications.

Connecting RGB B tapes in the car

RGB LED strip (B series kit) in the car is connected via batteries. In this case, you need a high bandwidth adapter. Directly modulator to adjust the frequency is connected through an amplifier. Transistors for normal tape operation are used inductive type. If we consider the modification of 10 V, the resistors are used exclusively synchronous. In this case, triggers are soldered quite rarely. Different types of filters are well suited for solving problems with increased negative resistance.

RGB L tapes in the car

RGB (LED strip) of this type today is very popular. In connection it is quite simple, but the power supply for this purpose is only suitable for 15 V. You should also note that the amplifier will not be required for normal operation of the tape. In this case, modulators are most often used of bipolar type. However, if we consider pass-through controllers, it is more expedient to install them with three poles.

Regulators in this case are used with low bandwidth. The sensitivity parameter at the circuit input should be no more than 4 microns. Also note that the resistors are often installed small capacity. In this case, they are selected for the tape, as a rule, of the inductive type. In turn, the triggers for the normal operation of the LEDs will require cathode.