In each city of Russia you can find your own restaurant, which serves only Russian cuisine. In Chelyabinsk, such a place is the legendary institution "Ural pel'menis". It refers to the middle price segment, and it is enjoyed by tourists and citizens themselves.

Restaurant "Ural Pelmeni" (Chelyabinsk): description

There is an institution on Lenin Avenue, in house 66a. This is the largest restaurant specializing in Russian cuisine in Chelyabinsk. Guests are welcomed by 2 large main halls and in two halls banquets are held. All these cozy welcoming rooms are located on two floors.

Restaurant Ural dumplings (Chelyabinsk): reviewsThe building was built in the Soviet era and therefore externally preserved the patina of socialist public catering, but inside the interior is original and pleasant to the eye.

Everywhere there is carvings and wooden furniture, the stylized interior is decorated with wicker baskets.

The names of the halls are suitable for the general style of the room. One of them is called "The Royal Chambers", the second - "The Royal Hunt". Halls accommodate every twenty and thirty people respectively. In the "Royal Chambers" there is a painting and tiles, the "Tsar's Hunt" hall decorates the fireplace and trophies of hunters to completely immerse the guests in the atmosphere of a Russian meal after a successful hunt. Waiters are dressed in national clothes: shirts and sarafans.

Citizens and tourists enjoy visiting the restaurant "Ural pel'menis". Chelyabinsk has enough places where you can eat deliciously, but this institution occupies a special position. If you want, you can dance here, what matters when people come to celebrate a significant event, an anniversary or a wedding.

What menu does the restaurant "Ural Pelmeni" offer? Chelyabinsk is located on the border of Siberia and the Urals, which means that the dishes are also caloric, typical for Siberian cuisine. The specialty of the menu is, of course, dumplings. In this restaurant there are up to 10 varieties for every taste. Visitors especially note dumplings from bear cub, such do not eat in the center or in the south of Russia.

The cuisine of the restaurant is based on dishes from game and meat, fish and vegetables. Add to the range vareniki, pancakes, desserts.

Among drinks - traditional Russian kvass, from what is stronger, - various tinctures and liquors, also made according to the old Russian recipe.

Products for cooking are used the freshest, from the nearest farmer and hunting farms. "Ural pel'meni" (restaurant, Chelyabinsk), the menu is made using ancient recipes, which makes its cuisine distinctive.

From noon to four o'clock in the afternoon there are tables with snacks and main dishes in a large assortment. Everyone can choose what he wants to eat at the moment:

  • First you are invited to choose snacks and pastries. Here you and pies, and whole grains buns, and pampushki, and croutons - in general, more than 10 items. Cold and hot snacks - about a half dozen. Among them - salted mushrooms, honey agarics, roast beef with sauce, fresh and pickled vegetables, fish. Soups are offered soup, soup-puree from potatoes, solyanka.
  • After enjoying the selected dish from the list, you can proceed to the open kitchen area where you can prepare the tenderest lamb meat or any other directly on the grate. And, of course, you will be offered a hot assortment of ravioli and vareniki, how else?
  • For desserts in the same open kitchen, delicious pancakes and delicate Viennese waffles (they already glorify the institution) are baked, which are served at will with sweet sauces, ice cream, cream. Even the smallest visitors will leave here fed and satisfied.

Today, the number of visitors to the restaurant reaches seven hundred people a day. Each of them adds his impression of this place. Those who visited the "Ural dumplings" (restaurant, Chelyabinsk), reviews about it leave as a very pleasant place with a hearty, delicious and varied cuisine.

Recently, the institution introduced a new service with a foreign name "brunch". This word migrated to us from abroad, where a new food intake, consisting of a late breakfast, smoothly passing to lunch, had already taken root.

Now such an opportunity is also available to guests who visited the restaurant "Ural pel'menis". Chelyabinsk boasts a transition to a European level of nutrition. Visitors say that they go to the brunch with whole families, and there are no dissatisfied people, the menu pleases with diversity, and prices - with accessibility.

Everyone can be sure, after visiting the "Ural pelmeni" (restaurant, Chelyabinsk), the prices there are quite affordable. For visiting the above-mentioned brunch, an adult will pay 950 rubles, a child under six years of age will visit the meal for free, and for older children, an average of 550 rubles will be paid.

Banquet dishes for a large company are at average prices: a whole sturgeon, baked or cooked for a couple, you will be served for 5 thousand rubles, stuffed whole duck will cost nearly 4 thousand, pour from pike perch and cancer necks will cost 300 rubles per serving.

Choosing this restaurant for dinner in a large company or going there on a brunch with children, you can be sure that the kitchen will please, and the mood will not spoil anything.