Send-off to the army, wishes for them always remain in your memory for many years, because this is the last day before the important stage of turning a boy into a man. Therefore, it is important that the wishes are from the heart.

Send-off to the army, wishes can be in prose, verse, comic or in the form of a toast. Choose the one that most suits both the willing and the one who goes into the army.

Wishes on wires to the army

The most universal type are the wishes in prose. Send-offs to the army, wishes in prose can be fun and personified.

"You could slouch, but did not. So you are firm and determined. And not a boy already, but a man. You leave the house for a long time, and I want that when you return, everything becomes just better. All changes will be only positive. Parents have enough strength and health to wait for you home. Our friendship will become even stronger after the separation! Come back healthy! Good luck!"

Seeing off for the army - wishes for all cases

"You are leaving to serve, and we hope that time will fly by very quickly! I wish that all your army everyday life was not a burden, but only a joy. I know that this journey will help you to become stronger and more manly. We will miss and wait! Come back home!"

Wishes in verse

"It's an honor to serve today,

To protect our home native.

Today we will drink together

For an army day, dear. "

"Let them serve and not push,

Runs easily and sleeps sweetly,

Let everything go smoothly,

I wish to return quickly! "

"Today we will have fun,

Dance, drink and sing until the morning!

We came to bid you farewell,

Though it's sad, but it's time to go.

You are brave and strong,

And the service will go to you for future use!

And every army day of yours

Passes as an important lesson.

We will wait here and pray,

To you have served in Ur!

Serve and be our husband. (here you can insert the name in rhyme)

Your house will always be here! "

Sending to the army wishes from my mother

Wishes in prose:

"My dear son! How reluctantly I let you go on this difficult journey. This is the first time that we will be apart for so long. But the world is so arranged that mothers must accompany their sons to the army. I am sure that you will endure with dignity all the adversities of military life, and this will only help you to turn from a boy to a man! Be healthy! Come back better than you were! May the Lord protect you! "

Seeing off for the army, a wish in verse from my mother:

"We drink for you, our dear son,

To strong and brave returned home!

So that the Guardian Angel shore and save,

And a loyal friend of yours would always help.

Let the service pass easily and calmly,

Success in everything and less obstacles!

Let the pain and hardship pass by

But strength and courage will win awards!

Raise the glasses and drink them in one gulp,

Seeing off for the army, wishes from my sister

"I'll miss you, little brother, while you serve there,

Let each your day be easy, and time flies like an arrow.

Come back soon, my brother, come back stronger than you were.

I'll wait for you, you know!

Come back to live and love! "

"Let there be less anxiety,

And the orderly does not cry very much.

Let you get used to getting up early

And oatmeal with pearl barley cook.

Do not let your feet hurt from running,

The foreman does not drive in the cold,

And so that you can skate skillfully,

And the bar hugged as an athlete.

Let it be easy and free

Every day your army,

Come back, brother, rather.

We'll wait for you home! "

"We've been growing up together all our lives, and today we part for the first time for so long. I want you to be served easily, and time would pass unnoticed. The service will only temper you, and you will become stronger and wiser. I want you to know that here at home I will think about you every day and be bored. I will wait for your return, my brother soldier! "

"My brother, you're not a boy,

My brother, you are a soldier.

It will be difficult, but I know -

Always you are happy to protect.

You're strong,

My best brother!

From the armada you did not mow,

Because fighting!

Return home soon to us,

Without you, everything is not so.

Let the health does not fail,

And the archangel protects,

The sergeant-major should not be harassed,

And let him work! "

Of course, you can use toasts to send off to the army, wishes and poems posted in this article. But the best wish will be composed independently and with all my heart. And let it not be a rhymed message, but even ordinary prose will become a good farewell to the army, if it is written personally. Best of all, if you make a wish to the draftee and want time to fly quickly, health remains strong, and yesterday's boy returned home matured and mature. Let service in the army be easy and quick for a person close to you.