Big tennis is gaining popularity. It is played by professional sportsmen, amateurs, adults and children. What should be the size of the tennis court? This is what will be discussed.

What is a tennis court?

To play tennis, you need a large enough area. Unfortunately, the bulk of gardeners-lovers do not have the opportunity to build a court in their summer cottage.

The area of ​​600 m 2 does not allow you to place a full-fledged tennis court even for amateur players.

But there is a way out. Tennis is a collective game. At least 2 players participate in it. Therefore, using the territory adjacent to the garden partnership, it is possible to equip an excellent tennis court, which will allow to organize leisure activities for all members of the collective.

What should be the size of the tennis court in meters? The playground is a level place measuring 18 by 36 meters, or 648 m 2.

Arrangement of a tennis court

For the construction of the court will require:

  • sketch of tennis court;
  • availability of suitable location;
  • drainage pipes;
  • sand, clay, fertile soil, crushed stone, artificial turf grass;
  • tennis net, poles for its fastening;
  • the possibility of installing anti-wind protection;
  • rollers for compacting and leveling the soil.

In the selected area, the soil is planned. The slope of the site should be no more than 1 degree. On the perimeter and diagonal lay drainage pipes to ensure the flow of water, if the coating will be ground or grassy. When installing a solid floor (concrete or asphalt) drainage is not installed diagonally.

The prepared area is covered with a layer of rubble, which is leveled with a roller. Then pour a layer of sand, which is also rammed. Above this pillow is poured an earth mixture consisting of sand, clay and fertile soil. The proportions must be the same. The ground is leveled, its level is checked by the construction compass, then everything is tamped and watered with water to shrink. The substrate dries 3 days. After this, the preliminary layout of the site is done. Based on it, poles for the grid and support for anti-wind protection are installed. An artificial grass turf is laid on the ground.

Dimensions of the tennis court

On the artificial lawn, the markings of the tennis field are applied. The court is made for doubles and single. Each species is characterized by its court size.

In order to save the building material and the area of ​​the markup for different types of games are done in the same field. What should be the size of the tennis court? The standard is 18 by 36 meters. But when combining the fields of a pair and a single game, it is worth noting their main difference - the field for a single game is smaller in width.

The size of the court in the doubles game:

The sizes of a tennis court in a single game:

  • the central dividing line is 4,165 m;
  • the width of the field is 8.23 ​​m.

All other measures of court size are the same as in the doubles game.

Care of the tennis court

Features of care for the court depend on its coverage. The most complex manipulation requires a primer coating. After each game, it should be leveled, watered, rehabilitated after the winter period.

Courts with a hard surface (concrete, asphalt, wood, plastic) need only to clean the water after the rain and autumn leaves. The least effort is required by fields with artificial grass. They need only to be cleaned by rakes from autumn foliage, while water leaves through drainage.