Regulators are quite different in structure. First of all, it should be noted that there are separate models for cold and hot water. Branch pipes are installed on them of various diameters, and not suitable for all pipelines. Today, Honeywell, Vots and Herz are considered to be the main trademarks. In order to learn more about pressure regulators, it is necessary to consider the popular modifications that are on the market.

Water pressure regulators in the apartment: types, prices

Devices with filters

Water pressure regulators with a filter are considered to be fairly common today. On average, at the inlet, they are capable of withstanding a pressure of 20 bar. When this membrane is installed, as a rule, flat type. Brass cases are made directly. However, steel modifications are also on the market. Pens in this case are used mainly in the form of a butterfly.

At the same time lever pressure regulators of water are also in great demand. These modifications are most suitable for hot water. The diameter of the connecting pipes of regulators is quite different. It should also be borne in mind that many models have special plates that are installed above the pins. Due to this, spring breakdowns are quite rare.

Two-membrane modifications

Two-membrane water pressure regulators are currently in great demand. However, they also have disadvantages. First of all, it should be noted that at the inlet they are able to withstand the limiting pressure of 15 bar. In this case, modifications with filters are quite rare. Additionally, it is important to take into account the large size of such models, compared with single-membrane analogs. Their springs are most often mounted on plates.

Cases to date in the shops there are steel type. At the same time, the models on the scales are quite different from each other, and in this situation, much depends on the manufacturer. Connecting pipes are most often of brass type. At the same time they have a screw connection. Directly covers are fastened with screws. However, models with clamps on the market are also provided.

Three-membrane models

Three-membrane modifications are used with a pressure in the pipeline over 40 bar. At the same time the springs are quite powerful. It should also be noted that the type of plates models are very different. As a rule, regulators with pins are large in size. Directly scales are set in three divisions. Filters in such devices are often used mesh type. The indicated water pressure regulators (market price) are on average about 3 thousand rubles.

Honeywell devices

The pressure regulators of the above company, as a rule, are made with double membranes. It should also be noted that the spools are copper. In this case, the thrust nuts are quite strong. Directly at the entrance, many models are able to withstand the ultimate pressure of 30 bar.

If we consider the regulators for cold water, they often have a special protective ring. Thus, the valve during operation of the device flies quite rarely. There are on average high-quality water pressure regulators in an apartment of the above brand in the region of 3200 rubles.

Model “Honeywell RDV”

Water pressure regulators “RDV” are ideal for cold water pipelines. In this case, the membrane is used as usual. At the same time, the device is able to hold pressure at the level of 35 bar at the inlet. Gasket under the valve in this case, the rubber type. Directly resistant nut is attached to the washer. Also note that this model has a sturdy case. Directly the lever moves smoothly, and to change its position of large physical effort it is not required to apply. To install the specified regulator, the manufacturer provides a nozzle with a diameter of 2.5 cm. The presented model is currently in the region of 3100 rubles.

Regulators “Vots”

Water pressure regulators in an apartment of a given company differ, as a rule, by their cheapness. It should also be borne in mind that their membranes are rather flat, and they will not withstand much pressure. It is more expedient to install them on cold water. Springs in this case with protective rings. Directly laying for spools are used a variety of. These data pressure regulators are on average 2800 rubles.

Description of the device “Vots DVR20”

These water pressure regulators “after themselves” are not particularly in demand today. First of all it should be noted that the membrane in them is of double type. Thus, the size of this model is large. It is also important to mention that the valve in this case is used flat, and cannot withstand heavy loads.

The lever is quite comfortable. The switching of the cap is carried out smoothly. The piston in this regulator is installed without a protective ring. It should also be noted that the spring in this model has a diameter of only 0.5 mm. There are presented water pressure regulators “after themselves” on the market about 2500 rubles.

Differences models “Herz”

Regulators of the presented trademark are most often installed on hot water. On the device of the piston mechanism, they are quite different. It should also be noted that the spools in the devices are installed in different thicknesses. Thus, the input pressure parameter of the models can be quite different. At the same time cases are most often used steel type.

In turn, the spools are usually installed copper. Brass counterparts are quite rare. Additionally, it should be mentioned that the gaskets under the springs are mainly rubber. Wear them quite small. In this case, the protective rings above the pistons can withstand a large load. There are on average water pressure regulators of the trademark 3300 rubles.

Parameters of the regulator “Herz M6”

These regulators are most often installed on pipelines with a pressure limit of 40 bar. Also note that they are suitable for cold water. Spools in this situation are used rather flat. At the same time the membrane is of double type. The dimensions of the specified controller is quite compact. It should also be noted that his gaskets are wide, and they are able to withstand large loads.

Pistons for switching - brass type. Nuts for fixing are used with M6 marking. In this case, the pipes are manufactured at the factory with a thread for a screw connection. The spools in the housing are fixed with a protective ring. This model is worth about 3100 rubles.