The largest Russian organization, within the framework of which all socially significant public services are provided to the population, is the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation. Founded it on December 22, 1990, almost immediately after the Supreme Council decree was issued. Further in the article, we will consider in more detail the structure of the organization, as well as the procedure for registering and withdrawing from it.

Structure and functionality of the fund

At present, in all regions and regional centers of Russia there are FIU units. To be more precise, there are about 2.5 thousand of them, and more than 133 thousand people work in them. The FIU is considered a state off-budget fund of the Russian Federation. This means that its main task is to manage all the funds in the pension system, and to provide every citizen of the Russian Federation with the right to a pension. At all times, the budget for the fund was determined by the State Duma of the Federal Assembly.

Until 2010, all formed income to the Pension Fund was considered part of the tax. They were legally taxed by a certain group of the population. Any private person engaged in any business activity, as well as all organizations are obliged to make money as insurance in the Pension Fund of Russia. Moreover, the manager does this both for himself and for all those who work in the organization and are subordinate to the director of citizens. To implement such contributions, you must have a registration number in the FIU at your place of residence or residence permit. This rule was adopted by the Government in 2008, but it began to operate only a few months later.   It should be noted that this decree contains a new form of documentation, which should be presented during registration, as well as for a more detailed explanation of how it will be possible to withdraw from the register in the fund. In addition, a law was passed that stated that if a person is already registered with the FIU, then this procedure should not be repeated.


The insured refers to persons who pay certain amounts of money to such individuals:

  • organizations that have their own balance and settlement account through which payments are made for individuals;
  • peasant farms that carry out work not only as a family and clan community, but also as a legal entity;
  • lawyers, notaries, detectives and entrepreneurs who have employment contracts with their employees.

Registration number in the FIU

After the policyholder is registered with the Pension Fund, he is immediately assigned a special number. He is an individual. In the event that a citizen decides to remove himself from the register, this registration number in the FIU will not be able to switch to another.

Refinement methods

The whole procedure, thanks to which the citizen will be assigned a registration number in the FIU, passes through the USRLE. The extract from it to the fund is provided by the tax authorities. Then the Pension Fund collects all the data and returns to the tax service to be included in the EGRUL. It is worth noting that your FIU number by TIN can also be found out, for this it will be enough to know the first four digits of the latter. They indicate the location of the inspection of the Federal Tax Service. The FIU branch can also be easily identified.

Registration of separate units

This procedure takes place in the office at the location of the enterprise and certain documents are required for registration. The list includes:

1. Certificate of registration in the tax service.

2. Notification received upon registration with a local FIU.

3. Duplicates of documents confirming the creation of the unit.

Application Procedure

In general, this procedure is not strictly regulated. But at the same time the deadlines set aside for registration in the Fund are set. They do not exceed five days from the moment of completing the application and submitting all necessary documentation. On the hands of the insured are given copies of the forms of this registration. With them, he must apply to the tax service at the location of the enterprise within ten days.

PI registration

At present, the registration procedure as an individual entrepreneur has become completely different. All innovations will be listed below.

1. First the citizen is waiting for the same registration as the insured, that is, he also pays a certain sum of money.

2. Further, from the tax authority, the data on the EGRIP are received by the Pension Fund.

3. Well, the last thing is the submission of the statement itself. For example, a notary must fill out an application in the fund himself, and he must do it within 30 days. The future lawyer is registered in law school, but also for a month. And if this is not done in time, then they are subject to an administrative fine. If the delay does not exceed 90 days, the fine will be 500 rubles, and if there is more than 90 days overdue, 10,000. Besides, in the absence of an earlier received insurance certificate, the new one is issued in the hands together with the registration documents.

Conclusion of employment contracts

In the event that an employer enters into contracts with employees upon employment, within 30 days he must submit to the FIU the application itself and copies of such documents:

1. Certificate of registration of IP and a license, if any.

2. Identification documents.

3. Copies of the contract with the employee.

Insurance of citizens

The insured person is considered to be every person who has Russian citizenship permanently residing in the territory of his country. Any individual can independently register as an insurer and subsequently pay a certain insurance premium.

Under the law of the Russian Federation, this can be done:

1. A Russian citizen who works abroad.

2. The insured person paying contributions to the Pension Fund by fixed payments.

3. People who live in the territory of the Russian Federation and want to independently make the necessary insurance contribution.

All above-mentioned citizens must fill out an application to the FIU at the place of their registration.

The procedure for removing from the register in the Fund

Any organization can be removed from the register if it is liquidated at the place of registration or if the location of the enterprise is simply changed. And all the information in the Pension Fund is provided by the tax service. In the event that a separate company ceases to function, you must file an application at the location. The whole procedure will not take more than 5 days, but only if all the necessary documents have been provided on time. Also, there are situations when all information should be provided in a certain period, and therefore do not wait until the end of the year. For example, if a legal entity terminates its activities, the deadline for submitting reports to the FIU is 30 days from the moment the liquidation balance sheet is drawn up. It should be noted that it is extremely important for the Pension Fund to provide all information about its employees, since every insured person has the full right to receive a pension. In addition, in any case (in the implementation of any actions or conduct of certain procedures), the policyholder receives a special notification.