Everyone knows from the early childhood that there is a leader in every pack. Be it an animal kingdom or work in the office - there must always be a leader everywhere, and the rest will follow. But if previously the one who is stronger and smarter than everyone is the main one, now the skill of psychological influence is often used. To understand how to control another person, you need to master the basic methods of influence.

Psychological impact - what is it?

Psychology: how to manage a person?

Managing people on the basis of the psychological component is a full-fledged branch of science. Some individuals have innate abilities, others have to master methods of influence for more than one year. What is the psychology of man, how to manage people? Answers to these questions can be obtained only by mastering some techniques of science.

A born leader can easily force another person to act voluntarily, but at the same time in their own interests. For those who are only beginning to master the science of psychological influence, everything is given a little heavier. It is necessary to clearly define the motives, moral qualities of oneself and others, only then it will be possible to define a strategy how to manage a person.

Hidden control method

Today, there are a huge number of methods that help to learn how to have a psychological impact on a person. Among them, the most simple to learn and apply.

  • Motivation. A man who knows how to motivate his actions, very strong. Such an individual not only knows how to control a man, but also knows how to convince him to go with him. There is an idea, there is a way that you can bring it to life – this is the ability to motivate other employees to maintain their point of view. A Prime example are the inventors. They submitted their proposals in such a way that interested others, that is why they are considered leaders.
  • Inspiration. It may seem that this method is fully similar to the previous one. Indeed, some common ground there, but there is a difference. If you want to understand how to learn how to manage people, then you need to master the ability to inspire them. Here the emphasis is on minded. Select people who have the same viewpoint as you, just they have failed to bring their ideas to life. Further, the principle is simple – you need to inspire them to continue to work hard to achieve the goal, just under your leadership.
  • Recognition. Method is really very interesting. When people thank others for what they helped him achieve, they subconsciously feel his importance in the company indispensable. Without realizing it, employees choose a leader of this man.
  • Manipulation. Far from everyone can master this method. Psychological impact is on a person by studying his emotions and identifying needs. In addition, not everyone is subject to manipulation.

Types of manipulation

Without manipulation, it is sometimes impossible to understand how to control a person's thoughts. This method is based on a huge number of a variety of ways. The most common are:

  • Manipulation, which is based on the needs of the physiological plan. A good example is advertising of goods, which we see every day on billboards, on TV.
  • Impact on feelings of guilt (or debt). If you do not understand how to manage a person in other ways, try to convince him that he owes you something.
  • Love. This method is very often used by close people. Often you can hear: "If you love me, then do it for me."
  • Manipulation of emotions. It can be anger, crying, resentment. For example, should a child in the store, saw the toy, and the parents refuse to buy it. What does the child in this case? Starts to cry, act up – and in the end gets what he wants. At this time parents do not even think that their child uses at the moment one of the most effective ways, which clearly shows how to learn how to manage people.
  • Hope. This method is very often in the modern world use unscrupulous leaders. For example, they need to have people working more than is required of him. In this case, the Director promises that will raise wages and compensate for overtime payment. Anything, just to give man hope.

Request - manipulation or psychological impact

Have you ever fulfilled someone's request? Of course yes. Every day we carry out the requests of our colleagues at work, close or simple passers-by. What is this - manipulation or another way of psychological impact?

If you want to understand how to seamlessly manage people, then learn to put their requests in such a way that another person never occurred to me that you are doing it for personal outputs. Thus, the desired will be achieved, and people will think that just doing you a favor.

In most cases, a request is a method of manipulation. If a person asks you for a favor, he always does it for personal gain.

How to manage a person - useful tips

  • Before choosing a method of psychological impact, study the staff. Determine what their weaknesses and interests, then, and understand how you can manage a person, it will be much easier.
  • Show employees what you have to do with them.
  • Do not give up when the desired result is achieved. Rejoice in yourself, but keep working harder so as not to lose the leader's place.
  • Try as closely as possible to smooth the tense situations in the team.
  • Always start the work that has been started.

Individual approach

It is important to remember the golden rule - each person is special, and if one approach to manipulation approaches one person, this does not mean that the same method can be used to another employee.

Study each member of the team and find an individual approach to all, only then the result will be a real victory and your leader's place will be preserved forever.

The skills of a good leader

A good leader is not just a person who occupies a high position. This is someone who is trusted by the employees to whom they are drawn.

Basic skills and character traits:

  • No matter what your mood, always smile at the employees. The more positive emotions you transmit to them, the better they will treat you.
  • Encourage your employees, praise them in the presence of the entire team, if they deserve it. Inspires public attention if a person will get the promotion, he will work even harder to please you. Following them pulled and others because of praise deep down longs for absolutely everyone, regardless of gender and age.
  • If there is a person in the team who is unpleasant to you, take away this feeling and in any case do not show him your true attitude.
  • Do not press on the person, it can lead to that, it simply will lower hands and begin to carry out the work even worse. In this case, the method of inspiration is perfect.
  • The word "no" should be able to say every good leader, if there is a reason. Explain to the employee the reason for his refusal, so as not to cause discontent.

We fix a new role

So, you have achieved the goal you set for yourself. What if your leadership position is already yours? Do not stop at all. Employees should not regret that they chose you. Ask them for advice on how to improve the work of the firm, find out their opinion about the current situation, listen to all the recommendations and advice.

It is not necessary to listen to the opinion and do what you are told. The main thing is that the employees feel their importance, that they are not indifferent to you, then the work process will be adjusted much faster. A good leader knows how to listen.

Summing up

Very complex is science - the psychology of man. How to manage people, not everyone can understand. Now briefly on how to become a leader in your team:

  • Study carefully the nature of the staff.
  • For everyone, determine your method of influence (based on the information that you have).
  • Encourage employees and praise them when there is a reason.
  • Having achieved the goal, rejoice together with the team from the heart.
  • To be able to listen, and sometimes listen.

If you want to learn how to manage people so that they do not suspect it, use the above tips. With the right approach and selection of the method of psychological impact, everything will necessarily happen.