Ranks in athletics are awarded to athletes who have passed the norms of the unified classification. Every citizen of the Russian Federation, who leads an active lifestyle and sports, can become the owner of a digit badge. In addition to the award, the distinguished athlete has a number of privileges. Students receive an increased scholarship, and working citizens apply for additional days to leave.

Sporting ranks

Each rank is awarded on the basis of the delivery of sporting standards. The result is valid for two years, then it must be confirmed. If the athlete demonstrates the best physical training, then the classification rank is increased by one step. Claim for athletics ranks can be from 10 years.

Youth ranks are awarded to schoolchildren to 18. For the third class, young athletes can apply for up to 14 years. Up to the age of sixteen, it is possible to assign 2 classes.

Ranks in athletics

More stringent requirements are observed for candidates of adult qualifications. There are three of them, like the youth.

  • KMS is a candidate for master of sports. This title is awarded from the age of 14 on the basis of the results of successfully passed standards at municipal level competitions (university, school, sports establishment).
  • MS is a master of sports. Receiving the title is possible in urban and more large-scale competitions. There are age limits for persons under 15 years old.
  • MSMK is a master of sports of international class. Honorary title is available for adult athletes and is awarded at All-Russian competitions.

The order of assignment of the category

  • To get 1 rank in athletics, you must pass the necessary standards.
  • Each category provides age limits, until the achievement of which the awarding of the title is unacceptable.
  • Sports difference is confirmed at least once every two years. Upon repeated testing, the previous results are canceled.
  • Titles are assigned only to citizens of Russia.

  • To assign the title of CCM, MC, MSMC, it is necessary to achieve success in competitions of the required scale.
  • The submission of standards is possible only after the official registration in the testing center.
  • Any citizen of the Russian Federation who engages in sports can count on getting a discharge. At the same time, it does not matter how physical training is carried out - independently or in a sports institution.
  • Ranks in athletics are awarded for several sports. For each category, their estimated criteria - time, distance, projectile weight and others. In competitions where the result is not measured by such units, it is necessary to win or occupy a certain place.

The standards of running, necessary for obtaining a sports discharge, are divided into several types. Such competitions are held in specially equipped stadiums or indoors.

Strict restrictions to the organization of this sport is not, it can take place on ordinary roads, sand or ground. Distances that need to be overcome by athletes are different. There are distances for 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 10 and 12 kilometers. Ranks in athletics in this test are limited to 1 adult.

This is a sport discipline, in which the feet must have constant contact with the ground. The discharge is possible when passing the standards with a distance of 3, 5, 10, 20, 35 and 50 kilometers.

Throwing shells

It is an athletics sport, the essence of which is to overcome the projectile with the maximum distance as quickly as possible. When the standards are met, you can not violate the established throwing technique and use additional devices (the exception is the launch of the hammer - it can be sprinkled).

Another sport, according to the standards of which athletes are awarded ranks in athletics. Jumps are carried out in height, with a pole, in length and triple (consists of three elements).

Shot put

It is a discipline for throwing the nucleus by the pushing movement of one hand. It is part of the multi-tribulation. From athletes requires strength and good coordination. The weight of the projectile varies depending on the athlete's gender and age. For men, the core mass is 7 kg 260 g, for women and boys up to 14 years - 4 kg. Young athletes from 14 to 17 are given a projectile weighing 5 kg, and young people under the age of 20 - 6 kg. The result depends on the range of throwing.

Table of categories for athletics. The shot put (normative in meters).


This is a sport that includes several disciplines. The basis for awarding the qualification is the result obtained by summing up the points earned during the competition.

  • 10-wrestling. Running 100, 400, 1500 m; jumps in length, height and with a pole; shot put; disc and kernel throwing.
  • 7-wrestling. Running with barriers; jumps in height and length; shot put; javelin-throwing; running 200 and 800 m.
  • 6-wrestling. Running 100 m and with barriers; jumps in length and with a pole; disc and kernel throwing.
  • 5-wrestling. Running with barriers and at 1 km; throwing the nucleus; jumps in length and height.
  • 4-wrestling. Running 60 and 600 m; a long jump; throwing the ball.
  • 3-wrestling. Running 60 and 600 m; jump in length.

Manual and auto-timing

The table of categories for athletics includes two calculuses of timing - manual and automatic. The indicators differ from each other by 0.24 seconds. This time is necessary for a person to react to a shot, which calls for the beginning of the movement. A computer that runs in automatic mode does not count this time.

The difference in fractions of a second is important at short and medium distances. When the limit of distances exceeds 1000 meters, this time becomes so insignificant that it is simply not taken into account.

Youth categories

Youth ranks in athletics are awarded to young athletes under 18 years of age. In those sports where the age advantage is not of primary importance, intellectual, for example, such a classification is lacking. The norms of boys and girls are somewhat different. To the stronger sex demands are tougher.

Schoolchildren who have received a sports distinction, since 2016 can count on privileges before classmates - young sportsmen will receive additional points to the results of the USE.