Barbecue is practical and good from all sides. As a source of live fire, he disposes to a relaxed rest, in the form of a cooking place is very convenient at the cottage, in his house. Braziers for the garden can be built from any material: from metal to used gas cylinder. The main thing with the device - to use the drawing barbecue.

We are determined with the material. Brick

The usual grill for unpretentious rest can be done with your own hands, using sheet metal. Keep in mind that with the thickness of the iron used it increases its service life. The size of the barbecue is optimal to make 400 by 150 by 300 mm. But it doesn't matter. Vertical holes are made in the walls to improve the quality of combustion. You can also put it on the legs for easy operation.

Brick grill looks very elegant, and anyone can do it with basic construction skills. For such a barbecue choose a place where he will always stand. The advantages of such a facility are in the original appearance and the fundamental nature of the building. In addition, he has good thermal insulation.

Stone BBQ

Natural stone is also suitable for erection of barbecue on its site. To do this, make a drawing of the barbecue, prepare the place and deliver the stone for construction. For such a brazier will need a foundation. It is mounted reinforcing mesh, giving the shape of a cylinder. Outside, this mesh is covered with stones using a specially designed glue.Barbecue dimensions

When the brazier is laid out, it is important to refill the inside of it with soil and water it so that the design is more dense. After erecting and fixing the solution, it is important to heat the device so that it dries faster and better. And after a week this brazier can be used.

Also in specialized stores there is a large selection of ready-made barbecues, you can choose any one, determining the desired size of the barbecue. Sometimes they have a moving bottom that can be raised or lowered, given the need for heat. A suspension for a cauldron may also be provided.

Forged braziers

Separately, you can select the wrought iron grill.

In their production used metal of the highest quality. Each of these braziers is a work of art. In addition, they are a wonderful gift. The size of the metal grill can be chosen by yourself, or you can order a ready-made project.

For their production, thick stainless steel is used, because the use of brazier is associated with high temperatures.

It will be optimal if, when ordering this device, you already represent its location. It is important to first determine its height and not forget about the slots for skewers.

Preparing for the construction of barbecue yourself

Before construction, it is important to consider where the brazier will stand, since there should not be any distracting and interfering effects.

For maximum economy of finances, you can lay down the fireplace yourself, using both new and old bricks. For example, an old brick is optimally suited for the construction of a foundation; from the old reinforcement it is possible to form supports for a future flower garden.

Beginning of work

Construction begins with digging a hole under the foundation.

In the absence of a covered gazebo, it is better to install a brazier close to home. After selecting a place, you can begin to develop the design. It is important not to forget when choosing a project about the convenience of using barbecue. Drawing will greatly facilitate the construction, will not make the wrong step.

The width of the wall of the erected device must correspond to the size of a single brick or slightly less, but in no way go beyond these dimensions. The distance between the walls of the device is dependent on the number of skulls being placed at one time. Typically, the width of the barbecue is about 0.5 m, the length is within 0.8 m. The height is chosen at will.

For convenience of cooking when building a brazier, push off the size and type of the gas stove. As a result, the height of the brazier is about 1 meter, length - 50 cm, width - 35 cm. It is important to remember about internal tricks: when laying out 0.2 m, or two rows of bricks, it is necessary to form a sub-floor, which should have a separate door (security measures).

Noting from the surface where the future brazier will stand, 0.7 m, it is necessary to mark on the drawing the place for the placement of the grille (or fuel pan). After 0.15 m, there should be another grate. Upstairs you can easily heat the food. Remember, gratings must have free play. The only caveat - they must be purchased separately.

Brazier from a cylinder

Braziers to give always in demand. Their popularity, made from a used gas cylinder, is gaining popularity. The advantages of this device - the size of the mangal (it is 1.2 m long), respectively, it will give the opportunity to cook a large amount of food. If the size of the site allows, you can afford such a pleasure - a spacious platform for cooking meat. Do not worry, if you have a small yard - you can find a compact bottle. This brazier will be stationary, as the weight of the gas cylinder is significant. Along with this, it is quite easy to construct such a brazier; it is only necessary to have a used cylinder and a day to construct the structure. In addition, the advantage of this device will also be a low price.

From the negative features, you can only select a kind of appearance, the severity of the structure, the raw material for such a barbecue (coal, due to the lack of sufficient volume to accommodate firewood).

We build a brazier from a cylinder

For the future of the brazier, only a large cylinder of 50 liters will be optimal. It is widely believed that the gas molecules remain on the walls of the balloon, no matter how you clean it up and clean it, and subsequently affect the quality of the food. But this is only a myth: there is scientific evidence about the complete weathering of gas from the surface, which gives reason to talk about the safety of cooked food.

When building a barbecue, you will need a welding machine and management skills.

It is necessary to open the container, release the gas residues, put it upside down to drain the condensate residues. Then water is poured into it, in this form it is left for 3-4 days. Further to construct a brazier safely.

The top cover is the main part of the future barbecue. It is necessary to mark its boundaries, only then cut the balloon along. As a result, there are two parts that are then fastened with loops to each other. It is necessary to cut from the middle, holding the cutting tool disk to the cylinder perpendicularly.

To secure the cover at the base of the barbecue, it is important to make space for the hinges, fasten them with rivets, then weld. If you want to have a removable cover, you only need to set one direction to the axes of the hinges. For example, the handle of the lid is connected with the help of bolts, and holes of suitable diameter are drilled for them.

To prevent deformation, it is important to strengthen the base of the mangal by welding a metal corner around the perimeter. It is optimal to do this inside the cylinder - to create support for the grill and skewers. It is important to remember to make cuts for fixing skewers.

The legs are easily formed from any pipe: we make holes, fasten the bolts there, so that the thread is out, then by welding we fasten it to the base.

The device of a brazier from metal

Making a barbecue out of metal on your own is easy. Take the size of a metal barbecue 57 by 28 by 20 cm, in which up to 8 skewers can be placed simultaneously.

We take a sheet of metal with a thickness of 0.2 cm and a size of 100 by 100 cm.

Next you need to apply the markup. We draw lines, making a distance from the edge of 0.57 m. We measure 0.2 m from above and again draw a horizontal line. We get the layout of the side wall of the device.

After 0.28 m mark the line again - it will be the bottom. Behind the line just drawn, two rectangles of 0.2 by 0.28 m are marked. We have received two side walls.

Grinder cut one band at 0.57 m. Cut the rectangle obtained by the walls and bottom of the device under construction. The walls of the grinder do not get under way.

We cut the walls on the sides 0.2 by 0.28 m. The line that separates the walls and the bottom is cut by 0.1 cm. Next, turn the sheet over and fold the cut lines on the reverse side. The result: the design in the form of the letter P, if you look at the cross section. The walls of the sides are welded from the end.

The brazier is ready, it remains only to weld / mount metal legs of the desired height, which will ensure stability.

As a result, we can say that the dimensions of the barbecue are not important, the main thing is that it functions and pleases you.

Good luck in any undertaking!