At the present stage, restaurants and cafes are equipped in full compliance with the principle of universality. Not only adults, but also children can spend their time in them. Unfortunately, a restaurant with a children's room is not a common enough institution in our country. But practice shows that they are necessary. With their help, young parents are able to take a break from their daily tasks, relax, and be alone with each other.

Restaurants of the capital

Restaurant with children's room in Moscow, St. Petersburg

In Moscow, to find a restaurant with a children's room is a real salvation for parents. While their child will be entertained by animators, delighting them with a variety of active activities, the couple can quietly and quietly have lunch or dinner. What restaurants can you visit in Moscow with children?

One large children's room

“Mumi Cafe”. A creative institution in which you can not only eat, but also relax with the whole family, taking part in theatrical improvisations, watching a puppet show. There can be a lot of entertainment not only for parents, but also for children. In fact, all the cafe - children's room. Children will be entertained through a variety of workshops, creative evenings, film screenings. You can choose a cozy room. There are five of them.

This restaurant with children's room receives only positive feedback. Parents and children are impressed not only by delicious dinners, but also by the cozy atmosphere. Pleases and the interior of the institution. According to many visitors, it fully corresponds to the mood. Here you can read, play, paint over. Pleases visitors and the fact that the account is divided into each person. First a separate amount is shown, and then a total. Therefore, it is not necessary to put in mind, as visitors of many other establishments do.

The average bill - from 300 rubles.

Folk institution in the Old Slavic style

The restaurant with a children's room “Ilya Muromets” offers to get acquainted with Russian traditions and with an atmosphere of hospitality. The interior of the institution is made in the Old Slavic style. The staff wears national costumes, the tailoring of which used old sketches. Children's room is open on weekends. Your child will be able to watch cartoons, frolic, get to know something new for himself. This restaurant with a children's room in Moscow is also characterized by the fact that the institution regularly organizes classes for children. They will be taught not only the cooking of sweet treats, but also will be introduced to Russian culture and ancient customs. There is also a living area with squirrels, owls, canaries and other animals.

Some visitors speak of the restaurant as the most beloved, family. The food is delicious, the people are pleasant, and the service is attentive. While children are engaged in baking or other entertainment, adults can rest easy. The decor is completely homely. Positive feedback is also related to the fact that the institution has an interesting interior.

The average bill of 3 thousand rubles.

Several establishments for the whole family

“AnderSon”. Such restaurants with a children's room in Moscow are famous for having entertainment for the whole family. There are two institutions - on the "Falcon" and on the "Prospectus of the World." In the first institution, children have at their disposal an entire floor with a magical forest. Kids will be able to frolic in the pool with balls, visit the room of fear and a banquet hall. There is also a loft with a spider, which everyone can touch. For girls there is a separate room-salon. In front of the mirror they can make a variety of hairstyles.

A restaurant with a children's playroom on Prospect Mira is able to interest small scientists. There is a room equipped with a starry sky. In it you can admire the flight of comets, meteorites. There is a small cinema, children's bar and an aquarium with fish and a turtle. Naturally, there is a dry pool in which you can “swim” after exploring the stars.

Only positive feedback

There are a lot of positive reviews that have received these restaurants with a children's room in Moscow. It will be interesting not only to the child, but also to parents. Everything is thought out carefully. The place is attracted by its comfort. The food is delicious, the decor is excellent, and the gaming entertainment is excellent. Everything is created for children. And sometimes even dragging them home can be difficult.

The average bill is from a thousand rubles.

Diploma for cooking course

What other family restaurants need attention? It should be highlighted institution "DaPino". It is always welcome children. Large game rooms were created for them. But adults will not be bored. Among the most diverse toys and trampolines, the child will feel at home. Animators can easily figure out how to entertain him with an exciting game. Held workshops on cooking delicious dishes. Kids can have fun and knowledge. And if you complete a course of several classes, then a pastry diploma will be issued.

The establishment attracts delicious pizza and desserts. Positive emotions will be received by all without exception. Striking and interior. The prices are not too high. The average cost of a check is from 300 rubles.

Restaurants of St. Petersburg

Most likely, many were in a situation where they wanted to visit a restaurant, but they had no one to leave the child with. At the present stage it is not a problem. Take it with you. What restaurants with a children's room in St. Petersburg can be visited?

Three-story project

In this institution there are caring nannies who can be trusted with children for a few hours. Together with the child, they will draw on the walls, have fun, participate in master classes, shoot cartoons or paint postcards. Time will be spent with benefit.

The cost of the check - from a thousand rubles.

Specially designed for children room

Next to the Consulate General of Finland is a restaurant called "Schengen". Not only adults, but also children can have a great rest in this institution. There is a special room that was designed specifically for your child. There, he will easily find something for his soul. He will be able to play, draw, watch cartoons. There is a huge amount of options.

The cost of the check - from 1500 rubles.

Kingdom for a child

What other restaurants with a children's room in St. Petersburg can be identified? The realm for your child will be an institution called "Jump-Jump". Here your child can get a lot of pleasant emotions. The restaurant combines an entertainment center for children and a great place for their parents. For your baby all the necessary conditions. Games, trampolines, tricks - this is only a small part of the entertainment in which you can participate. At this time, parents can sit at a table in a cafe, play checkers or chess, devoting their time to themselves.

The cost of the check - from a thousand rubles.

Fairy tales in front of the fireplace and oriental cuisine

Describing family restaurants, it should be noted institution called "Apartment 55". Children in this place can draw on the walls, play consoles or board games. In the evenings, animators tell tales near the fireplace. You can not only leave your child here, but also look at it using your smartphone. This can be done by special cameras.

Do you belong to lovers of Oriental cuisine and are looking for appropriate cafes and restaurants with a children's room? The institution called "Spices \u0026 Joy" fully meets these requirements. Animators will find something to occupy your child. They will not only come up with games for them, but also teach cooking. Reviews about the cafe positive. Room for children, though small, but cozy and sweet. The cost of the check - from a thousand rubles.


This review reviewed the best restaurants with a children's room. We hope that this will help you to make your choice in favor of a certain institution, have some fun and please your baby.