Ulyanovsk is one of the cities of Russia, located on the banks of the great Russian river Volga. It is home to more than six hundred thousand people. The city has a well-developed infrastructure, there are public catering establishments. What cafes and restaurants of Ulyanovsk are very popular among local residents? Where are they located? What restaurants in Ulyanovsk attract residents and tourists? What do they offer in the menu?

Restaurants in Ulyanovsk

Restaurants in Ulyanovsk

In the city there are many establishments in which you can not only eat delicious, but also have a wonderful time. The most visited restaurants of Ulyanovsk (list):

  • “Old Baku”. Address: Pervomayskaya, 2. One of the best and favorite restaurants in the city where you can celebrate any special occasion or just a fun time with friends or loved ones. The menu offers a wide variety of dishes of Azerbaijani, Russian and European cuisine. Visitors can experience magnificent belly dancing, hookah and live music. Private cabanas offer romantic event or meeting with business partners. Average ticket establishments will surprise even the most frugal of people – from 800 rubles.
  • “Noble manor”. One of the cozy restaurants of Ulyanovsk. It is located in the city center, at the address: Lenina, 69. Furnished in noble style, romantic atmosphere, delicious cuisine will ensure you an unforgettable evening. One of the features of this institution is the fact that chefs cook food according to recipes from the old books of the 19th century. Many of the dishes are French names. Here you can easily invite guests from Moscow and St. Petersburg, the restaurant will satisfy even the most discerning connoisseurs of good houses of the capital.

  • The Restaurant “Matryoshka” (Ulyanovsk). Address: Karl Marx street, 12. Here you will find high energy dance music, Billiards, karaoke, bowling, and of course the delicious Russian cuisine. You will want to come here again.
  • The Restaurant “Spinach.” Located on the street of Kirov, 79. If you are looking for a place for a romantic date, choose the restaurant “Spinach.” Huge, panoramic Windows
  • Restaurant “Masquerade”. Address: Goncharova, 12. This restaurant is always a large number of visitors, so best to book a table in advance. Tasty and inexpensive business Lunches, karaoke, excellent food, a large dance floor. It has everything to spend a pleasant evening. Average bill – from 1000 and above.
  • The “Dynasty” Restaurant. It is located on the territory of the Alexander Park (St. Alexander, 60A). One of the best restaurants in town for a family vacation. Is comfortable for all family members. Adults love to play pool, and children under the guidance of experienced animators love to spend time in the games room. The menu has a large choice of dishes of Russian, European, Caucasian cuisine.

Restaurants of Ulyanovsk: menu

Catering enterprises of the city are always the most delicious and varied food. We recommend that you pay attention to the following dishes.

  • Tartlets with salad from chicken and prunes.
  • Eggplant rolls.

Restaurant "Noble Manor":

  • Quail baked with mushrooms and cheese.
  • Julienne mushroom with tongue.
  • "Invisible hat" - chicken fillet with pineapple and cheese.
  • Potato slices fried with herbs.
  • Black mask salad. It includes: carrots in Korean, eggplant.

Distinctive features of restaurant service in the city

  • You can qualitatively mark any solemn event.
  • Free Internet.
  • Availability of entertainment programs.
  • Fast and courteous service.
  • Summer verandas.
  • A wide variety of delicious dishes on the menu.
  • Free parking.
  • Live music.

The most inexpensive institutions of the city

Focusing on the visitors' reviews, we recommend visiting budget cafes and restaurants in Ulyanovsk. Among them:

  • Cafe “pit stop”. Is located at the address: Shevchenko, 103. Best place for family lunch or dinner. Hours of operation very convenient – from 10.00 to 22.00. There is always a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. Hot tea or coffee, delicious pastries. The employees of the institution served quickly and politely.
  • The Cafe “Korchma Gopak”. Address: Federation, 9. The cozy atmosphere has a pleasant pastime. The menu dishes of Ukrainian and Russian cuisine: a delicious soup, fat, delicious dumplings and other dishes that you can't refuse.
  • Restaurant “Good Lunch”. Located on the street the Moscow highway, 108. Democratic prices will pleasantly surprise many visitors. There is a huge selection of desserts, drinks and special diet meals. The menu is delicious and inexpensive Lunches.

Guest Reviews

In Ulyanovsk you can find a cafe or restaurant that can easily meet the requirements of any person. Quality of service and a variety of menus at the highest level.

Residents of the city and many tourists choose the restaurant “Spinach” for the quick service and the opportunity to have a good time in pleasant surroundings. Here you can celebrate any event at the highest level, starting with a romantic evening and ending with the Grand Banquet. A wide range of dishes to satisfy the most demanding guests.

Couples choose a restaurant "Dynasty", and for romantic dates most often come to "Masquerade" and "Noble Manor".


The high quality of cooked meals and services is what you primarily pay attention to when visiting the city of Ulyanovsk. New restaurants and those that have worked for a long time, are waiting for their visitors.