What unites a businessman driving a car, a student in the morning subway and a housewife cleaning? The answer is simple - the ability to read a book. Today, even for the busiest person, this is accessible and simple: listen to your favorite work in audio format. In addition to the headset or speakers, you need, of course, the book itself. The rating of the best audiobooks presented in the article will help to understand all their diversity. Here are described the genres, names and names of those, thanks to whom the work comes to life.

Rating of the best audiobooks: list, reviews and reviews of readers

The best audiobooks: "Fantastic" rating

Fantastic works, perhaps, are most popular among readers of books in audio format. In the plot there are no long artistic descriptions, the narrative is dynamic and intriguing. Therefore, the effect of listening to such a book can be compared to watching an action movie. But this depends, of course, on the quality of the presentation. The following works can boast of this:

Audiobooks: contemporary prose

Rating of the best audiobooks in modern prose makes it possible to single out the best. Here are the most qualitative of them:

Classical: rating audiobooks

  1. "Master and Margarita" - M. Bulgakov's ageless book got a new life thanks to the work of A. Klyukvin, M. Sukhanov and D. Moroz.
  2. The voice of the works of Dumas' father and son, "The Three Musketeers" and "The Count of Monte Cristo" V. Gerasimov brings them an honorable second place.
  3. "Evenings on a Farm near Dikanka" Gogol came to life with the voice of A. Klyukvina and continue to please fans of life-affirming and good works.
  4. The artist of the book "Three Comrades" Remarque V. Antonik will dip into the world of true friendship, love and humanity.
  5. "Moby Dick" Melville became even more fascinating and exciting, thanks to the voice of V. Gemasimov.
  6. "Crime and Punishment" Dostoevsky rightfully appears in the list of all the best books. Not an exception - and audio, which also belongs to V. Gerasimov.

Educational and scientific literature: rating

Among popular literature there are also the best audiobooks. The readership rating in this genre can be represented as follows:

Audiobooks for children

  1. "Little Prince" Exupery deservedly considered a textbook of good and universal values. The book is compulsory for reading not only for children, but for adults who are mired in vital problems. The voice is presented by K. Khabensky and M. Efremov.
  2. A series of stories about Harry Potter is today a whole culture. Joanne Rowling and her brainchild are sounded for the audio book format by the talented performer A. Klyukvin.
  3. Children's literature can not be imagined without Tom Sawyer and his inveterate friend Huck Finn. The author of the book A. Kotov can skip into the world of boyish adventures of the heroes of Mark Twain.
  4. The whole audiophile is devoted to the adventures of the girl Alice in Wonderland and the Looking Glass to the fairy-tale worlds created by L. Carroll. The actions of the book by V. Abdulov and G. Ivanova, as well as V. Bondarev, M. Khvorostova and O. Dolonina are announced.

The best performers of audiobooks: rating

The quality of an audiobook depends not so much on its genre as on the quality of the performance. After all, the first means exclusively personal literary preferences of a person, and there will be as many opinions as there are people. The audio format assumes the same conversion of visual information into audible information. The same book will be absolutely differently perceived, if it is read aloud by different people. Therefore, there are those who manage to do it better than others. The timbre of their voice, intonation, emotional inclusion and give the opportunity to create a rating of the best audiobooks.

Often such a kind of activities are engaged actors of theater and cinema. In addition to the voice acting of foreign films, they are also trusted in reading the plot of books. But these are quite rare cases. There are also those people who are engaged in this more often and are professionals in their field. They will be discussed further on.

The rating of works and their voices can be supplemented. Every year it can change. Invariably one - even with the development of technology, the number of readers does not change. On the contrary, progress makes it possible to read favorite works in those conditions that are not intended for this. And this trend can not but rejoice.