GP-7 is considered one of the most reliable modern models of gas masks. It was invented to protect against a wide variety of poisonous substances. It well protects the face, breathing organs, eyes. Theoretically, there are situations when, due to an emergency or penetration of harmful suspensions, the public may need gas masks GP-7.

Means of protection of the population must be present in every home. In the event of unforeseen situations, such products can save a person's life. What is a civil gas mask GP-7, how the principle of its work is arranged, everyone should know.

Standard equipment

The civilian gas mask filter GP-7 is a means to protect the person from harmful substances. It eliminates poisonous, destructive impact on the respiratory system, eyes, skin. It prevents the penetration into the organism of harmful substances in the air. This model was specifically developed for ordinary citizens. Therefore, they may be applied even to patients with respiratory diseases and people over the age of 60 years.Gas masks GP-7: description, characteristics and device

The front part has a design that allows people to feed water with the help of an army jar. Also, the device has a filter box, which is in a protective metal casing. The front part can be 3 sizes (depending on the height of the person).

Glasses provide a good overview for a person. They are covered with a special film, so their transparency does not deteriorate. The civil gas mask GP-7 may also have a storage bag (in some cases, a tricot cover may be missing). In the GP-7VM model there is additionally a flask made of metal or plastic.

Application area

Purpose of gas mask GP-7 has a wide scope of application. It is able to protect the body from the ingress of poison gas, radioactive particles, dust, iodine radionuclides, chemicals and biological suspensions into it.

The presented product prevents the ingress of nerve gases (sarin, soman, etc.) into the device, chlorcyan and other toxic compounds and substances.

It also resists the effects of mustard gas and similar skin-blasting attacks. However, its protection lasts in this case no more than 2 hours. When determining radioactive components in the air, GP-7 can protect the body from them up to 6 hours.

The presented gas mask is not effective when airborne carbon monoxide, methane and other substances of organic type, which are characterized by low boiling point.


Civil gas mask GP-7 has a number of special technical properties. Before using this equipment, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the main features. The weight of the device without a bag is 890 g. The box with an internal absorber has a mass of not more than 250 g.

Percentage penetration of the FPK of the oil aerosol mist is not more than 0.0001%, for the radionuclide pairs of iodine-131 - not more than 0.001%.

The device can be operated in the temperature range from -40 to + 40 ° C. Depending on the type of substance that is retained by internal filters, the protective action time can be from 2 to 1000 hours. The average operating time is 1.5-2 days. All decoding of the duration of the protective action is given in the manufacturer's instructions.


The device of the gas mask GP-7 includes several mandatory components. First of all, an absorber box is attached to it. It separates clean air from harmful impurities, steam and other substances unacceptable to humans.

The front part is made in the form of a mask of dense rubber. There are glass on it. The package includes 6 films that prevent fogging. They are packed in a separate box.

Gas masks GP-7 have sealing cuffs for a quantity of 2 and a pouch for storing the device. Clamping the cord is made of rubber. The package contains two copies. Be sure to include a user manual and form.

The decision of the Chairman of the headquarters of the civil defence gas masks presented model can be supplied without a liner of plastic. The kit may include a clamping ring. They are available in the form of a cord of rubber. There are modifications of the presented products may have slight differences. However, the General principle in any event is maintained.

Absorbing box

Gas mask GP-7, the specifications of which will be used in various emergency conditions, has complete filter element. Box for the absorber may be made of aluminum alloy or sheet metal. It has a cylindrical shape.

To increase the density of the box, it is embossed in the form of a ridge. In its upper lid there is a neck with a thread. It is designed to connect the structure with the front. When stored, it is sealed with a metal cap.

The bottom of the box has a hole. Through it, the raw air enters the filter element. If you want to store a gas mask or cross the water obstacles with it, the hole is closed with a stopper.


Gas mask GP-7, the specifications of which are characterized by high protective performance, the inside of the box has a whole system of filters of different types. The layered structure of the materials allows better cleaning of the airflow which enters the respiratory tract of a person.

Inside the box is equipped with coal-catalyst (charge) and anti-aerosol absorber. The latter consists of a plate of filter paper. This material is made by special technology and laid in the form of straight or curly folds.

The charge is between the stamped material of the mesh type. The upper substrate has a layer of tampon cardboard. It detains coal dust, preventing it from getting into the respiratory tract.

The front part

Filter mask GP-7 has a durable design of the front part. It has a sturdy rubber masks. In addition to the film against fogging when using the device in cold applied insulating cuffs. This enables the glass not covered with condensation.

The front part is made in the form of a spacious mask with an autonomous obturator. Also there is a node for viewing, a device for communication (created in the form of a membrane). Included are fairings and fixing rings for films. Also in this department there is a valve for performing respiratory activity.

The self-contained obturator has the form of a thin and long strip. It seals the front of the head.

The headband is made in the form of the occipital plate with 5 straps. The temporal, frontal bands for fixation are brought to the product with three plastic buckles. For straps of cheeks, metal fasteners of self-tightening type are intended.

Additional Items

The gas mask GP-7, the characteristics of which were considered above, can have several important additions. Their application can significantly improve and expand the scope of the device.

The cloth cover, which is most often included in the delivery, is still not in all gas masks of the type presented. It is put on the filter box and prevents contamination, moisture or coarse particles from getting inside the device.

When a cartridge type DPG-3 is delivered to the GP-7, a person receives additional protection from chloride, hydrogen cyanide, amines and other similar substances. This allows to significantly expand the scope of human activities in conditions of contamination with various substances.

Product Advantages

Gas masks GP-7 have a number of advantages. First of all, the technologists underestimated the resistance of the metal box, which facilitates respiratory processes. This is very important for people with lung diseases, as well as for elderly people.

A special form of a petal valve system ensures instantaneous closing of the camera box and prevents their deformation during aging pieces of equipment. Offline obturator allows for a long time to be in the mask. It does not appear discomfort, as the pressure on the face minimal.

The undoubted advantage of the presented model is the presence of a more perfect membrane, which allows to transmit voice messages clearly, facilitating the use of communication systems.

Having considered the features of the application and the device that gas masks GP-7 possess, it can be said that this is a quality, modern protective equipment. It has a number of advantages. To operate it correctly, you should carefully read the manufacturer's instructions and follow all recommendations in accuracy. This will ensure the safe location of people in an environment with various air pollution.