It’s no secret that while watching the ballroom dancing competitions everyone pays attention not only to the skillful movements of the participants, but also to the chic costumes. For example, women are specially made to sew rating dresses, to which serious requirements are made, both in terms of cut and type of fabric, jewelry, etc. Participants always carefully choose a rating dress for a particular competition, since it can help its owner take a prize.

Rating dresses: requirements, styles, colors

What is a rating dress?

BASIC (or rating dresses) is the main costume, which is created for performances of dancers of various age categories, including children. These clothes have special requirements, so no self-respecting dancer does not buy the first favorite dress. Here you need to consult with professionals.

In BASIC, they perform at competitions and tournaments at various levels, including regional, national, and international. And for each competition can be put forward their own requirements, which you should definitely take into account before choosing a dress.


Another item of the rules for sewing a rating dress for girls says that a dress should have one color range.

Restrictions and Tolerances

As for the fabric, the rating dresses for girls for sports ballroom dancing should be made of opaque material. It is forbidden to use fabrics with a translucent or completely transparent base. These include guipure, lace fabrics, panne and others.

Also, the presence in the dress of the loops, various shiny stones, decorative belts, flounces, appliqués and elements that are not in harmony with the overall dress cut is not allowed. Flickering materials are also prohibited.

This all does not mean that rating dresses for the youngest athletes have a boring and inconspicuous look. There are several possibilities to decorate them for a girl. So, you can apply lace fabric or guipure over an opaque base of the same shade as the whole dress. There are no restrictions in choosing the color of the suit, so you can play on the color scale and choose a bright, eye-catching shade. In addition, there are several skirts that vary in length.

Common styles

Now in the media it is not difficult to find rating dresses for girls for sports ballroom dancing, photos and patterns of tailoring of which are presented in many publications. However, there are several of the most common styles for juveniles, which are usually used by professional designers. Among them it is worth noting the following:

  1. The basis is a swimsuit, long sleeve, neck of any allowed form, sewed skirt year.
  2. Swimsuit with short or long sleeves, sun skirt (or sewn flounces in tiers), round neck and drape along the seam that connects the skirt and yoke.
  3. Fitted base, flared skirt on the bottom line, long or short sleeve, stand-up collar, indoor swimsuit.
  4. The skirt is a year or the sun, the sleeves are made of lace over dense basic fabric, the upper part is an imitation of a corset.

In addition to the above, there are many other variations of BASIC for girls, it all depends on the designer's imagination. The most important thing is not to overdo it, so that the rating dresses meet the requirements and do not irritate the judges. The latter, if they come to the side, may even deprive them of the right to participate in the tournament.

How to choose a color

When choosing the colors of the dress you need to focus on the appearance of a small participant in the competition. There are colors that suit absolutely everyone, but there are those that can spoil the overall look, or vice versa - to embellish. Rating dresses (BASIC) for dancing, photos of which are also in our article, are often performed in the traditional pink color. It is an excellent choice for almost all girls, except stout. So it is better to give preference to a dark blue dress, emerald, burgundy or purple.

To emphasize the slim figure and facial features, you can choose an outfit in crimson or lilac color. The dress is sewn monophonic, and the lower part of the swimsuit - panties - should not be similar to a bikini. In the manufacture of attire using different fabrics, but they should all be the same color. In this case, we must not forget about the minimum decoration of the dress.