Are you going to a dacha, a picnic, a trip or to meet your friends? For these purposes, such a versatile garment as a T-shirt is perfect. They are loved by women, men and children. The most important thing is to select them according to the figure. Having correctly determined the size of T-shirts, you will look not only sporty, but also stylish and beautiful. How to choose these items of the wardrobe?

Size T-shirts - how not to make a mistake with the choice?

How to determine the size of T-shirts for men?

So, first, you need to measure the girth of your chest with a centimeter tape. The size of T-shirts for men is calculated as follows: ninety-eight centimeters is 44-46, or S. Ninety-nine-one-46-48, or M. If the chest girth of a man is from one hundred to one hundred and ten centimeters, that's 48-50 , or L. At results one hundred eleven to one hundred and eighteen centimeters the T-shirt is purchased for a larger size.

Things XXL, or 52-54, are bought with a chest circumference no more than one hundred and twenty-two centimeters. Well, T-shirts of large sizes are denoted by the number 54, or XXXL.

Patterns for women

So, with men everything is clear. And how is the size of the t-shirts for women determined? Here the indicators are slightly different. Seventy-six centimeters are 42-44, or XS, eighty-44-46, or S. With a chest volume of eighty-eight centimeters, a 46-48 size T-shirt, or M, is purchased, eighty-eight to ninety-six to 48-50, or L , from ninety six to one hundred - 50-52, or XL, from hundred to hundred four - XXL. However, the ideal choice of selecting the necessary thing is, of course, fitting.

How not to be mistaken?

Choosing the right size T-shirts, you need to remember some more features. You will not be mistaken if you look at the label that is under the collar on the inside on those things that you wear. The label can also be on the side or bottom seam. The label, as a rule, indicates information about the manufacturer, data on care of the product and size.

It is defined, as already mentioned, according to American or European standards: Latin letters or numbers. The main thing is not to forget that in the same countries, the same dimensions may differ slightly from one another. The thing is that many manufacturers started to make clothes before the uniform standards were set. As a result, they had to develop their own. Nevertheless, in the main, everyone tries to adhere to the established standard of standard sizes.

And one more nuance. The size of T-shirts is better to choose, also taking into account the growth of a person. The thing is that the volume of the chest can be quite large. Thus growth - small. In a word, a non-standard figure. That is, in any case, the most reliable method is fitting.

Do not forget about shrinkage

Remember also that both women's and men's sizes of T-shirts can change literally after the first wash. Things can sit down, that is, decrease in size. This is not surprising, because shrinkage is a natural behavior of natural fabrics, not processed before washing with special methods and means. Clothing has the property to sit down to 5% of the original size. This must be taken into account before buying.

Inherent shrinkage of practically all the t-shirts from the not so expensive category. Expensive brands usually do not sit down. And this is no secret. It's not tissue, and an additional stage of its preparation. The material is initially subjected to shrinkage. Only after that sewn him a shirt.

Manufacturers of the same average price category shrinkage before manufacturing. Therefore, on the products are indicated already those sizes, which they will acquire after washing. Accordingly, do not be surprised that the T-shirt you are buying is slightly larger than stated on the label.

In a word, observing all these rules, you are in no way mistaken with the choice of the right thing. It's not at all difficult.