It happens that a person bought a T-shirt, but it turns out that you need to take it to the store. And the culprit is the fact that its size was chosen poorly. Yes, it does happen sometimes. All possible difficulties are due to the fact that there are different approaches to determining the size. In this article we will figure out how to distinguish one size from another. For example, size S - what: big or small?

Americans and ours

Size s - what is it? How to choose the right T-shirt size?

As an example, we can give a comparison of the letter and number designations, which, as it turns out, is accepted in different countries. So, letters denote clothing sizes in American countries. But we are accustomed to use the designation of numbers. However, it is often necessary to focus on the letters. Despite the fact that this system is considered to be American, we have to use it. And often because of this confusion arises.

But what about the size in Europe? It is taken there in the same way as in our country - with the help of numbers. It is important to note that the figures are still different. At least one. In general, this is a complex science. It also matters what kind of clothing: men's or women's.

Men's T-shirt Sizes

We give a way to determine the required size of clothes on the example of T-shirts. Let's start with the representatives of the stronger sex, and then we turn to the women. How can you determine what clothes to buy, based only on height and weight? It seems that it is difficult. But in fact, nothing of the sort. Suppose that the height of a male person is 1 meter 74 centimeters. This corresponds to size 46-48.

If a man has a height of 180 centimeters, then he needs to wear clothes of 48-50 size. If a person has excess weight, then you should buy a size larger. Do not be afraid if a man buys an oversized T-shirt. In the case of a strong sex, this is absolutely not critical, since this half of humanity does not like to wear tight clothes.

A person can be trapped in the event that he does not take into account the fact that the English numbering T-shirts will be the smallest, if we take these figures as European or Russian. If the T-shirt was made in England, then you need to convert the numbers on special tables. For example, if the English T-shirt shows the numbers 36-38, then know that these figures correspond to sizes 46-48. The best option is to look at old t-shirts and find out the size.

And in the case of men, the size of S - what? It should be worn for people who are as tall as 174 centimeters. If you are overweight, then this size is suitable for growth up to 168 cm.

How to determine the size of women's T-shirts?

In the case of the weaker sex, size S is what size? Female sex has slightly different indicators of height and weight, so you should consider them when choosing clothes. The best option is to try on a T-shirt on yourself, and not to apply it to yourself, as a fairly large number of women do.

The first thing that girls or women need to determine is which type of T-shirt to choose. She can be tight, loose or sitting neatly. It all depends on what is right for you. In this case, the size is less than a T-shirt to buy in any case should not be. For example, many girls are interested in what size is smaller than S. But you don’t need to take it if yours is one, since many things become smaller after washing. You can simply not get into such clothes.

But in general, S - what size clothes? For women, such t-shirts should be worn if they are up to 163 centimeters. That is, such clothes are needed rather low girls.

What is the smallest t-shirt size?

Many people ask, size S is what size? Female type of designation somehow different from the male? Basically, no. That is, are there sizes smaller than S? Of course yes. There are even two of them. The first is XS, and the second is XXS. In general, quite a small number of adults wear clothes of this size.

After all, their growth and weight indicators are quite large - against the background of minimum indicators. The parameter S is the lower bound of the average clothing size. If you are short, no matter what clothes are bought - a T-shirt or pants, size S is exactly your option. To avoid any questions - it is better to try on clothes.

We figured out the size of S - which one is better to wear. This information is informational, as usually even the indicators of the same system may differ. Quite often, people buy clothes with the same number, and it turns out that one can be worn and the other not. After all, not only size affects the quality of the socks, but also a number of other factors. For example, tailoring or its general style.

Even the drawings that are applied to it, can significantly affect the quality of socks. Therefore, the question of whether the size of S - what, is only relative and indicative. Always try on clothes, and you will see this in practice.